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  1. thanks for the reply ac3s, i got it to work manually.  and arthmoor told me as much that vortex was contacting nexus looking for a deleted mod.  btw, love your mods!  yeah, i agree nexus is being a real pain, even with supposedly deleted mods.  what a mess.

  2. whenever i install the mod, but before i activate it (new playthrough), vortex names the mod DELETE.  So i reinstalled my older copy and now it does the same thing.  the version numbers on both are 0.0.0.  i had my older copy installed and deactivated and have used it for several playthroughs without issue, but uninstalled it to install the newer version.  i don't understand and have never seen this before.  when i look into the esp it looks fine, all the files are named properly.  do you know what's causing this?  thanks in advance!

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