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  1. Skip processing injected records, they serve as masterless intercommunication between plugins if IsInjected(record) then ... Or you need to add as masters both the plugin injected record comes from (if it uses any links to that plugin which is usually the case for injected records) and plugin it is injected into.
  2. Google "4gb patch Oblivion", there are plenty of guides. 1) Patch GOG version only (or is it already patched? Don't have GOG version myself to check). Steam version needs to be unpacked first (remove DRM), then patch, but Steam can redownload original exe any moment. So just use GOG. 2) Patch exe only, not DLLs.
  3. Tips for god sake can be turned off after the first launch forever if you check the option to not show them anymore.
  4. x64 version for cases when you run out of memory with x86 one, otherwise there is no reason to use it (slower). I can answer questions here, however in xEdit Discord there are at least a dozen of people who can answer too, so the chances to get support in shorter time are better there.
  5. You obviously have better chances asking the author of that script. However elements in xEdit can be addressed by signature only if present, so simply DATA should be enough.
  6. FO3 and FNV also had the same problem as Oblivion with BSAs overriding, however turned out that the engine supports this just fine as in Skyrim and later games afaik, this feature is simply disabled by default and has to be enabled via script extender plugin. So your best bet is to contact any remaining active programmers who develop OBSE plugins and ask to check that up, maybe it is the same case here.
  7. Array indices are not displayed because they can be different for different columns, the row labels change based on the currently selected column. That is As Designed. Edge links on their own are irrelevant. Only edge links that are used in triangles are relevant. PS: Join xEdit discord, this thread is discontinued.
  8. This is an error in the script itself which should be fixed, and this script is not included with tes5edit. None of bundled xEdit scripts do that.
  9. No, different CRC is probably an upload error when different builds ended up on Nexus under the same version. You should be getting the latest builds right from xEdit discord anyway if you want to be up to date.
  10. Then need to recheck older games because the last time I heard extension doesn't matter in FO3 and FNV.
  11. .esm extensions sets ESM flag in SSE and FO4 only, they are the only games that look at the extension at all. Older games don't care about extensions and check the header flags only.
  12. Everything works the same. Don't use x64 version unless you hit the out of memory error in x86 version. Hardcoded files are embedded into executable, however xEdit will still load the external ones if present. But keep in mind that embedded versions are newer than the external ones from older xEdit.
  13. if EditorID( LinksTo( ElementByName( ElementByName( ElementByName(e, 'Cell'), 'Worldspace' ) ) ) ) <> 'Tamriel' then Exit;
  14. Please open new issue at https://github.com/TES5Edit/TES5Edit/issues
  15. Yes. It is in TNAM subrecord iirc.

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