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  1. First that was clicking on the paper with right facing arrow (Export the Current Load Order) and clicking on Export to the Clipboard , so that is my mods and mod order. Second, it might be USleep but if someone here wants to help me diagnose it and maybe see what causes USLeep to break the quest a patch can be made to allow USleep to work with what ever mod it's conflicting with.
  2. So, I decided to give USLEEP another chance, have had issues with it in the past with Dark Brotherhood quests. So it was all working good doing the city quests for the Thieves Guild. Until I turned in the 5th Windhelm job and Delvin didn't give me the special job Summerset Shadows. So I shut down Skyrim and restart it. Reloaded prior to turning in the 5th Windhelm job and same thing, Summerset Shadows didn't start. So I uninstalled USleep (right click, uninstall, from all profiles in NMM), reloaded from before turning in the 5th Windhelm job and BOOM!, quest starts perfectly. No idea why, logic would dictate the mod that got removed, USleep, is the culprit but it could be a conflict with another mod that needs a patch made to fix it. Anyone up for the challenge ? My Load Order and Mods (Prior to uninstalling USleep)
  3. BashBugDump.log @Infernio Here ya go. Oh! Fixed! Now I feel stupid. >.< Just needed updating to, well, not bleeding edge, but experimental. Patch built and all I need to do is to load up a save and see if anything is broken. Update 2: All seems working even though when I built the bash patch it unchecked a bunch of mods on me. I used NMM to recheck them and it seems to be loading up just fine. So yay!
  4. Hello! I've been using Wrye Bash for Fo4 without incident, went to switch games back to NV for a while (I have a game stopping problem in 4 I posted to the Nexus that no one has replied to yet, so...) . I have tried to build a bash patch for NV but ran into a couple of problems. The initial build (and several rebuilds trying to fix) was including two mods that isn't installed (Project Nevada and YUP). So I set about removing any old merge patches (as it kept including inactive mods like previous merge patches I had made in FNVEdit and, in the case of one mod with two options, both options) and other inactive mods that were unchecked with little success. Finally I deleted the bash patch0.esp to try again. Restarting Wrye Bash remade the Bash Patch, 0.esp but now when I try to built a patch it errors out.
  5. Right, the fun part is to figure out which mod since none of my mods does anything to werewolves or the Companions. Edit: Ah ha! I *think* I nailed it down, didn't know I could pull up references for globals. The three Guard Dialogs, quest C00, and UKSPRetroactive122. Amidianborn Skyforge Weapons changes the c00 script to give Aela the Amidianborn version not the vanilla version. >.< Ok, off to politely tell the mod author about this. Edit 2: Another silly question. How long after sending a message to the mod author do I wait for a response before just making and posting a USKP / Amidianborn Skyforge Weapons compatibility patch? It doesn't look to be too hard, the only change to the quest was he made it so when you give Aela her shield it gives her his version of the Skyforge shield. I could mod your version to do just that and no other changes to preserve the fixes but still have his changes too. I think I can, that is? O.o
  6. Sweet! Not on Nexus, no wonder I didn't know about it. Thank you! Oh! Arthmoor, would you happen to know which script / quest effects the flag "PlayerIsWerewolf" ? Trying to figure out if one of the mods I am using is messing with it or if it's a vanilla bug that after being cured I still have that set yet don't have the werewolf transform power. Thank you again.
