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    I put New engines in old cars (currently a 78 El Camino with a 5.3L LS Truck engine), Dabble in firearms safety training and sometimes I get to play a video game or two...and I like to Mod Fallout 4

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  1. Version 0.0.1a


    WHAT THIS MOD DOES: Adding to my expansions of player homes this mod adds a survival player home with 2 beds, linked workbench storage, navmesh and a locked door (key is nearby) It makes a convenient location to rest upon entering Far Harbor . I am constantly revising this mod for better performance and play ability, so send me those bugs and enjoy! SUGGESTED LOAD ORDER: Hide contents Load after Previs Repair packs or FOFPSFix 1 Versions Main Version: Vanilla No Precombines Initial Release (testing) 09.01.2021 - Initial Release no Previs Features: Linked Vanilla workbench storage plus one added cooking station inside the home. Reveal hidden contents  To Do List: Rebuild Precombines Scripted Item Sorting for containers Recommended Mods: TBD Compatabilities: Plays well with the following mods: TBD Problems: Boston FPS Fix - I have been using my mod with Boston FPS Fix for some time, load mine after and you should not have any blinking world issues with the ALL DLC version. Vanilla file untested with BostonFPSx for reasons. Fo4FI_FPS_Fix - Untested PrevisRepairPack - Untested
  2. Updated the Mod to version 1.0.3 includes some minor fixes and a version with rebuilt previs
  3. I'm not in charge of this project but it is being hosted by these gentlemen here at discord https://discord.gg/uuwrseFB
  4. No problem, I'm also hosting it on Collective Modding Discord in both versions DLC and NO DLC Thanks!
  5. The mod user community is making a list of where to find mods that have been removed from the Nexus, I am a very very small mod author and I enjoy tinkering and learning but I am by no means equipped to maintain mods full time for collections. However, if you are looking for the alternative file sites for some of your favorite mods that are no longer available I have included the link to the google docs file below. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Im5Mg-l2btRsYVOjaJa0slrjDcXNvi41J5pHw_Zuwqw/edit
  6. Version 1.0.3_Previs


    WHAT THIS MOD DOES: This is my first attempt at changing world spaces in Fallout 4 for my survival play through. Since Drumlin Diner is one of the first merchant/vendor areas you come to (other than Trashcan Carla) This provides your character with a middle point between Corvega and Red Rocket to store your gear and get some rest. The workbenches are linked with a Power Armor, Weapons and Armor workbench all sharing storage. I have also added a second voiced Vendor "Rebecca" who will sell general goods (leveled to player) if Trudy gets killed or just as a second vendor at Drumlin Diner. I am constantly revising this mod for better performance and play ability, so send me those bugs and enjoy! SUGGESTED LOAD ORDER: RedRocketTV: For online tutorials on scripted light switches Seddon4494: Making me think through vague tutorials that I love to watch mcface and EbokianKnight: OC Decorator  dinozaurs: Do-It-Yourshelf
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