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  1. I think the acknowledgement at the bottom of r/modpiracy is where Arth got the idea that he pirated the mods, which seems likely. The bugs... well... we can't even trust Bethesda to make a game run for more than a few minutes without dry-heaving its guts out after paying $60 at launch, I don't see why we'd expect much better for $0.99. I'm with Jim Sterling on this one, going forward it's going to be a way for scammers to part the naive with their money with Valve and future developers' blessings.
  2. I didn't notice that the first go-around, good catch. Then again, this should be an opportunity to see the free market in action. Why is their DRM on games but not mods? Maybe someone can find a way to DRM-ify mods and make a tidy profit doing so.
  3. The part that seems especially problematic to me is what happens if paid mods are released before a game is finally patched? No one in their right mind would buy a mod that's likely to be broken in the near future. I think Greenlight really is an apt comparison here: it's just a way to make money off of idiots. Thankfully, the world is full of them. For Skyrim at least, we might see some quality content. Going forward... not so much.
  4. Just found this spot checking of the Steam paid mods. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should only buy mods from authors you trust. It's a damn mess.
  5. The part in this I don't get is that I thought it would be fairly obvious that this would be a controversial decision on Bethesda and Valve's part, so why did they not do more to prepare the community and prevent this kind of fallout in the first place? Given that this might just be my PR experience talking, but seriously, if you could see a shitstorm on the horizon, wouldn't you try to blunt that preemptively?
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  8. I'm with you on that last point. I would be very much more comfortable with this model if more money was actually going to the modders themselves. As is the "support modders you like" argument feels a little hollow given that so little is actually going to them. If the share was closer to 50-60%, I would feel much more inclined to pay for mods. As is, it feels like an arbitrage fee charged by Valve and Bethesda to wring some money out of someone else's hard work. I appreciate that 25% is better than 0%, but being bludgeoned is also better than being eaten alive; neither are good on their own merits. Arth, do you think there's anything the Steam community can do to convince Valve and Bethesda to increase the modders' cut, or do they seem pretty set on this 75% hosting tax?
  9. Did some more digging into the conditions around this and while I think this will be good for a few big names, I'm pretty sure most modders will never see a dime from this, given that you need to earn at least $100 before Valve will make any kind of payment to you. With a 25% cut, a mod priced at $0.99 would need to sell 405 copies to get a payout. This is probably achievable for some well known authors, but as more and more content floods in, new people are just gonna get buried. That said, this might create a nice model where modders are incentivized to create high quality free mods to show the community what they can do before trying to sell any mods, in which case I think we all win.
  10. I thought I would mind more but honestly it doesn't bother me much since it's just optional stuff. I figure it will be like Steam's Greenlight/Early Access, where you get mounds and mounds of shit but occasionally you find a diamond in the rough. If devs were to shift to a model where they see paid third party patches as a substitute to QA, however, that would be a sad day. Thankfully the USKP is already established as a free resource, but I'm sure we're going to see some pretty strange practices crop up among other games before the dust settles.
  11. Only issues I've ever had with WB are the terrible UI and that one time it wasn't uninstalling correctly. If I had the time and skills I might make something like MO except instead of going the loose files route I'd make it auto-package loose file mods Actually, I wonder if MO would support that kind of plugin as is?
  12. MO does support the Nexus API and the download handlers, but seems to only reliably recognize whether a mod has been updated or not when downloaded through MO (rather than downloaded separately and then installed via MO)
  13. This is very promising news, maybe they can take on a few more "drastic" bugfixes that have been excluded from the USKP due to potential compatibility nightmares. At the very least, they'll no longer represent a thorn in Arthmoor's side.
  14. THis looks super cool, I'll have to give it a spin when I have the chance!
  15. Thanks for the heads up Nico. The card you linked is about $230 off Newegg right now which is a bit high, what do you think of this one?
  16. The time has finally come to put Ol' Bessie down. She's served me well, but she's a 7 year old OEM frankenstein, and I plan to build my next PC. With some generous advice from Jon, here is the tentative build I've got going so far. Feel free to pitch in any suggestions you have. Motherboard: MSI Z97 $90 CPU: Intel i7-4790K $340 GPU: Nvidia GTX 980 $550 PSU: EVGA 850W SuperNOVA 850 G2 $122 after rebate RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB $120 SSD: Samsung 850 Evo $190 Case: Corsair Carbide 200R $65 Water Cooler: Corsair H55 $65 (I would use the included heatsink but a bunch of the CPU reviews mentioned it ran a bit hot) I grabbed the PSU and SSD off of Newegg while they were on sale, but am totally open to any other suggestions. I'm also considering a GTX 970 at $320 instead of the 980 for $550.
  17. This looks very interesting! Is it safe to assume that if I have a modded object in the cell I take a snapshot of, the resulting mod will have dependencies on the mod that created the custom object?
  18. This, a hundred times over. Wrye Bash has a disgusting UI, but it's relatively simple to use once you get past it. MO's complexity is the main reason I've been taking so long to update that guide Arthmoor kindly linked. I think the main reason the folks over at S.T.E.P. favor MO is because they're of the "throw in the kitchen sink" modding school. When you have 150 mods in your load order, it probably is nice to be able to boot into a vanilla game by booting outside of MO.
  19. Like Arth mentioned the US is bound by international prohibitions against torture, hence heavy reliance on legal interpretations around "unlawful combatants" versus "enemy combatants" in order to avoid torture prohibitions. Regardless of prevailing legal theories around whether accused or proven terrorists are protected by the Geneva Conventions, what Zuley did in Chicago violates a host of local and national laws. In addition to the decades stolen from those who were falsely accused and imprisoned, Zuley has cost the city of Chicago nearly $100 million in legal settlements over the last few years due to his reckless disregard for the legal process. The man is a liability and has likely undermined our ability to defend ourselves against terrorist attacks due to his sloppy work at Guantanamo.
  20. Wow this is nice, wish I had this when I was analyzing my Papyrus logs from my 100% completion run. Next time
  21. Well well.... it looks like there may be something to this report after all. After the Guardian recently reported on an alleged black site in Homan Square, Chicago, more information about this sorry bastard comes up. Turns out that Zuley, (his name still strikes fear locally due to his rampant abuses, use of torture and false convictions) was also in charge of some interrogations at Guantanamo. Couldn't pick a better guy, eh? Looks like both team blue and team red have shit all over their faces now. Good luck getting American media to actually cover this though.

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