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  1. there was a couple of mods I used back along but not for a few playthroughs and they have vanished from the Nexus but I found them on moddb - specifically from modder 0000074210 who did a mod Tefillah (which has jewish religious items). They got taken down from Nexus but moddb has them - with permission of the author  - in a pack of all that modders mods (34 I think) here  https://www.moddb.com/mods/0000074210/downloads/0000074210-mod-collection. Posting them here in case anyone else was looking for them as because its in a pack by author name rather than mod name its not exactly easy to find.

  2. So far I have avoided the hype as in all honesty space adventures only minimally appeal to me. If its Skyrim in space I'll be happy ish.  However given the last release - I won't be pre ordering. Will wait till people like Gopher et al have had a look and voiced some opinions. Can always wait for a sale as well :) 

  3. Interesting.
    I'm another umm 'more mature' player lol. 64 this year.
    I tend to be sneak sniper love going up on the roadway near Corvega and taking out all those raiders on the walkways. Never wear power armor but do have a mod that allows me to use an independant jet pack. Perfectly happy to go in all guns blazing where there is no suitable sniper perch.  I do a slow start, building up Sanctuary for points rather than to please the gang from the Museum who I haven't even gone to meet yet, then avoid Concord and do the Abernathy locket quest for the same reason. By the time I have done that I tend to be in a good position with a halfway decent weapon to start Concord stuff (whether Thuggyy's Fallon stuff or the vanilla Museum).
    Sadly I seem to have little imagination as I have the equivalent build in most games. I tend to agree with MacCreedy and like distance work, whether its a fancy recurve bow in Horizon Zero Dawn or a sniper rifle in Fallout.
    I do roleplay to an extent, I write little snippets of backstory for myself and my followers to flesh out what the game doesn't give us (if I write it down its engraved on my memory) but I'm not pedantic about it and will go off plot if I want or need to.

  4. Hi Thane. They are on the ModSanctum discord server in the mod drop section atm.  Probably the SE versions will go to the Mod Sanctum site when it goes live. I have no idea where the LE versions will go. I'll probably just link to my Dropbox for them.  I keep meaning to ask Arthmoor for permission to upload them here and just as equallyy  - I keep forgetting to rofl   https://discord.gg/NtXmVWRq    but if you want them privately just shout  - I have them all on dropbox :)

  5. Also glad to see MissJennabee here, my navmeshing mentor way back in the day. ETac one of my favorite mods :)

    Not been playing in Skyrim for ages sadly.   Also a refugee from Nexus, I took my housemods off when they stated categorically that it was all or nothing - kinda voted with my feet at that point probably mostly from pure stubborness, I dislike ultimatums :)

  6. No idea if this might be helpful to someone else with this bug.
    I started a new game and in the process of doing so decided to completely redo any fixes I had implemented.
    I knew I had changed some things over the years in nvidia inspector and various inis.

    Anyway what I did was deleted not only the usual suspects of the fallout.ini and the prefs.ini located in Documents/My Games/Fallout4,
    but I also deleted the fallout4Prefs.ini located in steamapps/common/Fallout 4/Fallout4 folder 
    and the Fallout4_Default.ini located in steamapps/common/Fallout 4.  
    Then I reverted all Nvidia inspector settings for FO4 back to default and reenabled only the frame limiter.
    (I also use ENBoost so could have enabled the limiter in the enblocal.ini - but I had nvidia inspector open anyway :)
    Started the game and let it reinitialise all the inis.
    Then I used GEForceExperience to optimise everything (In my case I have to do this anyway as Fallout 4 doesn't recognise my graphic card)

    For whichever reason this playthrough hasn't had the bug, for first time in several playthroughs. Only place I haven't been is the Vim pop factory in FH as I haven't been to FH yet but everywhere in the Commonwealth and in Nuka World its worked fine.
    My suspicion is that, in my case, the bug was something to do with the Vsynch and frame rate settings I had, given that Vsynch is tied to physics settings in Bethesda games - possibly they were in one place and not another where they needed to be, or were in the wrong place or were just the wrong settings but who knows what other dire alterations were lurking in my settings lol

    (It also fixed one or two other minor irritants, like NPC's sinking through custom foundations to come to rest at ground level)


    Ah well - spoke too soon. 15 days later when nothing has changed the bug hit.  Sigh. Back to tdetect then. Will try that mod re the tuinnelling script as well - why not :)


    Edit .

