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  1. Just finished Skuldilfn, and only got one Dragon Heart Scale. I should have gotten one from each of the four dragons which reside around that area. Unofficial Patch level is 4.2.8.
  2. I almost died getting this shot. That damned dragon wouldn't pose for ...
  3. The Mod in question is quite probably the same one that prompted Black Swan's issue. That mod uses no scripting. It simply uses the Dragon Heart Scales as an ingredient when upgrading weapons and armor. The missing heart scales hit me at three successive dragon sites, Lost Tongue Overlook, Autumn Watch Tower, and Arc Wind Point. That three in a row is what prompted me to do a simple test. I went to a new dragon site, Dragon Tooth Crater, killed the dragon residing there and obtained my Dragon Heart Scale. I then went and did the Forbidden Legend Quest, the quest for Azura's Star and a few other quests I had cluttering up my Misc Quest list. Eventually, I went back to Dragon Tooth Crater and killed the dragon again. No Dragon Heart scale was obtained, and I started this thread. For my next test, I will advance the main quest to get to Skuldofin. That small world space has four dragons in close proximity, and if everything is as is should be, I should get four dragon heart scales.
  4. Phat, let me start by asking you a few questions. Why do you assume that I am mistaken (or worse, being deliberately false) just because you haven't encountered this issue? How many people actually collect the Dragon Heart Scales after completing the Master Alteration quest, and how many would actually encounter such a bug? Since when do we use UESP as a source of bug reporting, tracking and remediation? I used the term "drop" for lack of a better one. Furthermore, the Dragon Heart Scales are NOT in the Dragons Inventory. They are added to the player's inventory via a script which is activated when the player searches the dragon, but only added if that special blade is equipped. Which (oddly enough) is why the "Dragon Heart Scale added" message appears in the message area. As for why I collect them, I support a Mod which has weapons and armor which requires Dragon Heart Scales when upgrading the weapons. They were used-once assets which seemed appropriate to the author to use in strengthening Dragon Slayer Armor and Dragon Slayer weapons. Alas, none of that is germane to the problem. The only phase of the Master Alteration Quest which is important here is the obtaining of the "fang". Once that item is obtained, The Master Alteration quest can remain unfinished and not affect the collection of Dragon Heart Scales. But that isn't germane to my issue either.
  5. I recently discovered that the dragons in certain locations do not drop Dragon Heart Scales on second or subsequent visits. (Yes, I have the knife and it is equipped). It appears that the script for the dropping of Dragon Heart Scales locks the drop for subsequent visits to the same cell. I seem to remember that Dragon Souls had a similar issue early on, but that got fixed. Could this be a similar bug?
  6. I entered the authors name in the search bar.
  7. Here,maybe this will help: https://en.softonic.com/author/arthmoor Or this: https://en.softonic.com/author/unofficial-patch-project-team
  8. This site is known for hosting pirated software, including mods, and has been identified as having shared content which has been "altered" from the original. If you look, you will see versions of Notepad ++. SKSE, the CK, and even Skyrim on this site. If your content is on this site, you can ask them to take it down. If they do not oblige, your only recourse may be a DCMA or other legal action. Softonic's "Softonic Downloader" was described by the company's CEO as having "facilitated bad behaviour amongst third party vendors which ended up harming the user" due to malicious links impersonating as the downloader itself. In March 2015, Softonic announced it was discontinuing the Downloader as part of a move to "regain the trust of users". - https://novobrief.com/softonic-scott-arpajian-interview/
  9. Ah .. I'm confused. Isn't the current game version 1.6.640? Why do we care about SKSE on an outdated and unsupported version of the game? Or, @ikonomov, are you being sarcastic?
  10. Azura is almost obscured by the grey light of the dawn and looks to be asleep.
  11. Now in twilight, her element, Azura doesn't seem so angry
  12. Went to the Shrine of Azura to undertake her quest, but she seems just a bit angry, here at the setting of the sun.
  13. On PC, entering the console command setstage MS09MiscJackReward 100 will complete the quest, and potentially give you the gun.
  14. Which Bethesda Discord? I follow two for the announcements, and I do not see the data you listed in either server.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    The mod Buildable Power Armor Frames (an ESP) regresses part of The Great Power Armor Refresh (an ESL). This mod (an ESP) fixes the issue when loaded AFTER the mod Buildable Power Armor Frames. I have the permission of Lapdragon to create this patch. This mod requires BOTH the Great Power Armor Refresh and Buildable Power Armor Frames (available on Nexus Mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6698). If you do not have both those mods, you do not need this mod. This Mod has been cleaned with Xedit 4.0.4. This mod is meant to be used for game play only. Any other use is expressly forbidden.
  16. 'Talent' is a rather nebulous word, as it implies some innate or inborn ability. If I substitute the word 'skill', I would agree that is lacking, and I speak for myself as the last mod I made before my hiatus was for Fallout: New Vegas. I would also like to posit the proposition that the learning curve for creating mods is rather steep. Given that the level of skill is tied almost directly to the level of experience, it should be no surprise that the new crop of mod creators are less skilled, as they are less experienced. I would add that if one looks closely, there are some very skilled mod authors working on projects like Beyond Skyrim, Fallout: London, etc. These skilled people are producing mods which are in fact whole games.
  17. Outstanding. I get annoyed looking at a corpse with an arrow sticking out of it, an arrow which I am unable to recover. So, thank you. Does this work for tinkers (misses) too?
  18. At the end of the Lonesome Road DLC, the player is given the opportunity to add one to any Special Attribute. The bug ... If all Special Attributes are already 10, the player is stuck, you cannot exit the dialog without adding 1 to a Special Attribute. And that is where the infamous Catch-22 rears it's ugly head. I am NOT a quest wizard, by any stretch of the imagination, so any help fixing this bug would be appreciated. Edit: The circumvention was to go to a prior save, issue the console command player.setav luck 9 and replay about three minutes of the game.
  19. You're right. I was looking at the wrong place. My apologies.
  20. This Quests is from the Holdup mod on Lovers Lab, is it not?
  21. On email validation and keeping emails current ... one site I subscribe too sends out a re-validation email each year on the anniversary of the date you joined. If the email is returned as "undeliverable", the account is immediately suspended (can't log in and a message is displayed). If the validation response is not replied to in five days, the account is suspended. After 30 days, suspended accounts are deleted. The way to get your account out of suspension is to validate your email again.
  22. For sale, one sightly used Vertibird. Previous owner died violently and the new owner wants to sell this unique spoil of war.
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