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  1. The new limit in Skyrim SE for INI string values is ~512 characters (including the null terminator).
  2. Mator Smash is now available on Nexus Mods. Please use the Nexus Mods Mod page for all future discussion. Nexus Mods Mod Page
  3. It's a fascinating bug, though it's difficult to actually implement it. They're definitely some of the biggest hardware/firmware bugs found to date though. Pretty crazy.
  4. Adding script properties works in zEdit to my knowledge. zEdit likely still throws the error. I'm looking into a similar issue with editing Version Control information. I think that can be fixed in the definitions, I'll take a look. I don't think changing things in the file system is in line with how xEdit usually operates. A GUI editor is probably the best bet for this, and should be pretty easy to make because zEdit is HTML/CSS/JavaScript. I've never worked with TERM records before, but if you make a list of requirements I should be able to build this. You could also look into building it yourself, if you're interested. Expanding/collapsing field groups is already available in zEdit. Toggling the visibility of unassigned fields isn't something I hadn't thought of, but I can do that fairly easily. Will probably be able to build that today. One of the big goals of zEdit is to address these sorts of issues. I have created cards in the trello boards for zEdit and xEditLib to address all of these issues.
  5. Hey, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. This is a known issue which you can fix by adding the FO4 DLC esms to the top of your plugins.txt file manually. Merge Plugins was never updated to properly "fix" the load order of the DLC ESMs, so it doesn't know how to place them (they are omitted from plugins.txt, for some reason)
  6. The definitions aren't different I don't think, but I allow users to create VMAD, Script, and Script Property elements from the GUI. Currently there's some kind of bug with adding a script to a VMAD which already has a script which I haven't isolated and fixed yet.
  7. v0.3 released. See the OP.
  8. Glad to hear your issue was resolved!
  9. WB doesn't require any special integration because it installs mods directly to the data folder and doesn't have mod folders outside of the data folder. The papyrus integration requires you have extracted the sources archive which comes with the CK, the Champollion Decompiler, and the PapyrusCompiler (which also comes with the CK). The documentation covers this in details, so I suggest you read it. GP's video is good but isn't able to go as in depth as the documentation. I believe he recommends reading the documentation in his video if anything is unclear. You should take this recommendation.
  10. Woah, he's right, it's 4.5 megs. That's crazy! Here's a version that uses JPG compression, chroma quartered, and 85% quality - it comes out to 350KB, which is a much more reasonable size for a background image. I don't see any obvious aliasing when viewing it at 1:1.
  11. Nope. zEdit has it's own scripting system (see the Automate Modal in the documentation), which runs JavaScript userscripts. It is not feasible or sensible to introduce jvInterpreter pascal scripts to zEdit.
  12. Made a PR for SSEEdit (which just gets added to the xEdit entry) and zEdit. (which WrinklyNinja merged, fast!)
  13. I never used Snip, so I don't know exactly what it did. Currently, zEdit supports several methods of copying records which are pretty easy to use. You can copy any selection of groups or records in the tree with Ctrl + C, and paste them into a selection of files with Ctrl + V. You can paste as override via Ctrl + Shift + V. The "Copy into" modal is more similar to xEdit's copy & paste functionality, and can be accessed by pressing Ctrl + Alt + C. All of these options are also available from the right-click context menu (where the hotkeys are also listed), and are documented on the Views/Edit View/Tree View documentation page. EDIT: Did some poking around, I think what zEdit currently offers with copying records is as good if not better than what TESVSnip offers. It's not the same, but it should get the job done. The "smart copy" feature (which fixes references between copied records) will make it even more useful. Smart copy basically has the program fix references between copied records when copying them as new records. So, e.g., if you copy an ARMO and an ARMA, and the ARMO references the ARMA, that reference would be fixed to point to the new copied "ARMA" record, rather than the old one.
  14. You can read the full changelog on GitHub, as linked in the post, same as all other software I release.
  15. I will be pulling major releases of xEdit into XEditLib, which is what zEdit uses to interface with the xEdit codebase. And yes, the xEdit team is highly focused on the data structures - the decoding and encoding of Bethesda Plugin Files. This is great because I honestly have a fairly limited understanding of that stuff, I mostly build on top of their work (standing on the shoulders of giants, so to say). A note: zEdit does not currently include any plugin cleaning features, but they will be introduced in the next version!
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