    Looked on that mod page and found a user who has done an updated esp which includes bloodworms as well.  tHANKS To OPT Wood for pointing me in the right direction.  It is working for me, horrid things seem much more lively as well. 

    Might be a plan if someone else with the bug in this thread was to try the mod out and report back  - Needs to be more than one persons experience :)

  7. Occasionally the bug gets worse - probably in heavily scripted save games.
    My solution for those is to leave companions outside. Go into the relevant area in tdetect, get everything everywhere to spawn (in curies vault that means going right up to her window but not interacting with her). Back right out of the relevant area until back with companions. come out of tdtect and try making a save there. If that save works then go back into tdetect, leave companions behind again and go kill everything that has already spawned (might need to use consol to do it - in curies vault the damn things spawn behind walls sometimes, you can hear them but not see them), back right out when its all dead and save again, then finally return in a third time with companions in tow (if you want) and finish whatever quest it is.

    Also if you teleport out of a buggy situation try teleporting to an interior cell. I use the Diamond City Greenhouse cell for situations like that , the Mechanists lair would work, or Home Plate if you own it. If that teleport works you should be able to save in that interior cell. Reload that save before heading out and it might help to prevent CTD's

  8. I'm not sure of the scrapping theory, it possibly contributes. But I haven't bothered with Red Rocket as a settlement for several playthroughs (I always feel it borks Abernathy/Sanctuary as its so close to both). I toddle in there pick up Dog, clear the cave, loot the place and toddle off down the road, don't scrap or activate the workshop at all, the bug will always hit in Curies vault, 88 or the Taphouse (basically whichever I go to first).

    I'm trying to remember if there is any other settlement workshop location with mole rat furniture which i might have scrapped in place of Red Rocket to activate the bug but can't think of any interior ones. Starlight Drive In for an exterior possibly although I am fairly sure I didn't scrap there as I was en route to something else when I cleared it on this play through.

    I also remember the unofficial had something going on with mole rat furniture, something about when a cell unloaded them I think, can't remember what the upshot of it was or whether any fix was implemented but I think it was at least a year back if not longer. 

    I wonder if Bethesda made any changes to the mole rat attack script when it brought Nuka World on line (bloodworms get same bug)?

    I do know that I have had past playthroughs (pre nuka world), with far more heavily scripted stuff than I have now, cheerfully scrapping those mounds, and no bug. 

  9. doesn't help me as I don'tr use Sim Settlements in the first place :)

    I actually use very few scripted mods and never have an issue with Curie. Only problem from my end is the mole rat/bloodworm game freeze, but I have one mod for multi companions (Liga) and 2 quest mods and that's more or less it for anything scripted other than the fire once type things - had the mole rat bug before I installed the 2 quest mods and I doubt Liga is causing it.

    It's almost certainly something in a script that's causing the problem, but who what how is beyond my competence to sort out, especially as people find solutions for their own game which don't apply to other people with the issue. 

    Basically I'm stumped and have been for the nearly 2 years I have had the problem so now I just Tdetect the relevant areas and ignore it as a Bethesda/user fubar. 





  10. just to add to this. I had totally forgot that I get the same issue at the Vim Pop Factory in Far Harbor as well, exactly the same as soon as those mole rats spawn my game will not allow me to leave the cell or save without freezing.

    I also get it with  Bloodworms in Mad mulligans mine in Nuke World - as do others judging from what I read elsewhere. https://www.reddit.com/r/FalloutMods/comments/9td0py/fo4_save_freeze_or_game_freeze_after_fighting/

    I was reading something the other day about this bug which says that in mods which have put radscorpions underground that get triggered to ambush the same thing occurs - in main game the only underground radscorpions I can think of are in the vault you build and as by then I am in tdetect due to the molerats I suspect I wouldn't have noticed the issue.

    I have been through my load order with a fine toothcomb, i have nothing (other then the UFO4Patch) which edits anything to do with  these critters, holes, furniture in any way (even my scrap mod doesn't reference them in its lists).