  7. Sweet! But, yeah, it's these little things that make me go "Uh...". Now to find a way to get various shouts / items with out having to join every guilds in the game, like the Fire shout from Dustman since Dustman is locked unless you join the Companions, which, for a mage or stealth based character build, makes no sense. >.<
  8. Is it with in the scope of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch to fix oversights? For instance, the Dawnguard doesn't react to you being a vampire nor is there an alternative start to it for vampire characters. I have a few ideas on how to 'fix' that but it would be crude and cobbled together since I'm not that smart when it comes to modding. Also Merida, when you pick up her beacon, doesn't recognize you as a vampire yet she hates the undead. She should say your unsuitable to handle her beacon and take it from you. Things of that nature that, when you reflect on it and the lore, would make you smack your forehead and wonder how it slipped past those who were writing the quests and story. And yes, I do realize the Beacon you can just skip not picking it up, easy enough. But the Dawnguard thing, they give you two paths to play, vampire hunter or vampire, if your already a vampire why would you join vampire hunters? Yet the only way to start the quest chain is to do so and from Dimhollow Crypt on does it converge. I'm thinking making the Dawnguard hostile toward you if your set Vampire and on their body would be a "Report on the attack of the Vigilantes of Stendaar. " which would direct you to their destroyed hall, there would be a "Report on Dimhollow Crypt" which would direct you to Dimhollow Crypt then from there it would proceed as normal. I just don't know how to write quests or notes that auto start a quest at a certain quest level, nor how to make a forced dialog (which the recruiters use) check a flag and make them hostile toward you. They should be hostile toward you if your a vampire, they are, after all, vampire hunters. >.<
  9. A suggestion, not really broken per say, but it would make things a *lot* easier with the Thieves Guild radiant quests. There are two locations that should be removed from the site of possible locations. The White Phial and Arnleif and Sons Trading Company both because there are triggers in both, IE the NPCs all stand around like statues until you walk in the first time then they say their lines *then* they go about their normal lives. So the first time you break into both your caught because the NPCs aren't exhibiting a normal behavior, IE they aren't asleep at, say, 3am when everyone else is asleep and they see you even if your hidden and the sneak meter is closed. I had that happen at Arnleif, the sneak meter was closed but after they got done talking the one shop keep warned me that I shouldn't be there, yet she couldn't detect me otherwise my sneak meter would have been partly or fully open.
  10. Right, I kept trying to do that, the first I picked off got me noticed by the others, and Farkas was a useless human shield. >.< Update: A single run though Dustman's with Immersive Weapons off and that fight went from impossible to very difficult. They still chewed though my health but not so crazy fast, I was able to keep ahead with potions. So off I go to the mod page and post there. Thanks all.
  11. Except I am level 24 (power leveled Sneak up) with full vvaderfall glass armor (Immersive Armors) that's 257 ac, 220 health, and Marksman up to 53, light armor is only 34 though since I am a stealth based crossbow user. I should be able to handle it. >.< And I tried to do so, Farkas goes down and then I suddenly have all 4 on me at once. I wonder, hmm, I'll have to test it with out Immersive Weapons but I'll have to start from a save outside of Dustman's Cairn so when the interior gets loaded it'll pick non Immersive Weapons weapons. O.o
  12. Perhaps someone can tell me if this is a bug or if it's just Skyrim being Skyrim. I hate to call it such until I know. I went though the Thieves Guild no problem, by the end I was able to make some high end armor (around 200 ac, something from Immersive Armors) and a decent weapon. In a "Why not?" fit of craziness, as my character is a stealth based crossbow user, I joined the Companions. Doing ok in it, got though taking out a vampire clan and survived a 3 warrior plus one fire mage on me battle (lot of potions including fire resist.). Now here is where it gets stupid crazy and what I think is a bug. I went to Dustman's Cairn for my test and at one point there is a 4 on one battle and despite my good armor I was taken down in seconds, didn't even have time to open my menu to drink potions. Just BOOM! down, wth?! My settings are on Adept, and after 3 repeated same scenarios I gave up and did an "TGM" long enough to get though the battle. I'm thinking these 4 Silver Hand are maybe set too high? As I said, so far, it's been challenging but not impossible, just became impossible for this one spot in Dustman's Cairn. What do you all think? Should I post a bug report, Skyrim is being Skyrim, or is it just me? I am curious as it has me flustered, I hate using God Mode. For those who are curious, the mods I have installed, their load order, etc. Skyrim Loot Log 11 21 2014.txt
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