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  1. For me, the first question would be: "What is delta-patching?" :D
  2. OK, thanks, guys. I knew they weren't supported anymore, but I thought that archived "last known good" versions were still hosted here. But the most confusing thing was finding an AFK web site that seemed to have no mods at all to download! I was definitely lost and wandering in the wrong section! Cheers!
  3. Hi, I did a Google search for "skyrim legendary edition final patch" and got directed to Dark Creations or The Nexus. Then I searched for "Skyrim AFK mods" and got to a downloads page here with no downloads available. So I am hugely confused. What is "Dark Creations"? Is AFK Mods still active and does it still host the pre-USLEEP Unofficial patches? Cheers!
  4. An ancient artifact cannot be forged, that is made by mortal smiths. An ancient artifact cannot be melted, that is, turned into a pool of liquid metal, IE destroyed by heat and fire. Game says nothing about being improved, that is heated and tempered and sharpened. Seems like this is a subjective design decision, not an actual bug fix, as there's no actual bug. But rendering the weapon capable of improvement by a Smith is a simple process, so mod it yourself. Crafting mods are one of the easiest to do, although tedious if dozens of recipes are needed. The problem with many of these things is that they are level-dependent and scale to the level the character is when they are found, and are then locked to that level. This means that these "ultra-powerful" artifact weapons are not really all that powerful at all, and hardly "Artifacts of the Gods", as they soon become less powerful than a crafted iron dagger. There are mods that allow the weapons to scale with you, rather than being locked at the level you were when they were found, and also mods that allow improvement by a Smith. If the Unofficial Patch has rendered the Mystical Mundane, there are Mods to make them Mystical again.
  5. OK, thanks for that. I knew after posting I'd mixed them up.
  6. I did a quick search and could not find anything, but is there a set of guidelines available for mod authors who want to convert their Skyrim Legendary Edition Mods to SE with USLEEP? Like, can we just modify what we have or do we have to start form scratch? Actually, it's so long since I played Skyrim, I don't even know if the current version of USLEEP is meant for the Legendary Edition or the new SE version! So maybe someone could let me know that, as well!
  7. Yes, that is a very good point. Yes, there are an awful lot of misconceptions and FUD in the less technical portions of the general Skyrim community about what constitutes broken, unstable or "dangerous". I can easily copy the vendor item keywords in.
  8. It had subjective, ill-informed and flawed logic. It did, however, suggest that AlchDamageMagickaRate "Damage Magicka Regen" be replaced with a new FoodDamageMagickaRate "Damage Magicka Regen", which would have been infinitely preferable in my view. In any event, I did not rant at all, I just outlined some incontestable logic and reason, which I understand can be uncomfortable for some people to deal with. And yet you ignored my question, so I will repeat it here: So what about: Argonian Bloodwine, Resist Poison, 40 pts for 50 secs, Waterbreathing, for 50 secs Colovian Brandy, Fortify Barter, 20 pts for 30 secs Firebrand Wine, Resist Frost 15 points for 45 seconds Or were they already rendered bland and indistinct? I have not checked yet. Some beverages are flagged as potions with ALCH effects because some of them actually ARE potions and have special effects. You have not fixed a bug or merely added a vendor item keyword; you have changed the special effect of a unique, regional, rice wine beverage. That is a poor and subjective design decision. More Straw Man Red Herrings. The amount of red is irrelevant, as well you know. My Alchemy mod is irrelevant, as well you know. The only reason I mention it at all, as well you know, is because making that mod is the only reason I noticed what you had done. I also noticed that Realistic Needs and Diseases did not use any Unofficial DLC Patches as masters, just USKP, so in future I won't bother, either. Despite the excellent and essential work the project has done over the years, I don't want subjective design decisions masquerading as bug fixes, particularly when they remove special properties from special, regional items. Had I been aware of this suggestion, I'd have raised the objections I have made above. But this week is not the only time the bug tracker has been malfunctioning, and I have not devoted as much attention to it as perhaps I should have. You did fix the missing navmesh outside a Dwemer tower in the