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  1. I had a lot of help a while back with writing a script for use in TES5Edit for users of one of my mods to run and pre-populate a variety of form lists making game play a little bit easier. It works with SSEEdit as-is and I've even been able to make a few tweaks here and there to share feedback as it processes and to pre-add all plugins as masters which solved a lot of issues. I even figured out how to save the plugin as an ESP with the ESL flag. I would like a little confirmation as I do not have Skyrim LE installed and don't really want to re-install just for this test. Will the following work to create a regular ESP in SLE? It does successfully create an ESL flagged ESP in SSEEdit. if not Assigned(ModPatch) then begin if wbAppName = 'TES5' then ModPatch := AddNewFileName(sModPatch) else ModPatch := AddNewFileName(sModPatch,true); // if failed for some reason if not Assigned(ModPatch) then raise Exception.Create('Error creating a new patch plugin!'); end;
  2. Thank you. I added this to the top of the AddObjectToList procedure (right below begin) and it allowed the patch script to complete without any issue. // skip injected records If isInjected(comp) then Exit; The end result seems to be okay.
  3. Some users of my mod Inventory Management System Rebuilt (IMS) are reporting a " Load Order FileID [01] can not be mapped to file FileID " error. However, the xEdit patch script I supplied with my mod does not produce such an error with the load order that I have. After some discussion it was concluded that Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade (CCOR) was a common mod. I downloaded CCOR and gave my patch script a try in xEdit. I received the following error specifically: [00:03] Exception in unit TheCraftPatch line 92: Load order FileID [01] can not be mapped to file FileID for file "IMS_Patch.esp" [00:03] Error during Applying script "IMS - Compatibility Patch": Load order FileID [01] can not be mapped to file FileID for file "IMS_Patch.esp" In looking at what was put into the patch plugin, I was able to deduce that once the patch script hits a record supplied by CCOR but injected into Update.esm, it craps out. My question is twofold. One, is this a bug with xEdit that needs resolved? Two, can my patch script be modified to properly handle such records? Patch script follows:
  4. Just started ESO during the free week not that long ago. Is the guild mentioned in the first post still active? Are there any other recommendations for guilds to join? I'm not so much looking for hand-holding through the game, but would like to have a source of help if needed. I have no other means of communicating while playing aside from the in-game chat, which I've only started to figure out. As such that most likely rules out any guilds which have discord or similar as a requirement.
  5. Well, I found out that if the item(s) are quest items then they won't show up in the barter window. Having the item(s) as quest items may not always be ideal (tho that is already an option for the user). To work around it I register for menus with SKSE and remove the item(s) from the player when the barter & gift menus open, then when they close add them back to the player. Works so far.
  6. 3.1.5a minor nuisance ARTH_LAL_FriendlyFireScript has a debug.trace line that is not commented out. As a result, it spams the papyrus log quite a lot. It makes it difficult to check for errors related to mod(s) being tested. Not sure how the GetCombatTarget() function works, but it seems to yield mostly my followers. It also outputs to the log when there is no combat. It may be possible that there is a 'cloak effect' added by a mod which triggers it (much like what the brawl bug intends to fix). The following is a 'small' section of the log. I suspect that for it to go away naturally, I would need to return to the specific Forswarn location that I started out in and attack them so that the HostileIntent variable gets set to true.
  7. I noticed that with the Merchant Perk items that have the VendorNoSale keyword suddenly become available to sell to the merchants. Is there anything that can be done to prevent such items from being available for sale to merchants at any point in the game despite the perks that the player has? I have some items in one of my mods that I need to ensure cannot be sold.
  8. I see. How do I find out if that particular guard is dead? If dead, I'd need to use the console to forcibly unlock the gate. If not dead, then I can just wait for him to show up.
  9. I am curious how I should progress. I started out as a Forsworn Breton and eventually made my way to Whiterun where I picked up Vilja (mod added). I proceeded to work on her quests and at one point went through Helgen and warned the residents of Riverwood by telling the bard as he wandered the streets. I went on with Vilja's quests without going straight to Whiterun. Now that I want to continue the main quest, I find that the gates to Whiterun are locked and the guard which should have stopped me is not there. I have both Live Another Life main quest and Before the Storm main quest in my journal as active. All objectives currently shown on the LAL quest have been marked as completed. Checked my entire active load order in xEdit and LAL has priority on every one of its records (aside from those top level worldspace records that almost every mod seems to touch in some way) On other starts where I went to Helgen early and warned Riverwood by talking to the bard I was able to enter Whiterun just fine, but on those runs I had not yet been to Whiterun. Thoughts? Suggestions? EDIT: Forgot to mention, I'm using 3.1.5 alpha
  10. Might be because Alternate Start only edits existing topic infos rather than adding new ones that it doesn't make a difference. There is another mod (Vilja in Skyrim) that I ran across whose author stated that before using any of the patches with ESP files that the mod had to be started in game and dialog taking to a certain point before activating them because they were built on an older version. When I looked at the plugins in xEdit, the only noticeable differences were the TIFC values. Tested the plugins in original state and noted the dialog options. Modified them to have accurate TIFC values for all unique entries. When tested, the modified setup contained additional dialog options that had not been present with the previous test. So I don't know if it goes with the highest value or not for the TIFC (It may if all of the USLEEP topics are still present with LAL). What I have noticed, is if the TIFC value is less than the actual number of entries, some topics will be culled. Obviously, one case is not enough data to determine anything of real significance. Anyway, it was after all that that I noticed the one in LAL.
  11. Not sure if this will cause an issue or not. I noticed in xEdit that on Dialog Topic 0002707A that USLEEP 3.07 increases the Topic Info Count (TIFC) to 291 while Alternate Start 3.1.5a still has a value of 280 which is the same as Skyrim.esm and Hearthfires.esm. Just wondering if this lower TIFC value might block off USLEEP added topic info entries.
  12. Thanks for the information. I may try to get a working wizard going. However, I decided that I'm going to put off porting this mod. It is a body mesh mod with underwear options. With the neck seam issue and not knowing where it is coming from, I don't want to release meshes that might be incorrect. So until such time as the neck seam / lighter head issue is resolved, this project is on the back burner. If you happen to have heard of a resolution already, please feel free to share.
  13. I have a mod (a couple actually) that I am slowly porting over to SSE. The one currently in question is setup as a complex package that can be installed in WB. I would, however, like to learn how to setup a wizard for WB so that users do not accidentally select a combination of options that are not intended to work together. Is there a detailed set of instructions on creating a BAIN wizard? By detailed I mean one that will stay on focus and not get me lost on tangents. Or is there a GUI application which could be used to create a wizard by inputting the necessary data? If it helps, the installation primarily consists of selecting 1 out of 4 mesh options. Two of said options have an additional choice of 1 out of 3 texture options. The other 2 simply finish the installation.
  14. Depends on how you do your scripting. All that said, if you create a script that has your properties and/or functions and put them on a different object that is unique to your mod (perhaps a start game enabled quest). You can link to that script and use its property data and/or call functions on it from any other script that you want. This would allow you to make changes to the behavior of an already loaded object at the next point in which it is activated or other event triggered. Provided of course that you add no new properties, remove no existing functions or events nor remove any properties or variables. Feel free to take a look at Random Mining MCM to see what I am referring to. TL;DR See Getting Properties From Any Other Script on the CK wiki for additional information.
  15. If it works correctly in a new game or by using COC at the main menu, then it stands to reason that the objects you are testing with have already been loaded at some point and have been baked into your save file. Only workaround without falling back to a new game would be to wait till cell reset in a different cell free of such objects and far away from the cells with such objects.
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