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  1. Version 1.2f


    This mod will add perks to vanilla and DLC's followers accordingly with their original fight style and class - they will now level along with the player and will be able to heal themselves in combat (some more than others depending on their class and mana pool). I added some corrections on some inventories and default outfits, as well as some unique weapons and fighting styles (in the case of Serana). The mod have been tested by two different machines and with different gameplays. This mod is intended to bring up the glory and usefulness of the original Skyrim followers, thus removing the urge
  2. Disappeared from Nexus! Glad I find it here!
  3. Working like a charm!
  4. xannon98


    The guard is waiting for you ^^
  5. xannon98


    Combat related Shots
  6. xannon98


    Landscape and/or Nature related
  7. Very well done they look really good!
  8. Very nice work m8! Genius mod there. Installing asap downloading from Nexus just for organizing with NMM. Cheers! I'll come back later for comment after i try it. looks really promising, immersive and at the same time useful. I'll come back for feed back! Cheers and many thanks for sharing.
  9. Hana is the handler of the cauldron standing abnormaly up or is it resting normally over the cauldron? I cant see properly on the picture.
  10. Is the handler of the pot defying the forces of gravity or is just in the picture?
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