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  1. 26 minutes ago, Abyssi said:

    Haha I did not expect it though! I've been a member of Nexus for more than half of my life lol since 2005, I saw the all the changes, but not once I saw compromise from the company.

    It happens everywhere where commercial interests come into play. That's fine, but I don't have to play ball :)

    Anyway, I don't think so, since there are many mods that require external data, or mod dependency, like translations, which are just .esp and need the other files.

    Unless Nexus bans the use of external assets, which I reckon is unlikely, also I don't know how are they are going to do with IP of other game companies, like those CODW rips, the MA got the permission for the MA to upload and share, if the MA decides to delete the mod, then Nexus will be sharing it, which they can DMCA Nexus.

    Good point, I hadn't considered that.


  2. Another "refugee" here. My biggest gripe is that they are removing the ability to disassociate myself with their platform in case they do something I don't like. I see that as a huge potential risk, hence I've asked them to delete my mods (I will gradually upload my 4 small mods and modder's resources here).

    So I can delete, hide, change, do whatever as I could with Nexus before.


    I will probably just post the .esp on Nexus, and link to an external download for the Data.

    I've got a feeling that that's going to be against their terms of service. Interesting workaround though.

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