frozen wastes I reported. Followers could not follow me in, so ran down the valley and in through the back door. I could hear them fighting their way towards me as I cleared the first room of constructs on my own! That was a lot of fun, but it was a pain that they could not follow me out over the snow pile covering the missing navmesh. I also reported some actual, real inconsistencies with some potions: I forget the details, possibly Lingering Damage, as some increased the duration (as in "Lingering") as well as base damage whereas others did not increase duration at all, so were more like Ravage than Lingering Damage. I don't know if they ever got fixed, but I'll take a look when the tracker is working again. Well, that is just retarded. I would give such nonsense short shrift or probably no shrift at all. But it is a kind of desperate clutching at straws to compare my objections to people wanting broken quests to remain in the game. I am not even asking you to change it back, although that would be a good thing. I do not even have to do that myself as my mod does not depend on the UDBP. I was just surprised that such a thing got into the patch as a "fix" for something that was not broken, and it makes me more wary of using USLEEP. From the download page, the posted images suggest it has fixed some minor graphical issues which I have never noticed anyway. But then, I had months of thousands of Papyrus errors to do with weapons rack scripts whereas only one of my characters ever joined the Companions, and none of them gave a monkey's about weapon display racks. Obviously, someone cared about it, as a lot of time was spent trying to fix something that was actually broken, even if it did not matter to me at all. But as I say, what about: Argonian Bloodwine, Resist Poison, 40 pts for 50 secs, Waterbreathing, for 50 secs Colovian Brandy, Fortify Barter, 20 pts for 30 secs Firebrand Wine, Resist Frost 15 points for 45 seconds Have these been changed because they are "inconsistent" with any old, cheap-ass Nord Ale? But all this has given me an idea to make all the uniquely Dunmer brews do something similar to what they did in Morrowind, so it's not a total loss.
  9. Thanks for the reply guys. This still strikes me as a subjective design decision and I have to wonder how many others have crept in over the years as the real, actual bugs have been eliminated. I do know that patches 2.1.3b created a hell of a lot more red than patches 2.0.0. 1. consistency Who says? 2. Food and beverages should be seperated from alchemical effects that are used on ingredients and potions. Otherwise mod-added changes that are targeted at Alchemy will affect beverages as well, but not all beverages but just those that Beth messed up. Who says they are "messed up"? People who never played Morrowind? Certain, more exotic alcohols always were treated like potions rather than mere drinks. I think it's a shame Beth did not add more variation for Sujamma, Flin, Shein etc. And what if people wanted the Vanilla versions and are using them in mods already? What about RND and other food/drink Mods? I am starting to look at iNeed but I don't yet know how different it is to RND. I have an RND Patch for my mod already, but I might actually change to iNeed when I find out more about it. Some beverages are flagged as potions because some of them actually ARE potions and have special effects. So we have to change it? And yet the AlchResistFrost "Resist Frost" [MGEF:0003EAEB] remains? So will Alchemy mods affect that effect? So what about: Argonian Bloodwine, Resist Poison, 40 pts for 50 secs, Waterbreathing, for 50 secs Colovian Brandy, Fortify Barter, 20 pts for 30 secs Firebrand Wine, Resist Frost 15 points for 45 seconds Is someone going to say: "Ooh! Some interesting, regional variation! Have to change that! After all, there's not enough absolutely identical, indistinguishable trash in the game as it is!" Where will it end? Restore Health potions are "not consistent" with Damage Health potions, so they all get changed to do exactly the same thing? I can see the point of adding a vendor item keyword so you can sell things. Otherwise, you have to hoard them, use them or dump them. I can see an argument that not being able to sell them to vendors may be an oversight by Bethesda. I can go through everything in TES5Edit and add that keyword to anything in my mods that flag the separate patches or USLEEP in red if needed. But I am suddenly much less happy about making any mod relying on the patches any more as I thought they fixed bugs and only fixed actual, real bugs. I am a huge supporter of the Unofficial patch product and have been since I got a PC that could run Skyrim in March 2012. But actually changing effects? Ball Firmly Dropped, IMHO.
