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  1. What are the length limits for player dialogues/ dialogue boxes etc. and can they be extended? Thanks.
  2. The Themes feature is a nice addon but the downside of it is that no scheme fits my prefs (I use the standard colors with a light grey background to prevent myself from eye cancer). So... is it possible to add a Theme Editor?
  3. Hm, I have no issues with NMM regarding that. Thanks.
  4. Sorry, sometimes I don't find the right words, I prefer German Let me explain with some examples: 1. I install Mod1, no loose files, only BSA. Then I install Mod2, which has only loose textures that are in the BSA of Mod1 too, but a little bit altered. Question: Do the loose textures 'win' everytime? I hope so. 2. I install Mod3 with a huge bunch of loose textures. Then I install Mod4 which another bunch of textures. There are 20 conflicting textures but I want to decide each of them to be overwritten or not. Is this possible with Vortex? NMM has this feature and it is very important for me. Thank you.
  5. The only two things I need to know are: - Do loose files 'win' beside files in BSAs/ BA2s?? - can I overwrite selected files from any mod I've installed prior to the current mod I am installing?
  6. Is it possible to add a feature to scale the whole program window? I'm running on 3860 x 1600 resolution with 125% scale on Windows 10 and XEdit is really tiny: Just a comparison
  7. Okay, thanks. I just wonder what is latest when I am on Sharlikran's site...
  8. What is latest, this one or SSEEdit-0d42b72?
  9. Wow, thanks. But: Error in unit 'ApplyCustomScriptedFilter' on line 6: ':' expected but 'Boolean' found.
  10. How is it possible to display only that cells that use a specific inmage space?
  11. Just want to report a bug but the bug tracker site won't accept my login. Any idea?

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