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  1. PrgLnch

    What does it do?
    Requirements: Windows- (mostly)
    Status: Release.
    What to do?
    Extract exe and run. Creates an ini file if one does not exist, else most extant ini files from 1.X are compatible.
    Choose an empty slot to drag in or select desired program, and/or refer Help=->Getting Started.
    What's Old and New in Version Releases? (current: 2.2 Beta)
    Notes for Bethesda Game Modders:

    Most players of Bethesda games would be happy with the popular mod launchers for executables- PrgLnch offers more flexibility for the more advanced modder:
    Dedicated LnchPad Slots for each game Batch Presets for specific tasks Power Plans in Batch Runs Multi Monitor Support Much more This is an early Beta, so please post anything that doesn't seem right to you!
    The mods have to be already installed on the rig before PrgLnch can use them. Extra LnchPad Slots can be setup to run for executable mods with command line options e.g. XEdit or Wrye Bash. As opposed to running game mods, it's not recommended to launch the games themselves or via script extender launchers in a Batch Preset along with other Prgs. A Batch Preset with just the game by itself, or its extender launcher is preferred, with astute regard to the launch settings in the PrgLnch Options. The 12 mods for each game were chosen mainly on popularity and usability. As the choice was subjective, suggestions to the inclusion of alternative LnchPad Slots are very welcome. The decision to choose either Vortex or MO2: Chose MO2 because it was subjectively assumed it was more likely to benefit from PrgLnch than Vortex. The original intention was to avoid inclusion of them altogether (something like: A launcher doth not pant for the binary form of another  )

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  2. Vanilla & SKSE Script Diffs

    Of limited interest, here are some script file diffs for SKSE and the contents of Scripts.zip on vanilla game for: (CK ver) SE ver
    Note: The update on this machine may have updated an older version of SE and CK than the most recent.
    SKSEPex: On a vanilla game, all 61 SKSE pscs are compiled, even when some have not changed, thus this shows 61 different date stamps. FinalDataAndSourcedotzip: After the engine and SKSE update to Data\Scripts, by diffing with Scripts.zip, this shows which of the above SKSE compiled psc files had changed since the last update on this computer. Looks like 23 pscs of SKSE's making in addition to edits of 38 vanilla ones. NewSourcedotzip: 411 new vanilla pscs in the update! SourcedotzipDialogueviews: 6 changed files and 202 new xmls.  




  3. SSE: Vanilla Saves for Testing

    The only true save file for testing is the Helgen one. The console saves are those with the ones marked console and were modified with the perks bat file. The DGBeacon and TryforDupDawnbreaker have extra spells and magicka added re this thread.




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