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  1. The reason is that by the game's description, Dragonrend forces a dragon to experience mortality, which is an extremely traumatic experience for them as they are immortal and have no concept of it. It is a temporary, but quite large Drain Health effect, it is not permanent damage. The dragon gets all that Health back once the effect ends. That's what it aims to do: make the dragon much weaker for a short period of time (as the lore states it is supposed to do).And yes, the Shout is set up so that only dragons will be affected by it.Hana: This was borne out of the desire to be able to use more than one Shout for offense by making the ones that are underwhelming more viable.
  2. So I'm on an adventure in the CK to empower the Player's dragon Shouts, and so far, here is what I have done:Fire Breath: Increased damage and duration for higher level effects.Frost Breath: Increased damage and speed reduction for level 2, level 3 does even more damage and will freeze your opponent solid for 5 seconds.Dragonrend: Deals a beastly amount of temporary Health damage and also stops the target from Shouting for 30 seconds. Recovery time for this shout has been increased to compensate.Elemental Fury: Increased duration for higher tiers of shout.Any other ideas? The shouts I know I will not touch are: Unrelenting Force (it's good as-is), Clear Skies (pointless to alter), Throw Voice (pointless to alter), Call Dragon (good as-is), Summon Durnehviir (good as-is), and Soul Tear (good as-is).
  3. Yes, that cruddy castle is what you are supposed to be seeing. The whole missing texture stuff was a red herring.And what's worse is that the crummy graphics on the castle can't be fixed. Upscaling the castle's textures would muck with the tamriel.objects.dds texture something awful.
  4. It's because the LOD meshes receive their textures from the file .objects.dds. The individual textures found in the LOD folder are only needed for LOD generation.And of course it's butt-ugly, the resolution is only 256x.EDIT: Here's the stuff. I've included both the TGAs and the DDSs. I still don't believe there is any point in adding them to the UDGP since the game doesn't ever use them, but they are there as a modder's resource.
  5. 'Fraid not.Now, on the topic of those missing LOD textures, I've managed to hack them together by extracting them from the tamriel.objects.dds LOD texture compilation Dawnguard provides, and after testing, they allowed me to generate LOD using Dawnguard assets. I do not believe those textures are ever used in the game, so I think this can be cleared from the UDGP's to-do list. If there are no problems, I can upload those source textures here for people to grab should they desire to generate LOD using Dawnguard's assets.You will need both the DDS source in the game's data files and the TGAs in the Source directory, otherwise the generator will complain.
  6. Then let me save you the hunt: the meshes are filed in Meshes/DLC01/LOD/Castle in Dawnguard.BSA. :tongue: Oh, and I finally figured out my problem. There was a loose LOD texture compilation that was conflicting with Dawnguard's. Once I got rid of those files, the Castle Volkihar LOD became visible, so that one was mod-related.However, there is the problem of the LOD texture source not existing in the resources, so it's impossible to generate LOD using Dawnguard's assets. It might be possible to extract those from the LOD texture compilation Dawnguard provides.
  7. For those wondering how to generate your own Object LOD for your mods, here's how: 1. Open the Skyrim - Meshes.BSA, find the LOD folder, and extract all the files there to Skyrim/Meshes/LOD 2. Open the Skyrim - Textures.BSA, find the LOD folder, and extract the contents to Steam/SteamApps/Common/Source/TGATextures/LOD 3. The textures are currently in DDS format, and obviously we want them to be in TGA format, so use the program nConvert to convert the textures: 4. Get nConvert here 5. Write up a new Batch script containing the following: "nConvert -out tga *.dds" (minus quotes) 6. Put nConvert and the BAT in the same folder as the textures you wish to convert 7. Run the BAT, and nConvert will do the rest. You can delete the DDS versions when you are done. 8. Once you have the TGA textures and the meshes out of the BSAs, you are ready. Go into the Creation Kit, open the World menu, and select "World LOD." 9. Select the Worldspace you want to generate LOD for, check Static Objects in the Meshes category, and then hit "Generate" 10. If any errors pop up that cause the generator to terminate, re-read the above steps and make sure you did everything exactly right. 11. Upon successful generation, go to Skyrim/Data/Meshes/Terrain/Tamriel/Objects. Your batch of BTO files was dumped there. 12. Find the BTO files that your mod will use, pull them out, and delete the rest. There are three total, prefixed with "Tamriel.4", "Tamriel.8", and "Tamriel.16", respectively. Delete the rest. (This takes some doing, as there isn't much of a reasonable means of figuring out which quad your mod lies in.)
