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  1. Trying to upload a file and got the following message. Tried 3 times so far with the same error. Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. (Error code: -200) File size is 26mb extension 7z
  2. Whew. I thought it was just me as I noticed the same thing. Thanks for letting us know what causes it and how to try and fix it. Ill try doing what Arthmoor suggests above and hopefully it will work. Was hilarious when I clicked on image and saw such a tiny pic. Oh and hello to all here at AFK, will likely be dropping some more of my mods here as I am able. The tiny pics are truly adorable and were atleast good for a laugh
  3. Just wanted to drop by to say how happy I was to see this. I tried many ENB for SE and this was my favorite. I have not yet updated to the latest binary but when I do soon its nice to know you have it here for us now and I can keep using it. Really well done and thanks again
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This contains modified files from the base game which are responsible for the mutilation of your facial shape When you become vampire. Using this will revert those changes regardless of sex or headparts to leave you with the same face shape you started with This will work with the base headparts of the game but may not work if you have replaced them with one that also replaces these files Safe to install and un-install at any time This has no affect on any existing or new NPC in your game and only NPC that were created using this as modders resource will be changed Please remember this has everything to do with keeping the SHAPE of your face from changing when vampire and less then nothing to do with the LOOK as this is NOT a face texture mod. If you are using ugly vampire face textures in your game they are not changed so will remain ugly. There are other mods to include my own Cosmetic Vampire Overhaul that remove or change these for player and NPC but VFR does not, it never did and it never will This will work as is without needing any conversion in Special Edition Here is a simple visual comparison for both sexes They are shown with other cosmetic mods to try and mimic a typical appearance for them. Believe me when I say it is not necessary to show them in vanilla state for this comparison Here is our lovely couple in their human state pre-vampire Now here they are both as vampire with the same mods Finally here is our couple with the same mods as when they were human with the only addition being VFR
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