    So as I don't think for one minute that the patch has caused the issue I am wondering if anyone from the team has the problem or if its being looked at at all - or is it one of those weird bugs that only affects those of us born in  a certain month at a certain phase of the moon and who have blue eyes or something equally obscure rofl

  11. Its happened in the last 3 play throughs for me but never happened before that - as far as I can work out the issue most likely began on an iteration of the game from late 2017/early 2018, running through in tdetect sorts it out - I can kill them as normal, save as normal and leave the cell as normal- If not using tdetect and the mole rats aggro on me the game freezes if I try to save or go through a load door.

    Using tdetect is fine for me - a pc junkie - not gonna be a useful solution for a consol player'

    Just to confuse the issue I don't use Sim Settlements or Scrap Everything. Never used Sim Settlements but have used Spring Cleaning, cleaned of cell edits and alongside VlitS's Spring Cleaning Compatability Patch - however neither of those mods has changed in far longer than I have had this mole rat issue (last mod edits are in April 2017) and neither touches Curies secret vault, the cave behind Red Rocket, or Shamrock Taphouse, so its difficult to see how they could be the cause of it.

    Also here


    same issue so maybe add to the comments there?


  12. oh I aim to have the most baffling bugs lol.   on a bit more fiddling around I have discovered that if the molerats don't aggro on me (i.e. I have shoved myself into Tdetect) I can shoot them perfectly normally and save the game as normal afterwards - so go figure sigh. I have no idea why when they can detect me they hate me so much they crash the game rofl. But at least doing that means I still get to properly kill any other enemies so all good.

  13. I can't place this in the tracker as I have no idea if the issue exists in an unmodded save  (not that I've tried lol)
    A bug with molerats I have had on at least 3 (Otherwise trouble free and heavily modded) playthroughs.
    I have no mods which alter molerats in any way shape or form - not their scripting and not even texture mods or mesh replacers.
    If you shoot a molerat from a swarm which comes into existence as you enter an area (i.e. the hidden part of Curies vault as an example) you cannot afterwards save your game without it freezing.
    The solution for me is to go into these areas with no companion initially and Killall the molerats in the consol, I can then save perfectly normally and go back for my companion. Having tried several different scenarios Killall works as a fix but KAH sometimes doesn't, and as its a swarm doing each one individually is a bit tricky.  The problem then is that of course all the other enemies in these locations are also dead which seems mega cheaty - don't mind using a consol command to get around a glitch but not just to make my life easier.
    I don't know if this is the same issue but one of the very first molerats encountered in Curies vault is frozen, arse in the air above its hole not dead but frozen - you can empty a gun into it and its still just frozen.
    I have found at least three other reports of the same issue

    Likeliest scenario to me suggests either a problem in the molerat script (the frozen in situ one in the vault) or a wonky mesh. One of the above posters found a wonky mesh from CBBE clothing was causing it for him but I don't use CBBE so thats not my problem.
    Throwing this into the forum here as I wondered if others apart from the above have the problem and if they have found solutions to it?

  14. Workshop Sandbox Layers specifically. Can anyone help with some information please?
    I'm looking at mods which open up buildings - specifically in Hangmans Alley, not looking to do one there myself just trying to understand how these things work for future reference. 
    Is is possible to have more than one workshop primitive with a sandbox layer in any given cell linked to a workshop? I'm looking at the one there which covers the small sewer trader area underneath the main settlement, its underneath the building extended by the mod I am looking at. If that primitive gets extended would it not confuse the settlers? If it doesn't get extended is it possible to put another one above it and link it to the workshop in the same way as the main sandbox primitive?
    I'm curious as some people seem to have this particular mod working with no issues and others don't and the only thing I can see affecting it, that would be different to any other mod affecting settlements, is these sandbox primitives.
    I guess I am asking if there are constraints to how many and how these are used. Any information gratefully received :)

  15. Thank you for answering Sclerocephalus.   Shame that, ah well another hope dashed lol.



    Edit. I have a follower who is adding to the population count twice over in the same Far Harbor settlement  (Longfellows Cabin). Although he's living at a Commonwealth Settlement and farming carrots or something.   Sigh. 

    Some buggy thing with the DLC presumably, either that or the settlement itself has a bug.  


