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  1. Hey I was wondering if anyone here could tell me why none of my male Khajiits will close their mouths after going through Dimhollow Crypt? I'm using a mod called RaceMenu. Don't know if it can cause something like this. Edited to update: I fixed it with the help of a mod called More Informative Console and its fix, Mfg Fix. I had to open the console after installing them, selecting my character and type 'mfg expression 13 0'. FYI, expression number 13 is 'puzzled' and for some reason was at 50 instead of 0. I'm guessing Dimhollow Crypt was simply a lasting puzzling experience
  2. The Imperials definitely treat the deposed jarls much better than the Stormcloaks do. If the Empire wins, those jarls are found in the Palace of Kings, seated at the grand buffet table in the company of the new jarl, Brunwulf Free-winter. If the Stormcloaks wins, the old jarls will have been hidden away in a small basement chamber of the Blue Palace. I would have thought that Jarl Elisif could have given her allies a wee bit better accomodations, but perhaps she was "convinced" not to by one of the Stormcloaks. Who is to say? There is also the thing about the Stormcloaks that, if they win, our friend Ralof back in Riverwood will tell us that he has heard some things about Ullfric that he doesn't like. The Stormcloak-supporting jarl of Riften, Laila Law-giver, is no big fan of his person either, but does agree with his cause. I think Ulfric's personality is very much on display at the Greybeard council in Season Unending. He almost cannot control his temper and practically flies in the Empire's face right away despite in fact expressing insecurity when sitting safely on his throne. And regardless of the outcome, he is first to leave with Galmar at his side. I do appreciate the sound of his voice, just not his handling of things. And not to forget; Galmar Stone-fist is the metaphorical whipping carriage driver, Ulfric the gallopping horse. Without Galmar to inflame his passions, I'm not sure Ulfric would quite bite, as he barks. Like some others, I also feel bad about deposing Balgruuf in Whiterun. Though I wouldn't mind sending Irileth along with Delphine to Oblivion - two women whose inflated sense of Self is very off-putting in my humble opinion. But that is a completely different topic. As a side note, both Hadvar and Legate Rikke express that they still worship Talos. I believe many Nords do. Even Delphine, who is a Breton, says 'Talos guide you' to us at one point. To me at least, it is clear that the ban on Talos worship is expected by many of the Empire's citizens to be temporal. If only Ulfric's party would bide their times like the rest of the Empire and then assist in hitting the Thalmor in a combined effort come the right moment. Instead of sowing discord. Just played through the whole thing again for giggles, and this is definitely where I politically stand for now. In Tamriel...
  3. My own stand point has varied over time. From the beginning, the player is encouraged to side with the Stormcloaks, because you are not exactly inclined to side with a faction that would have you beheaded just because it is the most convenient at the moment, what with you not being on their list of criminals. On the other hand, Ulfric is really not a very sympathic leader and lacks considerable foresight. His immediate and biggest concern is his personal grudge against Elenwen and the ban on Talos worship. But he does not see the bigger picture - division is death, and the ban on Talos worship is surely only temporary until the Thalmor have been knocked back. Yet Ulfric has no patience for a plan to form to overthrow the Thalmor, he simply wants to beat on the elves here and now and use his Thu'um as an unfair advantage to get his way. He is for certain no politician, but rather hot-headed and outspoken albeit somewhat eloquently. In the end, I view the situation as being everyone against the Thalmor. Not everyone and the Nords against the Thalmor. But it doesn't stop me from playing either side depending on what my mood dictates. Lately, I've chosen the truce instead, handing Markarth to the Stormcloaks and Riften to the Empire seeing as those cities are in fact run by these factions anyway. The Silverbloods and Blackbriar families are both a bunch of bullies to an equal extent.
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