  10. I recently came back to playing and making mods (well, finishing a large WIP, actually) for Skyrim after a lengthy break. I updated the patches, TES5Edit, SKSE etc, cleaned the masters and started looking into changing over to USLEEP. I was checking something out in TES5Edit and there was red, red, red everywhere. I decided to check a few ingredients in my plug-in, the first thing I checked at random was one of the Ingestible items, Matze. Matze is a Dunmer alcoholic wine native to Morrowind and made from fermented saltrice which appeared in Skyrim in the Dragonborn plug-in. In Morrowind, it Fortified Strength but Drained Willpower and Intelligence. In Skyrim, we do not have attribute scores anymore, but as STR affected Stamina/Fatigue and INT and WIL affected things like magicka, magicka resistance and magicka regeneration, for Skyrim they decided to make it: Restore 10 Stamina. Resist 20% of frost damage for 60 seconds. Decrease the target's Magicka regeneration by 25% for 60 seconds. But both USLEEP and the Dragonborn patch has changed the EFID Base Effects in this way: AlchRestoreStamina "Restore Stamina" [MGEF:0003EB16] AlchResistFrost "Resist Frost" [MGEF:0003EAEB] AlchDamageMagickaRate "Damage Magicka Regen" [MGEF:00073F2B] FoodRestoreStamina "Restore Stamina" [MGEF:000F33CC] AlchResistFrost "Resist Frost" [MGEF:0003EAEB] FoodDamageStaminaRate "Damage Stamina Regen" [MGEF:0010C645] So the patches change one of the effects from Alch to Food but changes another effect entirely from Damage Magicka Regeneration to Damage Stamina Regeneration. So now it restores Stamina but also Damages Stamina Regeneration, like any old, cheapass, Nord ale. Apart from appearing to be absolutely pointless faff-arsing about, I am really curious about what the point of this change could possibly be? It appears to be a purely design preference decision rather than anything that actually matters. It does matter for people who prefer it the way Beth made it and it matters for a mod that uses the effects of Matze as an alchemical ingredient in a new potion recipe, of course (I have to extract the effects with new equipment to make an Essence of Matze ingredient, like I can use ore to make Gold Dust, Silver Dust etc as new ingredients). I always had the impression that the Unofficial patches never changed anything based on design decisions and only fixed bugs. What was the "bug"? Alcoholic drinks in TES have always functioned like Alchemical potions and never actually slaked thirst unless you use a realism mod like RND or iNeed. What was the bug that was fixed by changing Damage Magicka Regeneration to Damage Stamina Regeneration? Or did someone make a mistake or use an automated script and not notice? I dread to think how many other things like this there might be. It's a good thing I originally made my mod with all the DLC and just the USKP and not the other patches, as this sort of thing just seem to be driving diversity and regional variation out of the game and enforcing a fake conformity for reasons that completely escape me. I realise you may have bigger problems at the moment, but how many changes like this am I likely to find in INGR, FOOD, POTN and COBJ etc etc forms? Cheers!
  11. That is going in straight in to my Essential Tips List. Thanks for that.
  12. I can't understand any objection to using SKSE at all. It's improved my game no end and the only issues I ever had stemming from it was Steam's Stealth Updates, which meant the game would not load until SKSE was updated. It was usually updated within about 48 hours or less, but I avoided even that minor problem by playing off-line and never allowing stealth updates until the new SKSE was ready. Even then, I'd wait several weeks to see the feedback on whether various mods still worked properly before updating the game. The retarded and useless Horse Combat patch was probably the worst, and the multiple breakings of lip synch, which was irritating as Beth took a flawed yet beautiful game and made it look ridiculous. ~
  13. Do you have/will you have a thread somewhere about the best way to do this? Apart from "Remove a Mod, Restart the Game", which is a Mantra that rarely fails?
  14. So the merged USLEEP will be easier to manage, less work and easier to get right with less time and effort spent? Fair enough. Well, that's a relief. I've always considered The Paarthurnax Dilemma, Run for Your Lives and When Dragons Attack every bit as much Bug Fixes as USKP. Yes, I was probably not thinking clearly. So, would you recommend cleaning old mods with TES5Edit to work with USLEEP, just as I may have done in the past with all 4 Unofficial Patches? I suppose an update to TES5Edit will be needed as well, to work with USLEEP? Bugger. I'll have to update all my own self-authored mods now Cheers, and thanks for the reply.

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