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  1. Possible to post the script- perhaps in a spoiler if large? Not much experience with this, sorry- are the phases flagged as interruptible? In case there is an internal limitation in the CK Scene sound play, does using less than 6 actors make a difference? Try 4 or 2?
  2. Here's more detail: https://www.whois.com/whois/modskyrim.com Type modskyrim.com into https://ip-address-lookup-v4.com/whois/ gets a list of complaints starting oldest first, weird stuff goes on when clicking over to the latest page.
  3. Think that was, and still is an issue arising from the DB reorg from the domain name change.
  4. Hi Evader, and welcome, Not too many of us use or have enough experience with Vortex to answer the question- why not post at Vortex Support? If Vortex isn't absolutely mandatory, then by the sound of it, Wabbajack is the go-to choice for your pals, assuming their short experience in Skyrim will necessarily be enhanced by mods. Alternatively, what's wrong with playing the game with just the unofficial patch? If that were the case, installation of that, with or without any mod manager should be a cinch. Guaranteed not to compromise said attention spans or patience.
  5. The relatively recent implementation of elapsed time between posts kind of works,... sometimes. Here in this thread it's over a year out.
  6. They sound even better than the SWU days. Bentine freaks only:
  7. Those of the living, yes. What about those who make mods, and then go away from modding for months or years, turning off all Nexus and related notifications? Or those who pass away? Their interests are mostly left out in the breeze- Nexus would sure to be making some kind of noise as to providing them more shelter as well, if they indeed cared.
  8. The CC idea wasn't all that of a bad idea forever IMOP, the time of its release was a bit off, in the sense that it should have come out with the first ed of LE. My preference was instead for Bethesda to pull out all stops for Hammerfell, perhaps with a more definitive and documented CC model. Phat's vision of forever free is beautiful, and a doff and a bow to that. In a somewhat dystopian corporate world it becomes something more like forever charity, so that probably is more the choice. A Hobson's choice perhaps, because corporate greed is charity enough for many of those who are actually employed in those organizations.
  9. Sounds good! The idea of an Oblivion BOSS redivivus thread from AL might be something to set aside for the slow cooker as well.
  10. Hi, and welcome The BOSS is a bit out of date there, so best to follow the WB info. Which plugins were they?
  11. Tucows has finally retired. For the last 10 -15 years traffic to the site had slowed considerably even after a modest revamp of the site, but it still retained very much of the 90's user interface and cost models. Bye Tucows, & thanks.
  12. Has anyone imagined a dreamscape wherein all the games in the world have morphed into another game, where everyone ends up playing this same game? Many would prefer it to be a TES game, or Pokemon, or even Tetris. But Pong? Edit: btw The linked post somehow found a beeline to the bitbucket without this one's personal guidance. Oh well, WLM has finally gone, and replaced with EM Client. There were some teething issues, but the Google Contacts integration makes up for them hugely.
  13. Hi @Tasheni, OneDrive has better size restrictions- although not being a cdn, the transfers work well enough. Another option is to package the large mod into smaller chunks.
  14. Another W11 bombshell, The BSOD will now be ... black. It's 2021, and still no option for choice of colour in un-sable system demise. The personal preference for an alternative has actually gravitated towards something like ultraviolet, a mostly invisible hue aided by something in the spirit of the current change: "Blacklighting", The acronym for ultraviolet also suits the occasion having a better ring to it, no? ... USOD. Yes USOD W11 for the idea of making the said sad SOD experience completely gloomy and unmemorable, and not the SOD makeover we were hoping for!
  15. Good catch. Still, it's no easy task to locate their definition of edit, and in the case of description pages, moderation edits would be far and few between. @Arthmoor's concerns may be with that or something else there, but to avoid derailing this thread any further, a thread is posted here:
  16. An important notice and our future plans for collections at Nexus mods and community An amazing WOT of TLDR, good write up, albeit could have been embellished by some nice markup/piccies/graphs as you go. In a modding Utopia, for such a setting as one could ever be envisioned, the idea would work beautifully. In our world, a few minor details come into view, like rig setup, OS type and configuration, and mod versioning. And the installed mod manager along with modding tools. Vortex has come some distance since inception, but so have other mod managers. No worries there, as Nexus is providing an API for archiving, so it has to be asked, how interested would the other mod managers be in picking this up? This looks very much like the system adopted by Wabbajack, with more detail- should work well for folks who just want to play a bundled config. Bit like some with a car, really, one buys a car expressly for the purpose of reaching the desired location with the minimum of "fuss", or one can buy a car to try it out in certain conditions, add or remove components or accessories, go for some scenic touring, or even a world adventure. I, for one, prefer the current setup at Nexus, the question of archiving files flagged for deletion should be weighted in favour of permission from the mod author, there are sure to be exceptions tp the rule, so this has some distance to travel. Do you think this is a good idea?
  17. What do they want now? From what the T&C says: Has the "edit" condition always been there I wonder? A mod edit by Nexus surely must take place in consultation with the author. Can the submitter of the file perform an action which counters any of their non-exclusive rights wrt above? There's only an excerpt from this which says: Do they have anywhere an updated description of what a mod author's rights actually are? In the past, it seemed to work quite harmoniously, at least on the surface.
  18. Ethereal or transparent books might work well, arranged in shapes of magical symbols suspended in mid air. Well, fake or joke books, when opened, contain useless boost/hit/magical surprise bon bons with nonsense fortunes attached. Nothing related, of course, to the well known so termed FakeBook,, aka likeBook/unlikeBook.
  19. How about some joke sayings for "fake" books like: If you can teach a man to fish, you can lead a horse to water. A stitch in time is worth two in the bush. A drowning man will clutch at a needle in a haystact. A journey of a thousand steps is better late than never. Fortune favours the watched pot that never boils. Might be a fun idea if you want the mod users groaning in delight.
  20. Moderation in excess is a common complaint- and often blamed on robotic marauderators: Moderation is not too small, nor too large, but medium, as medium is not mediocre. Moderation is not too bright, nor too dark, but plain,- or explain. Moderation is not too soft, nor too hard, as the correct assay is unassailable.
  21. Hi, and welcome to Afk! Is there any difference in launching Oblivion before running Wrye Bash? Just to the Ob launch screen and quitting should be enough.
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