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  1. @WrinklyNinja I've filed the issue on github as requested. Been away from home for a bit but better late than never.
  2. Heya, WrinklyNinja. Would you consider adding a sort of alias feature to LOOT in the future? That's probably not very clear as to what I mean so i'll give an example. Say that I decided to convert SkyUI.esp to .esl using SSEEDIT. Loading up LOOT understandably treats SkyUI.esl as a completely new mod and lacks the masterlist info it had as an .esp. Could you add an option for users to identify mods as other such mods?
  3. Heya. I ran LOOT a couple days ago and noticed that i'm now getting a cyclical error between Cutting Room Floor, Open Cities Skyrim, and Immersive Wenches. Looking through,CRF now has rules about always loading after Immersive Wenches. Before I go any further, i've gotta say that this is really only a problem of my own design... so to speak. Using SSEEdit, I've integrated Open Cities Skyrim changes into Immersive Wenches and Open Cities is now a master for that file. Because of this, Open Cities and Immersive Wenches has to load after Cutting Room Floor. The short version of all this is... is there any way that I can remove the master list rule about immersive wenches.esp from Cutting Room Floor? Edit: I've got myself a temporary solution until I redo my mod setup. edit the master list and remove the entry about loading after immersive wenches, disable network adapter and then open loot and sort.
  4. With Alternate Start - Live Another Life 4.0.7, Arthmoor recommends that we now sort it before Open Cities. The masterlist needs to be updated to allow us to do that. (If it hasn't already. I haven't actually checked in a couple days.) Edit: It's already been done. my apologies.
  5. Is there any documentation on hand about Partial forms, how they work and what modders need to do when adding entries to mods that alter the same thing? (an example is Location - Commonwealth.)
  6. Head here and grab the latest version (0.65.4) Edit: Would also you be okay with completely uninstalling LOOT and deleting it's AppData folder, then fresh installing the newest version if updating NMM doesn't help?
  7. http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/visual_c_runtime_installer.html Use this to install all the most recent visual C++ updates. It should fix your problem.
  8. I was going to place this on the bugtracker, but since I just signed up today, I don't have the rights. When asking Jon Battle-Born about where to get a drink he says "But mind the bard Mikael. Poncy little milk drinker, that one." but his subtitle text says "he" instead of "the". It's an extremely minor issue... one that i didn't check to see if it was already reported, but I figured I should at least mention it anyway to help out the community. Thanks for your time, guys and gals.
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