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  1. @ SigurĂ° Stormhand. Thank you very much for the warning. I can't see where you saw that i'm border on slander, and i'm very calmed and i've moved on. I was just trying to find a home and a functional solution for all the refugees, but if i'm annoying here, then you won't see me again. * The only reason why i made this post was because i don't have access anymore to my contacts and i don't have backups of their emails to inform them. Don't purge the thread because of me, i'll not bother this place again. Afterall and how everything has turned out with the new generation, i think that after 30+ years of modding, innovating, educating and creating games it's time for me to walk into the sunset... cause it seems that i'm the only one trying to actually do something about it. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your hospitality. I wish you all the best !!. PS: In the world of business, when golden opportunities show up they last a few seconds only...
  2. @Tasheni. I have bad news for you... You said: "Discussion on nexus is not finished, yet and some people seem slowly to come to senses and maybe there will be one or the other valuable contribution..." * You can find it in the post: General Mod Author Discussion > What is happening in the modding community?
  3. @Tasheni. First of all, hello my lady and nice to see you !. I'm calm, very calm. My post was not made in anger and was made just to inform others of the current practice followed, plus i'm not the only one that has been silenced. And i'll not analyze further the Nexus issue here, it's was one post and the last about it. But why not gather here and help this site take the next step ?, does this sound a so impossible task ?, if you ask me, no it isn't. 100 euros by a 100 modders is 10000 euros. And i personally have absolutely no problem in supporting this site as long as it needs, and we are all together in this.
  4. Hey Arthmoor. I completely understand your situation and i'm not complaining about it, i knew the issue before coming here. We need to either find you an 'Investor' or, all of us refugees gather here and give you the money so that you become the "Next Big Thing"!!.
  5. Hey Tasheni. I was going to reply but I just did not manage to do it before i was silenced.... I also have this problem, the mod i've been working it's right now at 1.3 GB, and with this update that it's reaching its final complete version will easily reach 1.5+ GB, (uncompressed is around 4+ GB). So i'm at a lost of where to go and uploaded it...
  6. Hey guys Arthmoor, Tasheni and everybody else. I will not comment or analyze anything since my opinion was expressed and i openly protested, and i'm only making this post because: It seems that you are not allowed to protest in a civilized way and point out to others "Crucial Subjects" and "Crucial Aspects" of all of this, and awaken them so that they can see where is the rotten tree inside the forest, as well as it's not allowed to try to reach other fellow modders via the "Nexus Personal Messenger" to informed them. So, all my contact privilege were removed and i can't communicate with anyone in Nexus. I'm not Banned, but silenced !!. Reasons stated by Nexus: Spamming mod pages and sending unsolicited PMs to mod authors. * Spamming mod pages: I only post ONE message to ONE author's mod page that i couldn't reach. * sending unsolicited PMs to mod authors: Until today i had the impression that was shaped by some discussions with the Nexus stuff about several matters, that Nexus has "No Access To Users Personal Messages" and that they can't look at my page to validate the "Permision" given by another author.... ???? .....???? This is what a dictatorship does to silence people...
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