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  1. Ethereal or transparent books might work well, arranged in shapes of magical symbols suspended in mid air. Well, fake or joke books, when opened, contain useless boost/hit/magical surprise bon bons with nonsense fortunes attached. Nothing related, of course, to the well known so termed FakeBook,, aka likeBook/unlikeBook.
  2. How about some joke sayings for "fake" books like: If you can teach a man to fish, you can lead a horse to water. A stitch in time is worth two in the bush. A drowning man will clutch at a needle in a haystact. A journey of a thousand steps is better late than never. Fortune favours the watched pot that never boils. Might be a fun idea if you want the mod users groaning in delight.
  3. Moderation in excess is a common complaint- and often blamed on robotic marauderators: Moderation is not too small, nor too large, but medium, as medium is not mediocre. Moderation is not too bright, nor too dark, but plain,- or explain. Moderation is not too soft, nor too hard, as the correct assay is unassailable.
  4. Hi, and welcome to Afk! Is there any difference in launching Oblivion before running Wrye Bash? Just to the Ob launch screen and quitting should be enough.
  5. Hey Pseron, Is that the Pat O'Brien from Angels or someone else? He sure goes way back- there's a mention in this 1967 Life issue- (where's that old Google-fu when you want it?) What a great shame about the forums- so the funding for the bargain basement RC drones has been pulled, and everything else there along with them assigned to the bitbucket. Did it have to end that way?
  6. Bad luck! Skyrim is the kind of game that can be immersive to the extent that tasks such as the regular perusal of Papyrus logs pass us by without a second thought. The Beth helpdesk would, of course appreciate the follow up, knowing that as with the Official releases, there's sure to be an enormous checklist, and the omission of the smallest detail can set the whole thing off kilter.
  7. The only issue might be any contracts Zenimax signed off on the use of 3rd party commercial libraries. If they just released the C++ code, it would be still a fair job to marshal in all the required functions from open source to fit.
  8. How about a thread entitled "Mods recommended for save game stability" with a table of mods with a poll on each (yes/no/don't know). That way, a mod author doesn't get tarred with "bad", rather, players know they can trial a questionable mod without compromising the save.
  9. A good guide on WB is Oooii's. The video is setting up Northern UI? It's incompatible with many other UI mods- perhaps someone in the Northern UI thread might know more.
  10. Microsoft might be a friend to those who wish to subscribe to Game Pass, but not so much to those who wish to play Beth games with extenders and replacers. See this announcement. For those who wish to play the older Beth games, it's definitely better and cheaper to be using the native PC versions. For other games, who knows? A few might work well,- for the others, a quick trawl got these: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/370421/cant-install-or-uninstall-the-surge-2-in-xbox-game-pass https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/369791/error-0x800704c6-on-updating-reinstal
  11. What Sclero said in that thread is interesting as well. Was there more than one dragon script running when the game was saved? Perhaps one script has the number of items in the dragon's inventory different to another script. Or something wrong with the item flags. An option is to shoot the moon with console commands on the dragon's inventory Adding stuff, removing stuff, see if the game does something weird, or worse.
  12. Another period piece: and a very clever arrangement:
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