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  1. Version 1.1


    This mod adds a small waterfront at the mouth of the Larsius River, complete with lighthouse, shipping and NPCs with full daily schedules, new AI packages for several existing NPCs, improvements to Bravil's canal dock, and a quest on behalf of the harbourmaster. Lighthouse The lighthouse is also home to the harbourmaster. The office level looks out on the boardwalk. Above the office is the dining area, and above that the bedroom. The lighthouse uses Stroti's mesh, which presented a few challenges. First of all, there are no interior cells. I've added a trigger box with a script that sets the weather to clear as you approach the front door. This keeps it from raining indoors. The interior candle lanterns are scripted to be replaced by static models between 8:00am and 6:00pm to prevent over-lighting. The animated front door is a less than perfect fit, as the doorway is a non-standard shape and my Nifskope skills are limited. However, it looks fine from the outside. Shipping Vessels range from small fishing boats (I've checked, these WILL fit through Bravil's waters gates!) to the Shearwater, a large cargo ship with a fully-appointed interior and a grog barrel on deck. Kurdan's boat from “Caught in the Hunt” is now a fishing boat rather than a rowboat. A second boat will appear on the beach of Fort Grief island during the quest, as Kurdan and his buddy had to get there somehow. New Characters There are 10 new NPCs. Most notable are: Gharz gro-Marag – Bravil's rather surly harbourmaster is also a potential quest-giver. He has quite the busy schedule. After breakfast he checks the lighthouse fires, then patrols the boardwalk until early afternoon, when he returns to the office and reads through the shipping manifest. He takes another turn around the dock before retiring for dinner. After checking the fires again he reads for a while, finally seeking his bed at midnight. Speak to Gharz at any time after completing “Caught in the Hunt” and he'll ask you to help him with a personal issue; he's almost out of troll fat. Why is this a problem? He'll be more forthcoming if you can raise his disposition to 70. Eldacar – the Altmer captain of the Shearwater. Spends much of his time on or near his ship, but he'll also visit his contacts in Bravil; Gilgondorin at Silverhome on the Water on Morndas, Nilawen at the Fair Deal on Middas, and Ardaline at the Mages Guild on Fredas. He'll also reward you for closing Bravil's Oblivion gate. Travis – his Redguard first mate, who'll invite you to try the grog. He and the crew spend much of their time chatting and drinking, except for Einar, who's stuck on guard duty in the cargo hold 24/7. Hanei – an Argonian fisherman. He has a relaxed schedule, checking his fish traps during the afternoon but not much else. Don't expect to see him or his boat on Tirdas, Turdas or Loredas, as he goes fishing in the bay. New AI Packages Several Bravil citizens have changes to their schedules. City-Swimmer lives up to her name by swimming in the canals every morning and afternoon. Reenum now works (theoretically at least) as a longshoreman, but will slope off to chat with Hanei given half a chance. S'krivva will visit the docks on Morndas, Middas and Fredas. After the conclusion of “Caught in the Hunt” Ursanne Loche will walk to the lighthouse every afternoon, where she'll sit gazing across the bay towards Fort Grief until 8:00pm. The appearance of Bravil's Oblivion gate will disrupt several schedules. Reenum will take the opportunity to avoid doing any work. Eldacar and S'krivva will cease their journeys to and from Bravil (the grieving Ursanne will continue her vigil, heedless of the danger). The Shearwater's crew will lay off the grog and instead pair up for cutlass practice from noon until 6:00pm. These changes will continue for as long as the Bravil gate remains open. Gharz will equip his armour and mace whenever he leaves the lighthouse, and will continue to do so for the duration of the Oblivion crisis. Local Materials The boardwalk and dock sections use meshes and textures from mhahn123's Regional Dock Pieces modder's resource for more of a Bravil look. I actually found a combination of Bravil boardwalk and Leyawiin docks worked best. These models have also been used for the docks near Fort Variela. I've included an .esp file which omits the latter change for users of Arthmoor's Vergayun mod. Other Changes I've improved Bravil's internal canals by removing most of the rocks and adding a second dock and cable spools. Bravil being Bravil, you'll also find some submerged detritus. Several bridge and staircase sections have been moved slightly to remedy gaps, and the vineyard cart and empty barrel at the top of the stairs have been moved to more natural angles. The waterfront also receives a paragraph in Alessia Ottus' revised Guide to Bravil. Requirements OBSE – Elys – Universal Silent Voice. This will ensure dialogue subtitles stay on-screen long enough to read. Compatibility This is a “vanilla plus” mod, and as such will clash with any mod that makes major changes to Bravil's canals. If you use any mod that replaces book jackets, you'll need to give the Guide to Bravil the correct jacket and inventory icon. Users of Stroti's “Useable Daedric Statues” mod won't be able to steal the statue of Malacath, as it uses a static model. As previously noted, an alternative .esp file is provided for compatibility with Arthmoor's Vergayun mod. Credits Boardwalk and dock resources by mhahn123. Ship and boat resources by mr_siika; all-in-one cog mesh adapted by mhahn123. Lighthouse, daedric statue and static scroll set by Stroti. Fishing net, fish trap and rope coil by Momo.
  2. Version 1.0.1a


