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  1. Are you aware that .NET Script Framework from meh321 generates crash logs.
  2. USSEP adds the keyword "JewelryExpensive" to the silver amethyst and garnet rings. The keyword is also added to the 3 fortify armor rings (EnchRingHeavyArmor02, EnchRingHeavyArmor05 and EnchRingLightArmor05) with the corrections of their names. Should then the keyword be added to all the enchanted rings with an amethyst or garnet template? That would be all the rings from the following categories: Alteration, Conjuration, HeavyArmor, LightArmor, Marksman and OneHanded.
  3. I also noticed there are inconsistent "Base Cost" values on these effects. AlchDamageHealth 0003EB42 3.0 AlchDamageMagicka 0003A2B6 2.2 AlchDamageStamina 0003A2C6 1.8 AlchDamageHealthRavage 00073F26 0.4 AlchDamageMagickaRavage 00073F27 1.0 AlchDamageStaminaRavage 00076F23 1.6 AlchDamageHealthDuration 0010AA4A 12.0 AlchDamageMagickaDuration 0010DE5F 10.0 AlchDamageStaminaDuration 0010DE5E 1.8 To me these values make no sense. That makes the cost of the crafted poisons like this ravage health < damage health < lingering health damage health > damage magicka &
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