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  1. Thanks for the reply. When I said remove, I only did so under the assumption that there wouldn't be any interest in having two different GUI methods. Since that isn't the case, TK can be inserted instead. You didn't answer my question though. How much effort would it take to change WB so that it can use TK instead of WX? Once the de-wx'ing work is done, is it true that all of the wx code will be in the GUI folder? That the code in that folder is all that will need to be modified to add TK support? Also, can you please quantify "Tkinter looks way worse than wxPython"? Thanks.
  2. I know this isn't the main intention behind the de-wx'ing issue but, once the work is done, how much work do you think it would take for someone to remove wxPython entirely in favour of, say, Tkinter? The reason I ask is because for the last few years, I have wanted to try run WB through PyPy. However, the main roadblock towards doing so is that wxPython doesn't work with PyPy. There were some efforts to try fix that a number of years ago but they didn't seem to go anywhere.
  3. Thanks Zilav, your Sniff tool worked like a charm. I just converted all of my models into JSONs, used Notepad++ to search and replace all the texture paths I needed then converted them back into NIFs. There were a few hundred texture paths I needed to replace and so creating a replacement pair for all of them would have probably taken a while.
  4. Does anyone know if the "NIF - Batch textures replacement" script accepts wildcards? I am trying to replace a range of different texture paths in a number of Oblivion models with one specific texture. Something like this: Replace: textures\old\wood*.dds With: textures\new\wood.dds Can this be done with that script? If not, does anyone know of a tool that can help me out?
  5. Maybe these screenshots will help. They are of a mod that I ported to use Plugin Resources a number of years ago. The mod is merged into the BP and, as you can see, the record data from the mod was merged into the BP and overwrote the record provided by Plugin Resources. As for why it works, basically there are a number of rules WB uses to determine if a mod can be merged. One of them is that a mod which creates new records can't be merged. I believe this is because to merge such records, WB would have to change the FormID for every new record it merges then change every record that u
  6. Yes, this is solely to make a mod mergeable. Your interpretation was almost correct; once you change your quest's FormID to one provided by my ESM, the data in your quest overwrites the blank data in my ESM. The result is that the mod will still work exactly the way it did before but is now mergeable.
  7. Name: Plugin Resources Version: 1.001 Category: Modders Resources and Tutorials Author: XJDHDR Download locations: Nexus Mods: Direct Link: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/37684 This mod provides a library of pre-created records for modders to use. This allows their mods to be mergeable into Wrye Bash's Bashed Patch, thus saving ESP slots for the end user. Players: Where can I find mods that use Plugin Resources? The following mods have been released by others: Nothing at the moment I have released the following: Permanent Effects from Qu
  8. I just tried to compile the PlayerWerewolfChangeScript with a few changes I made but I am getting this error that causes the compiler to fail: PlayerWerewolfChangeScript.psc(0,0): error while attempting to optimize script playerwerewolfchangescript: Input string was not in a correct format. I have never seen this error before and I have no idea what I need to fix in the script. The only way I've found so far to make this error go away is to remove the "-optimize" switch from the compiler options but I would rather not do that if possible. Can anyone please help me with this? Thank yo
  9. I think this is what is going on. Editing the containers directly won't help because I'm not trying to add or remove items from that container; I'm just getting a list of the container's contents. I managed to work around this by using the FormID of the Base Object. I then spawned a new copy of that container, got my list of it's contents then deleted the spawned container. This would have been easier if I could use GetNumItems and GetNthItem on Forms as well but this works well enough.
  10. I am trying to use this command to get a reference to a particular container. This reference is basically a container in the QASmoke cell. Form frmGetFormFromFileResult = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x000C2D3C, "Skyrim.esm") ; QABooksContainer For some reason, however, the GetFormFromFile function is returning None. I can't figure out why because that container definitely exists and I triple-checked that the FormID is correct. I even tried using the GetForm function instead but that made no difference. I did find that this function works if I used the FormID of the container's Base Objec
  11. I have a mod that marks books that the player has read and I'm trying to find ways to improve the mod. While browsing the Creation Kit wiki, I noticed that you can use the command "RegisterForMenu("BookMenu")" to receive an "OnMenuOpen(String MenuName)" event whenever the player reads a book. Currently, I detect the player reading a book by attaching scripts with an OnRead event to books on the ground and attach a script to the PC with an OnObjectEquipped event. Does anyone know a way to get a reference to the book that opened that Book Menu from that OnMenuOpen event? If there is a
  12. Thanks Arthmoor, that worked perfectly. I had to use TES5Edit to make that change though because my mod is a masterless plugin. This meant I had to rely on the hardcoded Player reference, which isn't flagged as a Unique Actor. Thus, the Creation Kit would not let me select any Unique Actors. I should have explained it better but I am aware that a reference will be persistent while it is filling an Alias. My concern is the quirk where a Forced Reference Alias will cause a reference to remain persistent even when it is not filling that Alias.
  13. After reading about a bug in Skyrim that can cause references to become persistent if placed into a Forced Reference Alias, I'm trying to convert such an Alias in my mod into a Conditional Alias. I am having a problem however. These are what my Alias' settings currently look like and they work: This is what I want to change the Alias' settings to and this config isn't working: Can anyone please help me get this to work? Alternatively, is it not possible to make this work and I have to use a Forced Reference? On a side note, I know that the Player C
  14. I was thinking along the lines of replacing the scripts provided by a mod with scripts that contain only a scriptname declaration: No variables, properties, functions, events or anything else. Unfortunately, I don't currently have a save that I can test my hypothesis on.
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