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  1. Not sure! Totally forgot about it. It's probably on a backup disk somewhere.
  2. Modsmith Modsmith is an automated framework for building and packaging redistributable mods. Features Automatically packages Kingdom Come: Deliverance v1.3+ mods for distribution Merges modified XML tables with vanilla XML tables at package time Generates zero-byte TBL files as needed at package time Binaries https://www.nexusmods.com/kingdomcomedeliverance/mods/431 Source Code https://github.com/fireundubh/modsmith
  3. I haven't tested other games, but it looks like the issue was limited to a single version number. The steps to reproduce that issue got that version number into a bad state, which broke file uploading and versioning for that version number. I'd bet that issue can be reproduced with any game. So, yeah, don't make the mistake of entering the version of an old file when uploading a new file.
  4. No idea. It might have something to do with the .manifest file.
  5. When I upload a file with a certain structure, that structure is changed in the file that you download. When I preview the file contents on the Nexus: So, the new Nexus site backend appears to be messing with the contents of files. Also, don't make the mistake of entering the version of an old file when uploading a new file.
  6. @Utumno Did you see my earlier posts? I already looked.
  7. For me, Fallout 4 appears on a second screen, so I'm not sure what's up with your screenshot. As an aside, it's kind of silly that Wrye Bash needs to be installed into each game directory. Some work should be done so that's not a requirement. xEdit has a similar problem in that you have to rename the binary for each game.
  8. I just built the 150-fo3-fnv-support branch (307.201803041642). I don't see any issues with the installer. There are no issues in the NSIS installer either. Going back to playing Kingdom Come.
  9. Yeah, the game is huge. Speaking anecdotally, the world is larger than Skyrim, and there's a lot more meaningful content and conversational depth. Skyrim is basically an action RPG relative to Kingdom Come. I'd say the game is larger than Fallout 4 as well, but that game is 100 GB (!) with all the DLCs. That said, the episodes you're referencing are probably the free DLCs. Experiences vary with regard to bugs. I haven't encountered any game-breaking bugs, but there's a lot of TES-style jank. Plenty of YT videos showing humorous reactions to bugs. If I were you, I'd go ahead and play right now. I've been wanting to play, but I'm stuck trying to get more than $1/month via Patreon. It pays for the domain name at least.
  10. I'm working on comprehensive scripting/modding documentation for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Not sure if anyone here made it over to that game, but if you're interested, here's the link: wiki.fireundubh.com/kingdomcome.
  11. In the Kingdom Come Nexus, it seems my mods are frequent targets of people wanting permission to merge, derive, or clone them—and upload them as wholly separate mods. I feel that merged, derived, and cloned mods detract from the source mods, so I don't support this at all and do not grant permission. Am I wrong?
  12. That's some wall of text, alt3rn1ty. I honestly had forgotten all about this conversation until the forum pinged me. I'm not sure why you want to take credit for the tangent, but okay, you can have it. Whatever. Also, I think the "knight protector" dig was a gross exaggeration. I wasn't waging war. I was clarifying that MO, which also means MO2, is an active project. /shrug
  13. Windows 10 is technically a fork of Windows 8 and was originally planned as a Windows 8 update codenamed Threshhold. In any case, my chart was about what things are called, not their development histories. Mod Organizer (MO) is the name of both MO1 and MO2. We use "MO" generally, and "MO1" and "MO2" when we need more granularity. Only reason why I brought up MO not being abandoned was because I know you have a strong bias against MO (perhaps only MO1 now that I think about it), so I just wanted to make clear to anyone lurking that MO, via MO2, is still alive and kicking. There are something like 400+ people on average in the ModOrganizerDevs Discord server. There's also a beta virtual file system in the #builds channel that prevents MO from moving edited plugins to the overwrite folder, which makes xEdit modding much less tedious. Hmm, now that Tannin has moved on, I wonder if I can get in a fix for the totally useless conflicts system he implemented.
