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  1. Just wondering about the Fomod handling. Is there an upper limit on the size of archive Bash can handle? I have a couple of large Fomod archives, around 500Mb compressed and 2Gb uncompressed that Bash won't recognize as having fomod installers.
  2. You must have accidentally clicked on the name heading. The next field over is the load order heading. Click on that. It should fix your problem. When you click on one of the headings, you change the sort order of the list to use that column's info.
  3. Thanks for the info. I sort of suspected this sort of thing. I fixed the problem in likely a dangerous way, using Fallrim Tools to delete the script and its instances. So far it has worked, though of course, I take complete responsibility for any problems that may crop up.
  4. My game log file has been overrun by this message: [08/27/2018 - 06:28:55PM] Error: Object reference has no 3D stack: [ (0001E68C)].Sound.Play() - "<native>" Line ? [ (000B77B9)].fxDustDropRandomSCRIPT.OnLoad() - "<savegame>" Line ? I've tried to track it down, and found out that USSEP overrides the base game's version of this script. I've also found out that the sound effect attached to the object is tagged as mono. Could that be the source of the error? Thanks

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