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  1. I havent updated Fallout 4 yet because im worried the update will break mods (not just F4SE ones) Do mods need to be rebuilt if fallout 4 get's patched?
  2. What can i pack into Archives?

    I know i can do  Textures and Meshes no problem.

    But i wonder, is it safe to archive Script Extender based mods?

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    2. gameboytj


      Is it ok to archive audio files and compress that?

    3. MadCat221


      I think the audio files are among the things you can't compress, IIRC.

    4. gameboytj


      So just only textures and meshes then?

  3. Holy lord, the comments on the video on youtube are fucking brutal! D:
  4. Would they fix their games more often if we have this CC program? That would be nice. doubt it though Also in my personal opinion, a mod shouldnt cost money unless it is of high quality. (and meaty in content) Im going to stay with free mods, but if there is a paid mod that is worth it, i "might" consider getting it. But if i make mods myself im just going to have them all be free.
  5. @chaoswarrior Yeah i have that encounter too. It refuses to reset. I have 2 others that dont want to reset either: the settler that tells you about the lowkowski cannery bad meat, he wont despawn when i leave. And the other one where they bury someone who died, his grave is permenant and doesnt get replaced by a new encounter. I also have Art vs Art, but instead of being a one time encounter, it just repeats. So if the Real Art dies, he just respawns as if he never died in the first place... Also if you kill synth art, your companions will hate that -_- even if they are hostile...
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/app/377160/discussions/?fp=2

    *rolls eyes* Again with the fanboys... Saying Ryzen would get you little to no performance gain...

  7. Nvm, still there... I wasted my time... I'm f***ing stupid for thinking the game will work (the game is pure vanilla too)
  8. Does it fix the bug? O_O IT WOULD BE PERFECT IF IT DOES! I REALLY HOPE IT DOES *so much hype right now*
  9. I hope so, but i heard a rumor that F4SE 0.3.1 could potentially get rid of it... Unlikely but you never know. Guess only time can tell
    1. gameboytj


      ... One of them said UFO4P causes more issues than fixes... :\ This guy for real?

    2. Arthmoor


      Ignore them. They know nothing of what they speak. Their games are broken already and they're just looking for someone to blame other than themselves.

  10. Well it looks like the chat room is gone forever now...

    Wonder if we will get a new one?

    1. MadCat221


      We have a Discord server now...

  11. Regarding Fallout 4, what would happen if i disable the season pass but still have all 6 DLC loaded?

    What if there is a glitch with the season pass that's causing rainbow textures? (doubt it)

    1. MadCat221


      If the modules are all still activated according to a mod manager... nothing.

    2. gameboytj
  12. Are you sure its a VRAM cap? My GPU has 8GB and i still get it.
  13. RX 480 (8GB version) @ stock clock speed. I'm not using any loose files and i get these.
  14. AHA! So you do have the infamous rainbow texture bug too! So it's apparently Mipmap related then?
  15. Bethesda hates me...


  16. You wont get any additional protection if your resistance is capped. By default it's capped at 80% damage reduction. But you can help reduce it further with blocking.
  17. It wont. Bethesda stopped fixing bugs since i think Fallout 4 1.5 and Skyrim SE 1.3 All they care about doing is "fixing" the ingame mod menu and nothing else so far It takes years to fix 1 engine bug and you need a programmer to make the fix into a mod. (which mostly likely requires the script extender or some other 3rd party method)
  18. Yeah that is what happens in my game, sometimes a random encounter zone glitches up and doesn't clean up properly, or stays empty and desolate no matter what, even if i wait for a cell reset.
  19. Try setting your files and folders as exclusions so avast wont scan them. That's what i did.
  20. Im using a mod where i can control raid chance, the mod changes it from 2% to 25% but i changed it to 0% *snarky laugh*
  21. There is one settlement where you can say "i'm not with the minutemen but i am here to help" So you can help some settlements as a pure independant.
  22. The radio beacon still recruits settlers but you can't turn the beacon off. Even if you delete the beacon it still runs the radio station And the happiness meter is glitched, so all it does now is show happiness in 10 digits. so pretty much 10 20 30 40 50 etc. and the up/down arrow doesn't show up until after happiness changes.
  23. THis is unlikely but its possible a ghoul could have spawned inside a building and can't see you or danse so it wont agro.
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