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    First #2! Surprising, because of a misplayed FreeCell, which took more than 8 minutes. Actually, the time sucks compared to #1, if I could have avoided expending that 5 minutes or so, it still ends up off #1's score by 10 minutes! How do they do it?
  2. Hi Woody, and welcome! Saddened to hear that part of Nexus has come of its erstwhile highs, and it's super nice to find you here. Yep, hypocritters can be fun, but the novelty wears off too quickly, elitism is practiced by those who aren't, but if there be toxins floating around, leave by the first door! TES gaming is a mixed bug of surprises, fortunately, many of them are pleasant ones, and most of them now have found a new home thanks to the unending years of dedication by the UP teams here.
  3. Glad you got it working. No, that should be fine, as long as all the edits are created and saved into an esp file.
  4. To narrow things down a bit ,were you able to ascertain the condition akNewPackage == TrissHorseFollowerPackage was met with something like MessageBox_Debug?
  5. Hi @zzjay, and welcome to AFK! What kind of package is it? Please post the script- a quest should be set up for this kind of thing to work.
  6. Artic wrektification aside, 21Kiloton's review itself looks to be very much a WIP.
  7. There are some interesting and edgy arrangements in the songs Keely Smith sang- here's a sample:
  8. lmstearn


    First placement for FreeCell Adventure. #3! Yippee!
  9. A potential list of command line options from Scrivener07's research here- some considerable testing required to see if any of them work in the ver 2.0 SSE build:
  10. Apologies, yet another brain fadio- there never was a CK extender, there exists a 10 yr old Beth thread where ShadeMe had considered it. We do now have CK Fixes for SSE, a DLL which presumably runs as well with SKSE as without it.
  11. Does f4SE support the CK from launch thus: Thanks.
  12. Without SkyUI, use Mardoxx but documentation is wanting. With SkyUi, this might a place to begin with, https://github-wiki-see.page/m/schlangster/skyui/wiki/MCM-Quickstart The following requires Visual Studio, and is more up-to-date- have zero experience with it, however, https://github.com/Exit-9B/MCM-Helper
  13. With some vintage tunes of space:
  14. There's also a nice demo (albeit a little micro lag in the sweeps) for the PS VR2 update:
  15. Good one- also worth a mention at this thread:
  16. Also, with FNIS, gremlins can get in, leaving a file in use or even corrupted- not pointing to specific SW but more a set of circumstances. In a few cases, the FNIS Removal Tool can clear things up a little.
  17. Bruckheimer et al with the magic touch do it all again in soundtrack selection in this episode of Cold Case. It concludes with "I'll Walk Alone", last time I heard it was as a kid- here's another version of it:
  18. Thanks Phat, good to know. Found the culprit, OBGE V2, which explains the black window. Weird that it happens at the opening menu, all the same. Good news, it's at Github, so plenty of code on tap to pore through. Or more properly, pour through. Perhaps poor through if it becomes too much a strain and drain. Or, if you are with @Uncus, paw through ... wait - (overcome by nystagmus) - now this puppy is confused ... whoah there (brings himself to heel).
  19. Interesting, did any of the mods in the install have an effect? Tried it without success, there's also a suggestion here the old Switch_To worked- but there might be something else with this rig and setup that is not right. Not using OR if that were a thing. Must have missed this mod, which includes source code. Might be worth a look at, as most of the comments are positive. Also, repeated the old and amusing error of applying the borderless to obse_loader instead of Oblivion, will test tomorrow for any improvement.
  20. On W10, Alt-Tabbing out of windowed borderless Oblivion doesn't get an immediate Dr. Watson as it used to, trying to switch back in mostly cops a black screen of nothing, so it has to be force terminated. Convenient on a multi-monitor system when a Task Manager or similar dialog is waiting on another monitor. This also happens in interior/exterior locations, console mode, and even when switching out of the Load Menu in an older DVD based Oblivion here- for the Steam version, does the overlay ever show when switching back? As to why, one guess is that the game wants a mouse, and can't find one on switch back. Another is the game does not handle a min/max event, so the message has really no place to go, hence the lock-up. Given that these days the game loads much more quickly from an SSD, so it isn't such a big issue to just quit the game in order to do something else. Still, anyone had better luck with it in various mod combinations or different ini settings? Thanks.
  21. Hi Miguel, Odds on there was a problem with the windows Tile DB some time before, when Total War install tried to make a shortcut, other problems showed up as well. Try this: https://community.spiceworks.com/how_to/125068-how-to-fix-your-windows-10-start-menu-reset-tile-database There's also this: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/9a8db2e9-9c31-4b69-9df0-903ef62f9686/reset-start-menu-back-to-default?forum=win10itprosetup Good luck!
  22. Thanks for the heads up, wasn't sure at all of what was happening over there. If looking for a bit of coin, something more like a donation wail on the mod page, with a catchy refrain such as: Well, it's up to them I guess.
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