  8. Lovin' the new dummy items Skyrim provides, especially the books. Makes cluttering a library so much easier.
  9. Those go in the [GRASS] section, by the way. :tongue:
  10. Oh, forgot to mention, they go under the [GRASS] section.And because those exist, I think I will bite the bullet and ask if future USKP versions can include grass bleed fixes? Since it only takes a couple seconds to fix those with the above entries.
  11. Oh, and in case anyone was interested, here is a nice INI tweak for the Creation Kit (add to both SkyrimEditor.INI and SkyrimEditorPrefs.INI):bAllowLoadGrass=0bAllowCreateGrass=1bDrawShaderGrass=1This allows the generated grass to update automatically as you edit. Something previous editors sorely needed. Makes it really easy to track down and eliminate grass bleed.
  12. Just be warned there is an issue with the speculars on the wet rocks being extremely bright right now with that mod (but it should be ignorable).
  13. Skyrim: Rocky Mountains editionWhy do those look... right? Is it because I just prefer the Rocky-style brown colors over the original drab gray? Or maybe because the mountains in Skyrim with their dramatic steep slopes and pointed tops were actually inspired by mountains in Alaska the Swiss Alps (Scandinavian mountains have more of a "roll" to them and are much smoother)?
  14. Beth probably would have an issue with it, since they are original Oblivion models.But really, Skyrim doesn't need a port of those. What I ended up doing is using the Road Chunk meshes Skyrim already provides with the ground portion retextured (which Skyrim makes very easy with Texture Sets). Got the job done nicely.
  15. Nope, just setting the Keywords doesn't automatically hand the items over to the vendors, and I am unsure as to why it even worked in the first place since both types of feathers are non-vanilla objects that never got added to any of the vendor lists. All the Keywords do is make sure the vendors buy and sell the correct items.Trivial to fix, though. Blacksmiths and General stores strike me as the places that would stock them, so plugging them into those two lists will do the trick. I used a list that doles them out five at a time, so the vendors should always have enough for at least one set of arrows to be made.EDIT: You'll also need to add them onto the LItemMiscVendorAnimalPart75 list for general merchants to sell them.
  16. Well, how were you getting the vendors to sell the items before? I see no edits to either base containers or vendor Leveled Lists to give them the feathers. Nor are there any scripts I can see to provide them.My fix was simply to create a new list containing the feathers and adding that list onto the LItemLeatherAndStrips list and the LItemBlacksmithMinimum list. Compatibility problems caused by this can be solved with Wrye Bash.
  17. EDIT: Seems that Crafting feathers do not show up with the vendors anymore with the latest version. After checking through the mod's details, I see that there is no connection between it and the vendors. Was it intentional that you stopped the vendors from selling the feathers? If so, would you consider adding that back in? On their own, crafting feathers are somewhat difficult to obtain, as lots of the pheasants you find are owned, killing chickens makes you wanted for murder (without USKP, of course), and hawks and hagravens are few and far between (and hard to kill).Personally, I don't care if you say no, since I'm DIYing it back in for my own tastes, just curious as to what your plans are with selling those feathers.
  18. "Hey there, Chef Skull!"*skeleton stares at you blankly*"So, do you get out a lot?"*skeleton stares at you blankly*"Do you cook any good?"*skeleton stares at you blankly*"So... would you like to work for me?"*skeleton slowly nods*
  19. They do, but in a country where controversy is the news, things will get very ugly very fast if the press gets hold of this.
  20. Nope. Microsoft goes out of the way to make gaming on their console as intellectually un-challenging as possible.
  21. Official article on HearthfireAlso, Hearthfire is now available on Xbox 360. Let's hope Bethesda doesn't take the cold-shoulder stealth-release approach for the PC version this time like they did with Dawnguard.And the first bug reports come rolling in:- Occasional freezes on entering your new house.- Spouses cannot be moved into any Hearthfire homes.- Broken conditions on the Entrance Hall upgrade dialogue between you and your stewards does not allow you to purchase the upgrade.- Purchasing upgrades from stewards may fail, leaving you out of pocket with a bare home for your troubles.
  22. Yup, I've got my settings dialed in here.http://i.imgur.com/Ya0KZ.jpg
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