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  2. Hate to say it but your save is probably damaged beyond repair. Your Papyrus log is just out of control. You can try to use the script cleanup utility to get rid of all the junk data, but I doubt it will help you at this point.
  3. Perhaps Preston is actually... ... ... ... ... a synth?
  4. http://i.imgur.com/IiDCEn6.jpg Every power armor variant there is in Fallout 4 minus the jury-rigged Raider armor. From left to right: -T60e -T45d -T51b -X01 Mk 6 A bit of history on each: T60: The latest variant to be added to the franchise, seen only in Fallout 4, this model was beginning to be mobilized throughout the USSA just before the Great War, and is the final pre-war variant to have ever been developed. T45: First seen in Fallout 3, and present in all subsequent releases, the T45 model was in widespread circulation in the time period between open warfare with China began and the Chinese invasion of Alaska. The t60 model, as you can see, is an update on this design. T51: First deployed in the Battle of Anchorage, it quickly gained popularity and remained in service all the way until the Great War. This was the original armor design present since the very first Fallout, and has been seen in every canon game since. X01: Also known as the Advanced power armor, this set was developed after the Great War by the Enclave. First seen in Fallout 2, it has made an appearance in every canon game except Fallout 3.
  5. Gotta get this out there, dialog comparison: A baby is drowning in a pool of radioactive water and the father needs you to help. What do you do? Fallout 3: -I'll save the baby. -No way I'm risking my life like that! -[speech 36%]I'll save him if you pay me. -[Endurance]Shouldn't be too bad with some Rad-X. Fallout New Vegas: -I'll save the baby. -No way I'm risking my life like that! -[speech 15/45] Well, uhh, help doesn't come cheap, right? -[survival 40] The radiation isn't that bad, just take some Rad-X. And here's some Radaway for your son. -[Explosives 35] I've got a pretty good arm, I could lasso him back to shore if you've got some rope. Fallout 4: -Yes -No -Sarcastic -What baby? I'll leave it up to you if you feel it was worth it to have a voiced protagonist.
  6. GAAAAAAUUUUUUUUL!!!!!! (You were asking for it)
  7. No.

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  8. Caravan can be very confusing, so I've attempted to better organize the rules of the game. Please tell me if this helps you better understand how to play: ---Before you play... You must own at least 30 cards to play. A 54 card starter deck (The Tops set) can be obtained from Ringo during the tutorial. ---Building a deck Identical cards are allowed, but they must be from different sets of cards. IE: You can place an Ace of Spades from The Tops set and an Ace of Spades from the Gomorrah set into your deck, but not two Aces of Spades from The Tops set. 30 cards per deck. ---The Goal Build three lines of cards, competing to have each "caravan" contain the highest bid (numeric value) without going under 21 or over 26. The player who sells the most caravans (see endgame rules) wins the pot. ---Opengame Rules To start, draw 8 cards and place one numeric card or ace of any suit on the table to start your caravans. Discarding is not allowed during the initial round. [bUG] The player can actually make unlimited discards during the initial round because the game does not properly block the discard function and fails to give the opponent a turn if you do. ---Midgame Rules Once the bids are started, you can spend your turn in three ways: 1. Play one card into your caravans and draw one card 2. Discard one card from hand and draw one card 3. Disband a caravan, removing it from the table The second card placed on the caravan sets the direction, higher means all subsequent cards must be higher, and vice versa for lower. You may also place any card that matches the suit of the previous card so long as it is not the same card (IE, you can't play a 3 of spades on another 3 of spades, but can on a 10 of spades). You may also change the direction of the caravan by doing so (IE: 9 of hearts, 7 of diamonds, 3 of spades, 5 of spades, and the descending caravan is now ascending). Face cards are not played normally, they are instead attached to the top card in an existing caravan (placed to the side of it) to provide a special effect. Face cards may be played on the opponent's caravans as well as your own. See the card rules for more info. ---Endgame Rules Once a caravan has reached a value between 21 and 26, it is "sold" and can no longer be modified. However, face cards may still be attached, by either yourself or your opponent. If the opposing player manages to obtain a higher numeric value on his opposite caravan than the one you sold without going above 27, then you are outbid and the caravan sale becomes his. The player who sold the most caravans when all caravans have been sold wins the pot. If a caravan ties, the game continues until either player can sell it. If either player runs out of cards, they lose automatically. ---Card rules Numeric cards are worth exactly that number (10 of spades adds 10 to a caravan bid). Aces are worth 1. Attaching a Jack to a card removes that card and any other cards attached to it from the table. Attaching a Queen to a card changes the caravan's direction and switches the current suit to the Queen's suit. Attaching a King to a card doubles its value. This effect stacks (two Kings triples the card, and so on). Attaching a Joker to a card 2-10 removes all other cards of that number (and their attachments) from the table. The card the joker was attached to, however, stays put. Attaching a joker to an Ace removes all non-face cards of the Aces suit and their attachments from the table (IE: placing it on the Ace of Spades removes all 2-10s of spades from the table), save the ace it was played on.
