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  1. @Sharlikran Could you finish one way or another the issue you posted for Paint.NET DDS Plugin

    The plugin has one remaining issue, waiting since 2017 for your input. Otherwise I think it has no issues currently


  2. It only effects certain people. From what I understand when there is a space somewhere in the path.
  3. @Malonn Lojack started it but it's far from what it would need to be. Another user was going to work on it but stopped mid way. Nothing more has been done about that, that I am aware of. Even if I experimented with it, I wouldn't until I could upgrade wxPython to something that 3.x uses. Pretty much 4.x until I would try it. I'd be shooting in the dark though.
  4. @Langeston Okay updated my version to include the fix for the temp folder. It should work and provide you the updated ESL support and it shouldn't error when using a 7zip archive to install a mod. I am still seeing glitchy BAIN installs which is odd because I use the FOMOD code that the original author and Ganda updated. I don't quite know what's going on as I haven't touched that part of the code. You may find the need to use install missing or Anneal until that's all investigated. There may be a regression somewhere else.
  5. Yes that is the version I have been working on to have improved ESL support. It should work fine for most people as it has most of the code the official version does. The new one is linked below but it only fixes an issue if you have a space in your temp folder. Otherwise it's probably not needed for most people.
  6. @Langeston Mine does not have the fix for the space in the temp folder because it was being worked on. So if you don't need any FOMOD support BUT you do need the ESL support, then I'll post a new version with Utumno's fix. Utumno will have an updated official version once I have time to revise some things for him. However, I have communicated it may be a while before I can do that. He also made me a slave to interactive rebasing so I get pretty picky abut how it's done. I may not do all the Git things he may want but some are just too much a part of my process now. So I prefer to do it.
  7. I won't have time to set up tests or minimal installers but commit d2482ed breaks non FOMOD installers. In short I can't get the BA2/BSA or the plugin to install consistently whether or not it's a FOMOD installer or non FOMOD installer. Also commit 176991c doesn't resolve the 7zip issue. It is the commit that introduces the regression for 7zip. So for now I'll be sticking to my version (which has the FOMOD support without the tweaks) until after the holidays. As I mentioned I'd rather focus on family right now anyway. However, it looks like Elminster is making more progress with TES3Edit so I may get sucked into that.
  8. Correct, 307.2018 10 22 1913 has the ESL support the community asked about on the Nexus. However, it doesn't have the additional updates that Utumno (the current maintainer) has made. I usually only contribute record definitions. I added all the additional game modes (Skyrim, FNV, FO4,) with help from Valda and an old contributor Lojack. Originally there was just Oblivion and the original 13 records that were defined for Skyrim. Lojack helped with VMAD and it needs updated. I am usually the impatient one and want the tangible features (patchers) working. So I experimented with the patchers several years back and posted about it on the old Bethesda forums. CptMcSplody recently made some patcher updates which smoothed things out so the patchers I was experimenting with work better for Skyrim now. I also added the ESL support and made some other various updates. That's why the versions are different. The official ones are what Utumno has been linking. If you have bugs or he needs testing you will need to use his versions. I was working with his new code he updated to get things better in sync but it appears there are some differences of opinion that might cause an issue. To prevent any further issues or discontent I'm gonna take a break from things while I work out some details. Thought I'd mention it so there wasn't any confusion. Plus it's the holidays still until after the new year so probably best for me to focus on family anyway.
  9. @Vermis This has been asked before here and on the nexus. Run LOOT.
  10. As mentioned in the sticky posts on the Nexus we don't use NMM, MO2, or Vortex. It isn't that we are unwilling to help, I really don't know how to help configure a program we have never used.
  11. The reason i asked is because the author of this mod said that Wrye bash doesn't see strings files. I downloaded it and installed it and it is correct. Refer to my previous post as I used official tools to rebuild all files and that did not resolve the error. The authors mod will reproduce the issue.
  12. @Utumno I know you have not had much time to work on things but someone reported that the strings files can't be found for a mod. So I tested it and I rebuilt the strings files and the archive and it still couldn't find them. And I use the official tools. The BA2 is formatted as "Name Name - Main.ba2" exactly like that. There is not a specific file that people use in other words people normally don't break up the archives into textures and interface and then main for the rest. How does wrye-bash look for the strings files for Skyrim, Skyrim SE, Fallout 4?
  13. Please read the docs. We have no control over system issues. For over 6 years all tool authors, including xEdit and LOOT say don't install in Program files.
  14. The stable build is the one from the second post. There haven't been other updates to the back end of things except for some experimentation with ESL flagged files. Nothing official.
  15. @ghastley This was just asked and answered in the Skyrim comments section. Run LOOT.

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