    Large brick wall to bang my head against is requested please.......mutters to herself and wanders off to do a restart with no followers and no settlements (for the sake of my sanity it should probably be no Game).

  16. Hi all.


    This is a bit of a two parter.  A posible bug and also asking for help with a consol fix.


    I am currently using Expired66978 Unlimited CompanionFramework http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/11829/? and a user has posted on an issue which I think is a vanilla bug - just MUCH more obvious when you have more than 1 follower.

    The bug occurs when you dismiss a follower to a settlement. The settlement gets an increased population which seems reasonable but it doesn't go back down if you take the follower back. The knock on effect is that if you sent them to another settlement in the future their presence is counted in the population there as well.  and so on ad infinitum


    With one follower is probably just  minor irritant but with more than one you can end up with  scenario where  a settlement could have massive numbers of unassigned population and no way to assign them as they don't live there and you can't move them from where they do live or the situation will just turn into a merry go round.  I believe this is present in the vanilla game but with it just being 1 unassigned I really didn't pay much attention to it or report it.


    So that's reporting the possible bug.


    My question is, is there a consol command that would remove a follower from the individual workshop faction of whatever settlement he is listed as being a member of? Would that work at least as a temporary in game fix for those of us playing with PC's.  If such a command exists could some kind soul write it and where to get a list of the workshop settlement factions?  Or is there any other work round anyone could suggest?


    Appreciate the later part is nothing to do with UFP, but I hope no one minds too much, you're all such a brainy bunch that its first place I think to ask a question of this nature   :)

  17. Sorry to post here and not in the bug tracker section but for some reason that won't let me post. It says I don't have permission. I'm properly logged in and I have posted there in the past so no idea.....

    Anyway my problem is with the latest version of the Dragonborn patch.

    The alley on the Windhelm Docks that leads up to the Dock Gate into Windhelm is on a cell boundary between 34/8 and 34/9. Since the latest patch NPC's in my game won't use it, they swim to the river bank and come in through the main gate.  I do use JK's Windhelm but I checked in Tes5 and he doesn't edit those cells and I use no other Windhelm mod. The only thing I can find in Tes5 and the CK are the Unofficial Dragonborn edits to 34/8.

    So I'm reporting it here in case anyone knows what's happened. It worked perfectly on the previous patch but if you tell me it ain't you I'll believe it :)

    Just more Skyrim Sorcery in that case.



    Please ignore this. I have managed to get the bug tracker working and have reported the issue properly there now.

  18. I went back to Valerica the very first play through I ever did, at the time I was interested/hopeful that if she left the Soul Cairn poor old Durnehviir might be able to escape it as well or at least stay away for longer if he was called into Tamriel more often and regained his strength. Sadly it didn't happen (though he does seem to stay longer in Tamriel the more often you call him - might be wishful thinking on my part!) but I still always go back to her multiple play throughs later - its my own way of finishing of Dawnguard to my own satisfaction. 

    Be a good mod for a scripter to do I think - "Free Durnehviir!". 

    Anyway that's well off topic.

    Possibly just going back to the soul cairn and completing juibs quest might work though, even if not doing it the first time going in. When the bug first hits you do get longer between episodes of it so it might be a work round for folks who have only just had the bug appearing?

  19. I don't know if this might help but I got this bug after I had completely finished Dawnguard, before deciding whether to go back about 20 or so saves and half the quest line uncompleted I thought I'd try something else - so I went back to the Soul Cairn by fast travelling to Valerica's balcony and ran through the Soul Cairn with multiple saves en route ensuring I spoke to no one and no one spoke to me and the bone horse didn't spawn close by. In my original save I hadn't started the juib quest but on one occasion the horse had spawned right next to me and the horse owner had spoken to me although I hadn't responded and the quest hadn't appeared in my log......

    Anyway I got to Valerica and told her Harkon was dead, consol completed the juib quest having read that it was the likely source of the problem (just to not have to talk to anyone else and possibly set off another episode of run time errors). Ran back through to the exit using the same multiple save method.

    Got out of the place with Valerica following, spoke to her then fast travelled to my home and (possibly redundantly) did the 31 day wait thing in qasmoke. It stopped the run time errors completely though I have no idea which bit of my procedure actually worked.

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