  9. Miraak is an asshole.

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  10. Musing: The Shouts as I am changing them are to be considered this game's "Ultimate Abilities" in a way. At their final, most powerful tiers, they are meant to be game-changers, used in clutch situations to change the course of battle completely and entirely. The first two tiers are the warm-up, and what you will want to use if the battle at hand does not require much extra intervention, and will also allow you to Shout much more frequently. The final tier, the most powerful iteration of the Shout, can sow mass destruction and is not to be used lightly. As such, almost all final-tier Shouts (only the completely passive ones will be unaffected) will have VERY long cooldown times of at least 3 minutes. Every RPG needs its Ultimates. Skyrim's are Shouts, and I intend to make them so.
  11. Update: unfortunately the damage reduction for Frost Breath had to be scrapped due to engine limitations (NPCs cannot receive new perks at runtime and perks are the only way to give out damage multipliers).
  12. Actually, the official word is that you are permitted to state you got in, but no more than that. You can check the ESO General Discussion board in the Bethesda forums and that's what all the moderators are stating. If all the threads of people celebrating getting in were indeed in violation of the NDA they would have been deleted outright, not simply closed.
  13. So, if you are like me and about 90% of the rest of the Skyrim-playing population, you agree that the game's Shouts, while great for the novelty and marketing of the game, are woefully underpowered AND quite lackluster in design. It doesn't take much effort to have you simple Spell-based magic totally outstrip what you can do with Shouts (and those themselves are outclassed by melee combat but that's beside the point), and really the only Shout that is remotely useful to you throughout the game is Unrelenting Force. A lot of mods change shouts, but I decided to go a step further. I wish to overhaul the shouts entirely, adding new mechanics with each tier, and making each Shout truly unique. On top of that, I wish to make each shout something you would bother to use in combat because what they do is worth the trouble of going out of your way to hunt down the Words of Power, and then killing a few dragons to unlock them. So, without further ado, these are my plans: Globally - all offensive Shouts will be able to break Wards. Because the Thu'um cannot and should not be blocked by petty arcane trickery. Animal Allegiance- Tier 1: All creatures your Thu'um touches become your allies. Tier 2: All creatures in the area become your allies. Tier 3: Creates an aura of allegiance around yourself, all animals and beasts that enter will have their will bent to yours. Aura Whisper- DONE Tier 1: You can see the life essence of all lesser creatures and beasts. Tier 2: Human life essence is made instantly aware to you. Tier 3: Not even death can save one from your all-seeing eye, as you can now see Undead essence, as well. Battle Fury- DONE Tier 1: You imbibe your follower's weapons with the power of the winds, enabling faster strikes. Tier 2: Your follower's weapons gains the power of the elements of Magic, granting bonus fire, frost, and shock damage. Tier 3: The elements are as much your foe's enemy as they are your follower's friend, and your strikes grant weakness to all. Become Ethereal- DONE Tier 1: You shift your life essence to the Ethers of Tamriel, becoming immune to harm (though you may not harm others in turn) Tier 2: Your life essence bonds with the Ethers during its brief visit, restoring all attributes. Tier 3: Your plane-shift is complete, rendering you invisible. Bend Will- DONE Tier 1: Stones of the All-Maker are cleansed of Miraak's influence (story-centric tier, will not be altered). Tier 2: All mortal creatures and men alike affected become your follower, for a great deal of time. Tier 3: Not even the dragons are safe from the effects of your Thu'um, as you Shout them tame and mountable. Disarm- DONE Tier 1: Wrench the weapon from your opponent's grasp. Tier 2: If your foe has a shield, it too will fly from their hands. Tier 3: You claim your opponent's weapon as your own. Dismay- Tier 1: The lesser creatures