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  1. The old Bethesda Forums were scheduled to go offline Feb 17 but that has been extended to March 9. There should be a notification on Bethesda.net and the old forums.
  2. Because as I already mentioned the Bethesda forums are being taken down. Now as to what I was asking bout, again I said don't tell me that it's just there. I do not see it or anything at all. I get a calendar and that's it. There is nothing to click on that takes me to any sort of content. I am asking for assistance to preserve the forums if possible so if you know how to capture all this with the wayback machine then do it. If it's like you say, all automatic then we are going to loose the forums entirely. Go to the forums on the wayback and look for this page specifically. Look for post BAIN Mod Installation Projects on page 30. Then also for Nehrim and Mods II on page 115. Those posts I have archived so I don't need them they are just an example.
  3. @Arthmoor If you have any links you think would be good to preserve, leave them here. No list is too long. I can sort through the HTML later and organize the information or the links at a later time. For now I just need to capture the information. it takes only a few seconds to capture each page and if the post has 4 pages I get all 4 at once. I just don't know where to look.
  4. All I ever see is a calendar so if you know where to go just do it rather then try to tell me how. I'm working on my own methods with a program that hooks into my browser to record the html as I view the page.
  5. @Leonardo Acording to Arthmoor he mentioned they have a procedure to block what the Wayback Machine does. I'll give it to you but I fear it will not work. I have been looking for any posts I feel has good information in it and keeping them. I won't be able to keep all the RELz posts for those who host links still active for sites not on the nexus and preserve that but I don't know how I am going to capture and organize everything. I especially don't want all the whining and CTD posts or any other garbage posts but the forums will come down in more like weeks rather then months With the state of IBP software and all the customization and plugins they have it would be far more work then we would realize to keep them up and they have had two issues recently within the last few weeks so the time has come. Even if I don't want it to. So if you have links somewhere post them here so I can visit them. Keep in mind I already any of the popular ones. Especially if someone like Psymon posted it. The main start of the forums is here though. From there you can choose Elder Scrolls and then any of it's subboards. Elder Scrolls Oblivion Morrowind Skyrim Fallout if you are interested
  6. Then I found a few mod lists with links to dark creations, that's gone I can see.
  7. @Leonardo I don't know how to do it or if it is a function or feature. However, Bethesda may consider taking down the old Bethesda forums for good. Mostly for security concerns. Because of that if there is a way to get the Wayback Machine, despite my previous comments, to start archiving the Bethesda site now would be a good time. The time frame could be weeks rather then months. I don't see a way to make it pull or crawl the entire Bethesda site to try and capture it all.
  8. @alt3rn1ty I added Emma's and Canadian Ice even though it's scheduled to go down as of a year ago. I have links to the popular mods that are on MMH. @Leonardo I addressed the official file you mentioned, it's now an unofficial patch.
  9. @alt3rn1ty Is that all she had? Because I thought there was a mod list and stuff. TESIVPositive or something. If I try to go to the old link it takes me to some spam site. From Psymons thread
  10. Since @FelesNoctis has done such a good job on the documentation, which may still need some updating, there is no reason to have two sites for documentation. However, I need a resource to add things I find important about Wrye Bash. That could be functions not mentioned in the docs or explanations because what is in the documentation is that that clear. I am still working on what I want and in the end if there is too much modding information and not enough about Wrye Bash I may have to address that by splitting them up and making a modding wiki. Right now everything is in very early stages. For certain I am not trying to replace sites like TAL, TESNexus, the Nexus, the CK Wiki, or UESP Wiki. This thread is mostly just for discussing things. What things I don't know yet. I'll be honest I am making new decisions as I go. As I will mention below most of the reports for changes or issues should be made on the Wiki GitHub tracker. One goal I do have however is to preserve some of the Bethesda posts and their information. As I do so I will link to the Bethesda post as the source in the credits. Once I have integrated the links into a page on the wiki you can consider those posts obsolete. If there was good information in a link to that post that links to a dead domain then I did not preserve the entry and or the dead link. I will not be linking to any Wayback Machine or web archive links such as archive.gamedev.net. A secondary goal I have is to verify every link and provide only links that are active and that don't look like a virus ridden haven for data mining. I may have a few sites that look somewhat questionable but only when I feel if it looks somewhat legitimate. If you need to communicate about a link you can provide feedback here. Please keep the feedback constructive. Any decisions I make in regards to any feedback may not be final however, I also may not want to deal with it depending on the request itself. The Wiki can be found at this link: Wrye Bash Wiki The GitHub tracker for reporting issues is here: GitHub Issue Tracker One feature I would like to share with you is that the site is made entirely from Wrye Text a form of converting text to HTML that Wrye used for Wryemusings. The download comes with a sample document and an optional Python script you can use to convert your text document to HTML and see approximately what it would look like on the site. With that I do not take CSS and HTML submissions. Everything should conform to the Wrye Text standard as that is how I will be building all the pages. I am open to some suggestions but I do not want the Wrye Text to be expanded on so that it becomes another form of HTML. It is meant to be simple enough that anyone can understand the format and provide Wrye Bash related or modding related information to share with others. Please do not use CSS or HTML when you submit your text document as I will have to remove it unless it's basic enough. Things for sure that would not be allowed is Font Size changes. For more information visit the Contribute: Generate Wiki pages from Text Files portion section of the wiki.
