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  1. I can confirm that thanks to the excellent NIFscan and SSE NIF Optimizer tools, Book Covers (and the Lost Library) are converted nicely for SSE.
  2. Quick question about mods with levelled list edits and scripts... can these be safely ported to Bethesda.NET yet or not? (Thinking of BCS Lost Library) The reason I am asking is that Lost Library required a check for the need for a Bashed Patch update once more than that one mod affected the merchants and loot lists that BCSLL touched. I don't know if there is such functionality on the BethNet yet. In addition, since the mod contains a script, how does the BethNet Mod Loader handle scripted mods when a player uninstalls them? On the Nexus we have Script Cleaning tools for our saves. I
  3. Hmm... I think I will upload the two English versions and direct PC folks to the Nexus for the other languages. I don't have to worry about PS4 with BCS anyway.
  4. When preparing mods to upload to BethNet, how do we deal with multiple supported languages? Since it seems to be "one tile, one file", do I have to upload one version of my mod for each language I want to support? I am thinking specifically of Book Covers Skyrim SE with EN, DE, ES, FR, IT, PO and RU... in Original and Desaturated. That is one heck of a lot of uploading for a single mod! I see there are no filters for Language at all. From reading comments I see plenty of "I used mod ABC and all my in-game text changed to English" so there is definitely a need for translations. From my
  5. Thanks for all the help - that is BCS updated with a fresh Language Pack now. I will see what I have to do to get the CZECH ESP updated to UTF8 since there was no official dictionary in Skyrim SE.
  6. That seems to do the job, thanks. Any Books that I had changed the titles of needed picking from the list manually but the rest were handled automatically. Are there any Code Page shenanigans I need to be aware of because a Russian player reported that he was getting weird characters appearing when using the RU version. All I had dome was take the old BCS RU ESP and passed it through the SSE CK. It still looked good to me in SSEEdit but he reported this...
  7. Yes you are right. I had forgotten about the translation tool. When I think about it, all I want to do is take the English ESP and swap it into the other official supported languages. As long as it does the Book Name and Book text, I can always check the Cell names manually later.
  8. Perhaps it would be easier if I looked at it the other way round? CLONE a copy of the English Book Covers Skyrim.esp and drag the non-English name and text of each book into it? It is still three-hundred odd pairs of fields to drag in seven languages but is that easier to automate? I would still have to copy the CELL and WORLD record blocks afterwards but there are far fewer of those.
  9. I am hoping to find a simple way to reflect the following changes from the English version of Book Covers Skyrim into the other seven language versions. Here is a picture of the type of change I need to reflect.. 1. Each of the eight language versions has its own TXST Texture Set block containing all the different texture sets (such as BCS_NotePLain01R and BCS_NotePLain01F). 2. I have made the required changes to the English version (currently index [05] in the example above). This example occurs in roughly three hundred records, all with different TXST references. 3. I want t
  10. Did we arrive at a consensus on Book/Tome vs Note/Scroll for Notes in mods? I assume Note/Tome was removed when a mod passes through the CK because nothing in the in-game UI uses it but the game itself doesn't seem to complain. I'd like to know which way to go before I release the next BCS update as I am supporting eight languages and there are several hundred Notes in there.
  11. One thing they didn't fix was TXST Texture Sets for Books. The Inventory View of a book still can't use an alternate texture even though the CK will allow one to be assigned.
  12. I thought I would take a sounding before submitting the following issue to see if folks thing it is "working as intended" or not... You know how normal enemies can be gibbed/dismembered after death? Well I discovered that no matter what you do to them, some of the named enemies associated with the Silver Shroud quest line are not set up to be dismembered. I am thinking of folks like AJ and Kendra (I forgot to check Wayne). I noticed with AJ that repeated shotgun shots to the head didn't dismember him but they did deal with his toughs so I checked further. Now I wondered if this behavio
  13. As far as I am concerned, it is resolved. The rectangular texture idea worked to get round the fact that we are tied to one BSShaderTextureSet. The back surface maps to part of one half in a perfect aspect ratio to the note itself. No distortion. The front surface is stretched horizontally to map to a square area of the texture and the square of text is dropped on top of it. I have found the values in the Page Text UV Set that control the left edge and the pair of values that control the top edge and scale (at the same time which was fun!). I am now clear to do the Mesh and Texture
  14. It might not be ideal but it works, even for the Notes with text. It seems that when the text is rendered into an image, it is rendered to a square texture of the same size as the width of the page texture. Since my paper texture is now 2048x1024, it renders the text to a 2048x2048 square. Fortunately it shares the same origin as the paper - top left is 0,0. If I move the UV Set of the PageText object to be 0,0 to 0.5, 0.5 then it maps perfectly to the Front of the Note since it is now scaled back by 50%. I do have to change the UV Map of the front of the Note to be a square too, just
  15. IT WORKS... for the Treasure Maps at least! A rectangular texture with one half used for the Back and the other half for the Front displays perfectly in the inventory and also when you read a Note that is on the floor. I have not deleted any of the objects in the mesh - I have just redone the UV mapping to use different halves of the one shared texture. Now all I have to do is see how the text behaves with that UV mapping.
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