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  1. Yeah I think you're right about just keeping a hands-off approach to things. Given how much people hate forced updates on the W10 platform, it would make sense to have some kind of paid mod rollback feature a la GOG Galaxy's update rollback. Combined with the refund policy on both games and mods, I think that would encourage the kind of highly polished mods we're all hoping to see more of.
  2. Both the patch and Ciri DLC are now available for PC.
  3. Old topic but does anyone have any thoughts on a curated vs an "open" marketplace? I like the idea Beth had with an open marketplace so that it can become more than outsourced DLC, but at the same time it might help cut down on the amount of pure shit floating around if it was more curated. Then again, Nexus is far from a controlled marketplace and people seem to do just fine discovering what they want. Thoughts?
  4. Thanks for sharing this, wouldn't have found it otherwise. It's too bad because there's some good stuff in there but with Beth's shitty QA it's really hard for me to break the impression that they just don't give a damn after a game is sold. I know that may be unfair, especially given their continuing willingness to release dev tools for modders, but it's hard to break that kind of image once it's been cemented.
  5. No kidding, I did every quest and cleared every map market and was stuck at level 34 and 3/4 haha. Maybe they're going to add some higher level regions in the DLCs?
  6. The Skellige armor looks pretty cool, but it probably doesn't level well compared to some of the other nice gear. I really wish more games had an armor system like EA's SWTOR MMO. There were certain classes of armor that had no stats on their own and could be slotted with upgrades that had their own level. That way, you could wear the armor you want and just upgrade it component by component.
  7. I'll definitely give this a shot once I get around to reinstalling Skyrim!
  8. In GOG's massive sale, Thief 1, 2 and 3 are $2.49 each right now.
  9. @Hana: Found a list where you could find the wolf school diagrams here. @Arth: Some good pics here.
  10. I had the same problem. You should still be able to get the diagrams but you won't have the quest showing you where to get them. I haven't yet come across a list of the locations, but give it a day or so and someone will post a list.
  11. Not big on Triss's new dress but I think the hair is a big improvement. Wolf armor stats look pretty interesting (end of album).
  12. Sadly I'm already getting reports that the supposed fix for the Roche bug in "Find WHoreson Junior" isn't working retroactively for a bunch of people, not sure if it works on new saves.
  13. That's a smart move on their part. Now console gamers will have access to unofficial patches and the like. Wonder if it's going to be open to any mods or limited to non-script mods?
  14. After replying to their email asking about the use of reporting bugs to WB, I got a fairly snarky email trying to differentiate "technical issues" (which should be addressed to WB) and bugs, which I should continue to report to CDPR. So it seems everything is back to normal, more or less. In other news, it's seriously a miracle I ever managed to get all the gwent cards in my first go-around. Elsa, the innkeep in White Orchard, will restock one of her decoy cards, which is likely to have unknown effects on the rest of the deck if you buy her duplicate card.
  15. After reporting a huge list of bugs to CD PRojekt via the link they asked me to, I got an email from them asking me to instead report bugs to Warner Brothers, since they're the distributor. That makes so little sense I can't even.
  16. Interesting post here from GOG/CDPR: looks like over half of all the PC gamers playing the Witcher 3 are using GOG Galaxy, meaning there are others who are using the GOG copy but not Galaxy (likely not many given the hassle of manually updating). Dunno how they beat out Steam, but it makes me very glad. Perhaps it's due to all the free GOG copies they gave out with new GPUs? Coincidentally, they place their PC sales at a little over 1 million (4 million total right now). Nearly 700k of that 1 million is super impressive.
  17. Honestly, prolly took you longer to type that out than upload your DXDiag report (it autofills the PC spec fields). Dunno what they meant by game code though, didn't see any such thing with my GOG version of the game so I just put in N/A. Probably wouldn't make sense to fill it out every time you get a bug, just after you get a decent list.
  18. CDPR responded on the bug tracking megathread and asked that we report bugs (in as large batches as possible) here.
  19. Also I know it's an extra step and a big pain, but if anyone is willing to post their bug here it would help me out a lot. The bug megathread is finally starting to get some attention, and the more posts it gets, the more traction it'll get (which means CDPR is more likely to notice and start hammering out those bugs!)
  20. I've gotten this bug but keep forgetting to add it to my list, doing that now. Sometimes waiting until the next day lets you talk to him. I've noticed that when blacksmiths and armorers start their animation where they bang on the anvil, you sometimes can't talk to them, even after they finish, and you've gotta meditate till the next morning.
  21. Haha yeah, hallucinations are probably a serious medical condition I mean they need to look at it not just from a revenue perspective, but as one of their customers as well. It felt to me like they just kind of plopped it out there without any kind of strategy to get the community on board, then freaked out and hid when people got upset. Bethesda's general PR strategy (from what I've seen thus far) is to clam up and offer no details until they've a new product to sell, then immediately go radio silent if it's not received well. I think they could have salvaged the paid mods thing, but the real mistake was dropping this without laying any kind of groundwork for people. No blog posts hinting at a change, no discussion up front about it, nothing. It just came out of nowhere for all those who weren't involved/didn't hear from someone who was.
  22. I bet you're just missing the ones from random plays. I used part one of this guide to find all the merchants that sell them and visited each one, then used that interactive map to visit every Gwent player I could find until I completed my collection.
  23. Just completed my Gwent deck last night, and from what I can see, there were four sets of missable cards. The innkeeper in White Orchard, (though supposedly you can buy these from the merchant if you miss her), the Gwent tables during the party with Triss, the cards Olivier sells at the Kingfisher in Novigrad, and the cards from Zoltan's side quest. If you choose to either not do Zoltan's quest (or keep the money instead of the cards), you're SOL.
  24. I ended up with 3 scorch cards, one of which was a duplicate from that trader, (thought it was odd that I would randomly not buy a single scorch card from one guy, haha). I actually did manage to beat the first guy at the Gwent tournament, but it took like 10 tries and a good hand. If you get your hands on the Geralt and Ciri 15 cards and a few good spy cards it would probably be easier, but I did the quest pretty early on. Do you happen to remember which vendor sold the duplicate scorch card? I can do some digging myself but that feels like an important one to report.

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