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  1. Tiber Septim was a TESO poopsocker with eyes on being Emperor so hardcore that he got the title to be permanent.

  2. Shout out to GoG.com for refunding a purchase because the item went on sale the next day. No questions asked, and picked up 2 more games on top of it with the leftovers!

    1. garthand


      Very cool, glad to hear they were so reasonable about it.

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  3. I was planning on releasing my Flagons of Skyrim mod for April Fools which places enormous Flagons randomly on roadsides and towns but I realized, I'm cereal about this mod, it's not a joke.

  4. To anyone who ever needs to do a full mr clean scrubbing of their Skyrim folder. It sucks hard

    1. garthand


      I've had the misfortune of having to do that once or twice... STEP has a surprisingly coherent guide on cleaning out the cruft.

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