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  1. Not a bug report but a question: I chose to skip OBSE plugins the first time I installed an Oblivion mod, and now I want to install them. But I can't find any way to reset that initial choice. It will never prompt for it again. Even uninstalling & deleting the mod and reinstalling will not reset the option. I was able to "Export list of allowed/disallowed plugin dll's", delete those dll's from the file, then import that modified list, but it still won't install those OBSE plugins. The global "Skip OBSE plugins" option is not enabled, and I exported the list of allowed plugins again to verify that they're not listed. After hours of messing with it, the only options i can see are - give up and just manually install them, or give up and completely nuke my game and wrye bash install and start all over again. Although I still don't know how to fix this, there's a more general problem: Why are there so many data files scattered around the system, and why are they all binary? How are you supposed to edit them? If they were some kind of simple text format like .ini or .json, at least they could be editable.

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