  14. Open source projects have occupants called contributors, and as long as they call that project home, that house will never be abandoned. Tannin retired from MO1. That does not mean MO is abandoned (i.e., empty, no one home, dilapidated, no longer maintained.) Saying MO is abandoned because MO1 was forked to MO2 is like saying a kingdom is abandoned when the prince takes over from the deposed king. A kingdom evolves with a change in leadership just as an open source project evolves with a change in leadership. But, on reflection, perhaps we're talking about different things. This is how I see things: So, when you say "MO is abandoned," it is most certainly not because MO2 is an active project. MO2 superseded MO1, but "Mod Organizer" (MO) now refers primarily to MO2. You'll note all of MO2's documentation refers to MO2 as Mod Organizer, MO2's splash screen still says "Mod Organizer," and MO2's titlebar and About window product name remains "Mod Organizer" albeit suffixed with the version number "v2.1.1." The assembly name is also still ModOrganizer.exe. MO1 is Mod Organizer. MO2 is Mod Organizer. Both are Mod Organizer, which is why, in the ModOrganizerDevs Discord channel, everyone distinguishes between "MO1" and "MO2" rather than just saying "MO" when the distinction is necessary. And when you say "Fallout 4," you could mean any version of FO4, which is why it is important (for developers, testers, and sometimes modders) to ask, "Which version?" Same deal with Windows. As an aside, we are so off-topic.
  15. A house can be abandoned only when there are no occupants. Whether the builder of that house remains is not relevant to the state of the house. That the house was furnished and upgraded does not make the house a different house. It is a house with additions. Fallout 4 v1.5 and Fallout 4 v1.7 are not two different games; they are both Fallout 4. Ugh, you're impossible. I don't know why I bother.
  16. Is a house abandoned when the builders move on to the next development, or is a house abandoned when there are no occupants? Tannin built a house and moved on, but the house remains occupied by residents who have since added on to it.
  17. TESV and SSE are different versions of the same game, and TESV is no longer being updated, but we don't say Skyrim has been abandoned. We also wouldn't say TESV has been abandoned because there's a huge community of modders still working on it.
  18. I thought you meant MO itself was abandoned, as in not being worked on by anybody and not receiving updates. Tannin may have started the project, but open source projects can have many different lead maintainers over their lifetimes. MO2 is a fork of MO, but that's a conceit of how GitHub works. MO2 is MO albeit in the hands of a different lead maintainer with a more open approach to community contributions. My two cents.
  19. From what Arthmoor is saying, Vortex doesn't sound too great. More frustrating Tannin decisions. Not really surprised. Also not sure why @alt3rn1ty said Mod Organizer is abandoned. It is open source, getting updates, and now fully works for me.
  20. Hmm, I ran some quick tests in xEdit on SSE and FO4 ESMs. From what I've tested, CELL and WRLD have nonzero Form Versions.
  21. No, don't expect parity; the Form Version can differ between records. The TES4 header record is really just another record. I wrote a rough Python script for how to read the Form Version for records in groups: find_form_version.py. It does not iterate through records or groups, so you'll need to implement that yourself however you want to do that in Wrye Bash. edit: Updated the script to iterate through groups and records, except CELL and WRLD, which I skipped simply because they require a bit more work than I intended to put into this. CELL and WRLD groups contain multiple levels of groups, so the script currently fails to parse those records. On the plus side, the script now logs the Form ID for each record, in addition to the Signature and Form Version, so you can open up a plugin in a hex editor and see the data structures yourself. edit 2: Wrote a third version that exports record metadata from all ESM/ESP files in a directory to JSON. It also uses struct.unpack and skips DIAL records, too. https://gist.github.com/fireundubh/af0994cb65ffb26d0810ee213a3b46fb Game: Tested on only SSE plugins Version: Tested on Python 3.6.4 Libraries: io, json, os, pathlib, struct, collections.defaultdict Helpful Resources: https://docs.python.org/3/library/struct.html https://docs.python.org/3/library/io.html https://www.devdungeon.com/content/working-binary-data-python
  22. I recommend SmartGit. It's free for personal use. Steeper learning curve than SourceTree but far more polished and flexible. All Git clients are lightweight relative to Git itself. AstroGrep and Agent Ransack are excellent in-file search programs. AstroGrep is less featureful but open source. I use both. RegEx101 is the best visual RegEx debugger I've used.
  23. This is what writing 89 terminal menu scripts in 16 seconds looks like:
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