  11. @pendraggon Installing with the EXE installer is best but it is not fool proof. Computers still need some human to do the thinking for them. So what you need to do is go to the control panel and see if there is a Wrye Bash uninstall option first. You are not required to have one. You may not have one at all, i don't know I'm not at your computer. However, you need to look. If it's there uninstall Wrye Bash entirely. That is not going to be complete though. You still need to go to each game folder you have and look for a "Mopy" folder. Delete all the Mopy folder you find in all the game folder you use Wrye Bash with. There are 0 (Zero) settings or important information in them except maybe the "Apps" folder if you put any shortcuts in there. Otherwise delete the folder. Don't keep any files at all especially loot.dll or loot_api.dll. There is nothing you should be keeping. NOTE: I have not said to reinstall Wrye Bash yet. After you do that I would recommend running each game from steam to open the game launcher at least once. After you have done that then Steam should have configured your system so that Wrye bash can find your game when you run it. After you run the game launcher for every game you use Wrye Bash with then use the EXE installer, or you can manually unpack the Standalone EXE. I suggest the EXE installer.Then as as @Infernio already mentioned you need to download 307.202001111430. It is the Windows 7 version. That version does not require a specific version of windows. If for some reason it doesn't work for you then you would need to get my alternative version but you would need 307.202001101603 because it is windows specific and it's for Windows 7. I have a windows 10 version but that doesn't apply to you. Be sure to get the one for windows 7 and it tells you that in the description. Do all the things I mention in the order I mention them though please.
  12. I wouldn't need any information on that. The answer is no. Morrowind doesn't use FormIDs. So none of the creation kits would work because they all use FormIDs. I have the Creation Set for Morrowind so all I have to do is apply the patch. I will look into changing the link in the "Official" section that @Leonardo mentioned.
  13. @alt3rn1tyThanks I'll check those out @Leonardo the link to Comprehensive Tutorial and Useful Link List is one source for that section. That post is full of broken links or dead domains that lead to just Spam sites. So I have use any links that are still active but NOT links to the wayback machine. I am not as paranoid of security as some and even I am scared of going to that site. As I mentioned that page so far, all the links are verified and usable and do not link to some sketchy web site. In fact I noticed a few links in another post I used as a source duplicated some things in that post and I had to reorganize things and remove some duplicate information. About the only thing I have not done is scour those sites for which tutorials are really just worthless compared to others. That's not something I am prepared to do at the moment. Lastly this isn't intended to replace the UESP Wiki or TAL or TES because I mostly want it to be about Wrye Bash. You are not saying that but just keep that in mind. However, preserving the Bethesda posts is also important to me. Things may get to the point where I feel I need to separate the Wrye Bash wiki into parts. There may come a time when it's less about Wrye Bash and more about modding. However, for now I'm just throwing things together and seeing what works and what doesn't. I am also coming up with ways to use the Bethesda posts in the text. The biggest challenge I have so far is learning the Python library Beautiful Soup to get the information I need. So far I can narrow it down to the post itself but I can't seem to parse the post for text and links only. I's quite a challenge. The best I have been able to do is export the post in HTML that I can strip down to text and links and the regex the links. I hope to automate the process a bit more.
  14. @Leonardo also have you seen some of the links in my morrowind section? I have been finding all kinds of sites I never heard of trying to find links to things.
  15. Other then at this link, is this hosted on the regular site rather then from wayback. Fliggerty's Morrowind Scripting Wiki @Leonardo
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