of Skyrim flee before you. Tier 2: Beasts and undead become subject to your heart-stopping cry. Tier 3: No mortal can stand against your bringing of doom. Dragonrend- DONE Tier 1: You strike at a dragon's soul with your Thu'um, weakening its ability to fly (attempts to force a landing) Tier 2: Your Voice heralds a dragon's ultimate fear: mortality. You sever a dragon's connection to its blood, granting crippling weakness and the loss of the ability to Shout. Tier 3: No dragon, not even Alduin the World Eater himself, can experience your Thu'um without feeling it's ultimate peril. Drain Vitality- DONE Tier 1: Coax stamina from your foe and take it for yourself. Tier 2: Coax stamina and magicka from your foe and take it for yourself. Tier 3: Coax stamina, magicka, and health from your foe and take it for yourself. Elemental Fury- DONE Tier 1: You imbibe your weapon with the power of the winds, enabling faster strikes. Tier 2: Your weapon gains the power of the elements of Magic, granting bonus fire, frost, and shock damage. Tier 3: The elements are as much your foe's enemy as they are your friend, and your strikes grant him weakness to all. Fire Breath- DONE Tier 1: Burn your foes with the fierce fires of the Dovah. Tier 2: Your flaming wrath lingers upon your foe long after the inital blast, causing slow damage over time. Tier 3: Your Thu'um flashes with the strength of Red Mountain itself, incinerating lesser foes. Frost Breath- DONE Tier 1: Your breath is of Atmora, freezing the life out of your foes. Tier 2: Your foes extremities become frostbitten, severely hampering their movement and damage potential. Tier 3: Your Breath is pure ice, briefly freezing your opponent solid. Ice Form- DONE Tier 1: Freeze your opponent solid. Tier 2: The frigid ice bites away at your foe while he is encased, dealing damage over time. Tier 3: Yours is the ice of Atmora, and cannot be broken by any mortal means. Kyne's Peace- Tier 1: All creatures your Thu'um touches are pacified. Tier 2: All creatures in the area are pacified. Tier 3: Creates an aura of peace around you, all animals and beasts that enter will be pacified. Marked for Death- DONE Tier 1: Your foe's physical armor vanishes, rendering him quite vulnerable. Tier 2: Your foe's willpower is stunted, granting him a further massive weakness to magic attacks. Tier 3: The air of doom overcomes your opponent's very mind, sending him into a blood-crazed frenzy. Slow Time- Tier 1: Time is slowed. Tier 2: While time is slowed, your damage output is increased. Tier 3: While time is slowed, any who gets close to you gets staggered. Soul Tear- DONE Tier 1: Bind you foe's life essence, allowing for a soul trap to be performed. Tier 2: Your voice heralds death, striking down all but the most hardy. Tier 3: Your dead foe's body becomes your slave in reanimation. Storm Call- Tier 1: Summons a devastating lightning storm. Tier 2: While the great storm rages, your followers will be immune to its effects. Tier 3: Your voice marks targets, who will take massively increased damage from the lighting. Throw Voice- Tier 1: Create an illusionary sound nearby. Tier 2: Your Voice creates a decoy, enticing those nearby to battle. Tier 3: Any who hit your decoy will become confused, unable to discern friend from foe and will attack anyone in range. Unrelenting Force- DONE Tier 1: Stagger your foe. Tier 2: Knock your foe to the ground (very mild push effect). Your Voice now staggers very large foes. Tier 3: Sweep your foes off their feet and send them flying. Your Voice will now also knock down very large foes and potentially stagger dragons. Whirlwind Sprint- DONE Tier 1: Dash forward with unheard of speed. Tier 2: Your speed becomes forceful, staggering anyone who gets too close. Tier 3: You ride a current of raw power, knocking away anyone who dares come too close. If a shout is not listed here, it is because the effects it provides in its vanilla state were deemed to be sufficiently powerful enough to be worth use, and as such were not changed, their use is strictly story-related and did not warrant changing, or was a summoning Shout that would cease making sense if empowered at lower levels. These include: Call Dragon Call of Valor Clear Skies Summon Durnehviir Cyclone Dragon Aspect
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