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    gameboytj reacted to zilav in [Fallout 3] Windows 7 x64   
    NVAC is essential and must have in fallouts. Unlike Oblivion's crash "fixer" which was simply suppressing exceptions without actually fixing anything, NVAC does fix shortcomings in the code and let the game crash in case of real errors.
    I tried to play almost vanilla New Vegas and got infinite loading screens which prevented me from advancing in the game. Installing NVAC fixed that and I was able to finish the game. Then I modded it and played once again without any issues too. So I can personally recommend from my own firsthands experience to use it.
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    gameboytj reacted to Arthmoor in Creation Club   
    That's Youtube for you. The blind following the blind.
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    gameboytj reacted to Kesta in [FO4] Mipmaps coruption and loose files textures correlation ?   
    Sorry if the title of the topic sounds alarming, this is definitely not the goal. 
    I just came back after a few months of being mostly afk (and before that, I was on SSE...). I just reinstalled FO4 last weekend, and since I spent my gaming time benchmarking performances configurations, INI settings, and getting a simple base working with just a few UI mods and some in-esp tweaks. Everything went well, zero issues, I was quite happy.
    Then, I started an actual playthrough yesterday night and thought "Baah, might as well throw in a new weapon for fun", so I installed the Walther P99. Once done, I start playing, exit vault 101, go in sanctuary, begin to scrap stuffs... and notice that the old mipmap corruption glitch is still here (I encountered it often when I was playing and overloading my load order), while it was gone since the beginning of the week:

    Yes, it's just the mipmap. Getting close to the mailbox turn it back into an actual mailbox with proper rusty texture. Getting away result in the same fancy corruption.
    So it got me thinking... since this is the first addition to the setup that come with textures and materials as loose files, could there be a correlation between the two ? I know that mipmap management is tightly linked to ba2. Even if it doesn't seem to make much sense (though a few month working in the software industry taught me that nothing is actually a linear logic like modding seems to be at the first glance). 
    That said, even if there was no loose files previously, I still had the relevant INI tweaks. I know this visual glitch isn't 100% reproductible, so it's possible that this is pure coincidence... this is what I'm trying to find out.
    I'm mostly thinking about the engine trying to "cache" the loose textures to compensate the absence of the .ba2 format one way or the other, and resulting in some corruption, despite the loose textures being completely unrelated to the corrupted ones.
    Have anyone noticed a correlation between the frequency / intensity of mimap corruption and the usage of loose files ? (Or any specific INI settings ?)
    I used to think it was mostly due to the amount of VRAM usage, because when it used to happens when I installed a lot of textures mods... but then again, those were loose textures back then. I doubt my VRAM is overloaded in any way after 5 minutes outside of the vault and a vanilla visual setup. (I only have 2Go... no crazy amount, but should be enough).
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    gameboytj reacted to Arthmoor in Issues with random encounters   
    Well that would explain several reports that should be in the tracker about various random encounters simply shutting down and the triggers never resetting. One fix may well wipe out several reported bugs.
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    gameboytj reacted to Relight in Settlemet Raids - Not exactly a "bug" but ...   
    It would be great if the script would prevent two settlements from being attacked at the same time. This happened to me and I was in Far Harbor at the time. I knew there was no way I could make it to both in time, so I had to choose which one to defend.
    In general it's a hated, illogical aspect of gameplay, and I'll probably eventually look for one the mods to completely stop settlements from being attacked. Besides the defensive abilities of settlements mentioned in this thread, I see roving bands of my Minutemen all the time, yet they can never respond when a settlement is attacked? As the leader of the Minutemen, for some reason I have to personally respond to every single attack myself? I was hoping attacks would be turned off when I'm "off the map" in Nuka World or Far Harbor, but no... How does that news even reach me?!
    I get the gameplay aspect of the system, but they really should have had Preston ask you something like, "If we hear about an attack, should we send out the closest Minutemen or notify you personally?" And of course you could go back to him at any time and change your choice. That would have allowed the player who wants to constantly interrupt their questing to help settlements to do so, and allow the rest of us to get on with the game.
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    gameboytj reacted to Ceano in Abernathy Farm and UFO4 Beta 1.0.6   
    Well all settlements quest should be open so you can do them without Preston's involvement, as in vanilla game...you should not be forced to join a faction to do those.
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    gameboytj reacted to kawaksallas in Abernathy Farm and UFO4 Beta 1.0.6   
    Arth, please note that the point of my bug report was stopping preston to give random radiant quests even if you decline the offer to join the minutemen. You know, when you pass by him in Sanctuary and he comments that "a settlement needs our help, I'll mark on your map" AND if you do any settlement quest AFTER saying no to the invite, the last objective being "Talk to Preston Garvey"
    Originally, even if you don't meet Preston at all, you can do any settlement quest by your own.
    It was never my idea to lock the player out of the settlement system unless you join the minutemen, wich seems the course your fix is pointing at (however I did graygargen and it worked fine)
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    gameboytj reacted to Arthmoor in Settlemet Raids - Not exactly a "bug" but ...   
    We get that a lot from people who don't like to hear the harsh truth of things. Sorry that we don't play the political correctness cards here.
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    gameboytj reacted to thelonewanderer in Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch (UFO4P) takes an arrow in the knee.   
    Arthmoor & team, please don't give up on the UFO4P just yet! Beth has fixed some of the engine bugs or at least confirmed and promised a fix in one of the next official patches (Weapons Dropped / Mesh overrides).
    I don't see how they could just ignore this latest issue, especially now that they are expanding the mod audience to the consoles (i.e. depending on a vibrant modding community). Given the  UFO4Ps popularity, it should be in their very own interest to ensure that this gets addressed quickly. Here's hoping that they'll listen...
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    gameboytj reacted to bluedanieru in [RELz/WIPz] Unofficial Dawnguard Patch   
    The Soul Trap fix in USKP was not applied to the Soul Tear shout in UDGP. Since USKP replaces magicSoulTrapFXScript, and adds new properties, this is going to be a problem. Probably enough to warrant a hotfix, IMO.
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    gameboytj reacted to Hana in Fine Shoes/Mages Gloves makes feets/hands invisible   
    What armor/clothes are you trying to wear them with?
    The new mage gloves added in USKP 2.0.0 were specifically made to work with Mage outfits, and that's all we guarantee it will work for. I've tested them and they work perfect.
    Fine boots have been fixed for a long time now, and work perfectly with the Fine clothes. Again, we make no guarantees it will work for other armor/clothing. It will cause the symptoms you're seeing if worn with incompatible armor/clothing, which is what the boots were doing originally before the fix.
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