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  1. Hey, so I've been thinking about trying to make my own version of the Helgen portion of this mod, but I'm vaguely aware that there are issues in modding Helgen. What exactly should I be aware of?
  2. Is there a problem with this port of Hearthfire Displays Fix? Since it's recommended for oldrim but not sse. There's also a mod that claims to fix the enchantment reload price bug. Has other stuff but there's a standalone file for it as well. Might be worth testing, I'm not really qualified.
  3. I'll switch to Vortex when it comes out, but I honestly have more fun fucking around with mods than actually playing the game, so MO's flexibility in not having to keep track of install order and such is appreciated, even if it comes at the cost of a little stability. Honestly my game is more stable for using MO because it doesn't punish me for the poor practices my constant shuffling begets, and MO isn't too bad if you are committed enough to mostly know what you're doing.
  4. I can't find a clear explanation on what the difference between fomod and bain is, can someone direct/assist me? I want to know which is better for me to make. I use MO so I can use both and never really paid much attention before.
  5. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/1104/? has a patch that "Fixes issues with SkyrimSE Wolves Howl and Attack Sounds." I asked on Discord and it seems it's included in USSEP if it's what it's expected to be.
  6. I was kinda surprised when I saw that you hadn't merged When Vampires Attack into Run For Your Lives for SSE. It's just for my curiosity, but why is that?
  7. Literally what this thread is SUPPOSED to be.
  8. This is kinda feeling like a flamewar now. The purpose of this thread is not to determine the best mod organizer. That is a topic I am interested in, if it could stay civil, but it needs to happen ELSEWHERE, if it is going to happen.
  9. I use MO and have experienced no difficulties using Wrye bash and it together. tannin apparently was looking at baking in merge functionality at some point, but decided the current solution of launching Wrye Bash from MO was a better solution at this point. Actually, there was one thing. Wrye bash doesn't like it when you have more than the mod limit installed. Just makes it difficult to update your bashed patch when you are running AT 255 mods. Which I do. Because screw ease of playability I wanna make skyrim perfect. MO gives or gave a popup notification when you enable an .esp that only loads assets, and tells you it is unnecessary. MO seems to load assets through its separate priority function for mods. The program tries to ensure you don't have conflicts between priority and load order, but it is still possible to. I prefer to use BOSS with BUM at this juncture, as I have my user rules all set up. Launch any from MO and they will work. MO loads anything you have in your data folder but I am unsure of the mechanism. I know the recent update let it screw with dlc for proper positioning. MO is powerful, arguably too powerful given its userbase, but a valuable tool for me.
  10. I am using the latest nexus version, and only skimming the treads, so I may have missed something, but is it a planned feature to have records that automatically merge at runtime be displayed in a different colour?
  11. A separate patch to fix the little conflicts would be awesome, though it strikes me that the kind of people who do not read descriptions might take an unofficial legendary edition patch to be all they needed.
  12. Just to verify, the ILS bug has been fixed and this is under active development again? I skimmed through the thread but found no announcement of it, though I am often blind. I imagine it will be a pain to make this fit with my other mods, and if it is fundamentally broken I do not want t waste my time. EDIT: also the bug tracker link in the OP leads to a 404
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