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  1. Your solution is like pouring the baby out with the bathwater.
  2. "...doing that also required a *special* hack..." I have no idea what you wrote about. From skse64_readme.txt in SKSE64
  3. For me it is coming up with something that already exists (Manual Load Order) only we (Vortex) call it differently and it will be our idea.
  4. "...there is no manual sorting of plugins by design..." I do not know how to other people but for me this "convenience" completely eliminates Vortex as a useful modmanager. Another great idea just like this shitty virtual system in MO and NMM. Congratulations to developers for common sense.
  5. I do not think so. SSE in "sResourceArchiveList2" hawe 259 characters
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4SuOz8sbUI
  7. "ability to play Mods for free on PC and consoles" You (Beth or more likely Zenimax) had to squeeze how much money you could get, right?
  8. When reporting bugs you should also see which of the modifications you're using change something in the CELL (worldspace/interior) where errors occur. Scrap everything is not a modification that is done well. Because it turns off Precombines/Previs completely in all edited worldspaces. Fallout 4 Optimization and Performance Systems Explained List all the modifications you use.
  9. Because in FO4 "tb" (toggle borders) it Only Works (showing yellow/black and blue lines on the ground) if the cell in which we are located has Precombines/Previs disabled. Or mesh which is part of Precombines/Previs has been edited in ESP/ESM "Initially Disabled" for example. So you have in the Load Order modification(s) which is causing this. Scrap Everything is one of many such modifications for example
  10. @Leonardo It's a simpler solution. Change Environment Variables for Temp in windows. 01 RMB on MyComputer in desktop nad Properities 02 Go to the Advanced tab and click Environment Variables
  11. @Sclerocephalus Fix for #22285 on my Google Drive. I'm linking here because for some reason I can not sign in to Tracer. List of corrected NIF's.
  12. That should explain everything. This is for Skyrim but the rule(s) is the same.
  13. I started to take care of this, and other similar ones that suffer for the same or other reasons.
  14. @Utumno After the closure of the "original Beth" forum there was no place to write about WB, for me. (new Beth forum... I prefer to get a diarrhea) I'm glad you've opened up the possibility of doing this in normal conditions.
  15. Does the UF4P Team intend to add fix for #21904?
  16. I think you meant SSE only. I see masters in FO4 saves without any problem, for a long time.
  17. I always have three copies of Beth games on SSD... First for Creation Kit with vanilla files only or with the files for modifications over which I am currently working/checking. (together with all DLCs), second to test modifications and third for current game play. FO4 Example. Each in a separate directory (Fallout 4, Fallout 4 CK, Fallout 4 Test) along with INI files (in Fallout 4\INIApp, Fallout 4\INIDocs) and My custom Wrye Bash (Fallout 4\Mopy) in every directory. I use NTFS Junction Points for all Beth games INI directory. C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Fallout4\ -> Fallout 4\INIApp C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\ -> Fallout 4\INIDocs When I want to play FO4 I use "Fallout 4" directory and when I want use CK I use "Fallout 4 CK" directory. I change the directory names Fallout 4 -> Fallout 4 Game Fallout 4 CK -> Fallout 4 As the directory name changes I do not need to change/edit/replace INI files because they are in every copy of the game. I have been using this system since Skyrim (2011) which almost eliminated my problems with the stability of CK or game. Fallout 4 Meshes... Fallout 4 meshes are one for which Beth has provided plugin (I omit Morrowind) but as always, do it yourself and at the same time they are one of the worst done out there. The number of people who know how how properly do meshes is small, this is due to the lack of support/guide from Beth for doing them and many guides that are wrong. This is the result of my experience based on the analysis of several hundred meshse for FO4 (~600 modifications) If something is not clear let me know, my English is not very good. That's why sometimes I have problems expressing what I know/think.
  18. And how many trees were in sight? (more or less)
  19. Chivalry Medieval Warfare is free on STEAM ( time limited )
  20. Good to know. But out of habit I will continue to do NIFs sanitize myself. (Manual/Spells)

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