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  1. I know plenty of users would rather risk it than remove Frostfall, Campfire, and INeed mid-game... they'll be screwing up their save files either way.
  2. Well if we really wanna get picky the only way to /know/ if it's a bug is nicely ask Bethesda to fix it and we all know that works.
  3. Are Mammoth Snout and Mammoth Steak cooked or raw? Game data has them both with the keywords for both food and raw.
  4. "Missing in Action" can now be completed using the non-violent method Bethesda had partially implemented. (Bug #245)But when I got to follow the Thalmor Guard once I go under the arch into Northwatch Keep... if AI Detection is on... they all turn hostile and try to smash my face in
  5. Modding Workshop: My First Quest Welcome to the Modding Workshop: My First Quest. In this tutorial we will be discussing how to create a lore-friendly quest using existing NPC's and recorded dialogue and how to package it properly for upload. We will briefly discuss item creation, triggers, and scripting, but this workshop will not cover every aspect of these topics, only what is needed for this task. Coming into this tutorial, you should already be familiar with the basics of navigating the Creation Kit and some knowledge of Papyrus syntax. Part I: Tools You're going to need sev
  6. Version 2.17


    These files contain a variety of clean saves for Skyrim. All saves were created only with the Skyrim and Update files and specified DLC. No quests/quest lines were completed except those named, the bare minimum of prerequisites, and Way of the Voice where applicable. Random encounter quests are in the journal but no progress towards their completion has been made. Klimmek may have had his quest completed because... why not. PM or Comment with requests. You will most likely be over-encumbered when you load these saves. I picked up just about everything of value (most non-crafting supplies we
  7. I had to update my bookmark 'cause it wasn't there anymore
  8. Version 3.0


    What It Is Ever accept the gift of Lycanthropy from the Companions? Love running around as a wolf? Hate using the Wait function? Now you can be the ALPHA Werewolf! All other werewolves are just childish puppies in comparison to your glorious might! This mod enables you to leave Beast Form at will! It also continues the vanilla Werewolf damage progression to level 100 (up from 50). The Ring of Hircine will also grant you the Blessing of Hircine - a constant buff that allows unlimited transformations regardless if the ring is equipped or not! You must equip the Ring at least once to
  9. Version 2.1


    What It Is Creates a wearable amulet that behaves exactly like the Quiet Casting Illusion magic perk. No more dumping four perks into Illusion magic when you could be putting them all into fireball! Where it Is Inside the College of Winterhold is a hidden amulet. Apparently it slipped off the Archmage's neck while he was tending his garden. Its magic is yours for the taking... if the Archmage will let you into his room! The necklace is a diamond necklace but otherwise visually unremarkable and it is there, but like any piece of jewelry it is easily misplaced. Not even the Archmage
  10. Version 1.7


    What It Is Creates a wearable item that doesn't use any equipment slots that grants the visual effect of Boethiah's Ebony Armor that is awarded to the player upon completion of her Daedric quest. Vampires are immune to the sun while wearing her cloak and the visual effect is constant. Now with full Vampire Lord support! The original version now also has a spellbook included with the cloak. This teaches a castable version of the cloak but it does not have the same SPF rating as the cloak and vampires will still have their troubles with sunlight while using the castable spell. The eff
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