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  1. From what I understand, there is no "easy way" to disable Creations. I don't know WHY though but unless you drag the ESLs to a different folder, they CANNOT be disabled once downloaded... which is stupid.
  2. I know that's a rhetorical question, but yeah; we've never been given the option since day one. And believe me, it was just as stupid then as it is now.
  3. I have to disagree with you wholeheartedly. In fact, I feel like Ian's concerns here are more than warranted. But that's just me. I get that it's a FREE update and that we should be supposedly grateful that the game is getting another facelift out of like, what? 8 billion other facelifts? But the fact that you're not given a choice on whether to accept the update --just in case you want to wait some time for SKSE and its mods to get updated-- as soon as it's pushed or later? That's just dumb. Given the information we've already went through, I can hardly find a reason to defend Bethesda on this direction; given that we had to deal with this nonsense multiple times before through the course of CC's lifespan. It hardly seems fair.
  4. That still doesn't address one of the questions raised though: What about SKSE dependent mods whose authors have long since left the modding scene? What of their stuff? Would that simply be left to become lost data, or would it at least be left in someone else's hands?
  5. Yeah ngl those DEFINITELY warrant a facelift.
  6. While it's fair that the Script Extender isn't a hard requirement for playing the game, nor is it "necessary", I still argue that it at least breathes more diversity into a game that, imo, had oversimplified gameplay changes that really made it far too boring to play vanilla-wise, though that is possibly just coming from the fact that I played this game ever since it first released, so I guess it just comes from burnout for me? Many, including yourself may disagree with me on this sentiment, but that's how I feel. BGS wouldn't get as NEARLY as much flack from us as it does it if actually opted to at least offer more gameplay features like what we've seen from modders like Distar, miken1ke, powerofthree, and the like. Ever since the beginning of 2020 alone there has been a bigger influx of impressive animation mods that depended on SKSE among other complimentary quality of life improvements. Sure, they may not be NECESSARY to enjoy the game, but I'd rather have THOSE over some fishing featuand a bunch of quests that spontaneously start when you make a new game. I suppose that THAT alone only speaks volumes about how much they prioritize console users over PC users from the gitgo. It's something I absolutely loathe personally because it just feels like "hey you like playing this game on PC? well screw you then, am I right?" I mean with how buggy most of these games were on release for PC, it makes me wonder: Why even BOTHER giving these games a PC port to begin with if they prioritize consoles like this? I dunno about you, but there are some things I'll never accept as truth. This line of thought where "we just have to sit here and like what we're being given" is something I've never subscribed to. Like it'd be easy to vote with one's wallet and not give the game any more support, but there are too many people out there who continue vote incorrectly in that regard. But if they want to enjoy the game as it is, who am I to judge? I love Skyrim, I really do. I love the experience the game's offered me and I love the possibilities presented for making the game unique for everyone. I want to hold on to the hope that Bethesda still has our best interest in mind and that AE itself is at least WORTH the amount of headaches it causes for some like myself, but as it stands, I'm just getting so tired of this. I'm holding onto hopes that all this stuff with SKSE and the mods that depend on it get taken care of, at least the ones that I've vouched for, at least. Other than that, if I'm presented with this update and I have to basically wait until everything's updated and fixed, I might as well play Dark Souls when that comes on sale to at least kill SOME time till there's enough mods for AE for me to warrant playing that. I dunno. I just don't have much faith in Bethesda after both the CC's inception itself and FO76. That or the damn Mercury-in-retrograde has me needlessly worrying.
  7. While I can agree that something like this ISN'T the absolute end-of-the-world scenario that my own paranoid self tends to paint it as [since its said there will eventually be updates to these mods made as this plays out next month], I fundamentally disagree with the notion that this update isn't going to be as inconvenient as we would believe, because, it is. Annoying, at best. Skyrim, as a whole imho, much like any other Elder Scrolls title since Morrowind, has pretty much relied on a lot of mods to keep it's relevancy with how much one can change the way you play it, especially the lot of mods that heavily rely on SKSE. Bethesda has done nothing, as far as I have seen, to update how the game itself plays out and if you cut out ways to improve a player's experience, then what's the point in even playing the game anymore? Mods have kept this game afloat for as long as it has, and to heavily hamstring SKSE users like this isn't really a good way to introduce this new way to play the game. We should NOT have to be strong-armed into accepting an update that breaks a lot of existing mods that more decent amount people use than what you'd claim is just "5%" of the game's playerbase. Its anti-consumer.
  8. Pardon for reviving this thread, but I can't say I'm surprised: apparently since Anniversary Edition is coming as an UPDATE PATCH to Special Edition, it's basically going to royally screw over both Address Library and the Script Extender....AGAIN -- and the mods that depend on those. But worse, considering that a decent amount of native modders for SKSE will have closed up shop a while ago. I am not happy to say the least, but I just want to ask... Why does AE even need to exist if all it does is bundle us with a fishing mechanic and a bunch of crappy CC mods? NO ONE ASKED FOR THIS RELEASE. Why not just make it a separate game altogether or even scrap this in favor of focusing more on either Starfield or ES6? I mean, I wouldn't be SO salty if AE had OPTIONAL multiplayer support and not the garbage we had with FO76 :/
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