    The skinned hound you receive as a reward for the Shivering Isles quest “Ushnar's Terror” really isn't much use – the brute generally dies in the next dungeon you hit. However, assuming you completed the quest without killing Bhisha, this mod allows you to give him his very own undead doggy companion! When the hound appears you'll receive a journal update, scripted to appear only if Bhisha wasn't killed earlier. Seek him out and speak to him to receive his undying gratitude and a +30 disposition bonus. The dialogue disables the original hound and enables a new one. The new hound belongs to the New Sheoth and Bliss factions, plus the Bhisha faction I created for this mod. Its AI package is set to follow Bhisha wherever he goes. Otherwise it's identical to the original. If the first hound catches up with you outside New Sheoth and manages to get itself killed, you'll receive an alternative journal entry. Either way, the quest is marked as completed. Requirements OBSE – Elys – Universal Silent Voice. This will ensure dialogue subtitles stay on-screen long enough to read.
  3. Yes, I registered on this site with my real name for some reason, thought I'd run this mod up the flagpole and see if anyone saluted! I'll probably upload a few more mods in the near future.
  4. Version 1.1.3


    As I'm sure you know, the penultimate Fighters Guild quest results in the slaughter of everyone in Water's Edge. Water's Edge Reborn rebuilds the hamlet. New NPCs Speak to Marcel Amelion after completing the Fighters Guild quest line and he'll tell you that Count Marius Caro has put out a call for new settlers. The first of these will appear a week later; Erika, a Nord healer, and her daughter Elsa. They left Skyrim because, like many Nords, they're sick of snow and fancy the warmer climes of Blackwood. They're soon followed by J'kar and Ma'jhad, Khajiit brothers from Anequina in Elsweyr. They're equally tired of sand and want to live somewhere with decent rainfall to raise their crops and sheep. They have six of the latter, plus Shavari the dog. New Dialogue Marcel and his new neighbours all have unique dialogue. This ranges from Marcel's satisfaction that the Blackwood Company has been decommissioned to Erika's later admission that the two of them have grown... close. How close? You'll have to wait and see! New Schedules All NPCs now perform scheduled tasks throughout the week. J'kar takes his flock out to graze every morning. Marcel and Ma'jhad tend their crops on weekdays, while Erika practices her alchemy. Elsa harvests clouded funnel caps near Rockmilk Cave on Tirdas and runs errands to Border Watch on Turdas. On other mornings she sweeps the floor. Marcel will visit Biene's grave every afternoon. On Loredas Erika reads her alchemy skill book while Elsa explores the wilderness south of Border Watch. After lunch J'kar and Ma'jhad leave Shavari to guard the house while they visit the Border Watch Inn for drinks before returning home for dinner. Marcel will begin having lunch with Erika and Elsa on Sundas, after which she'll accompany him to Biene's grave. Requirements Shivering Isles, for Elsa's sweeping animation. OBSE – Elys – Universal Silent Voice. This will ensure the subtitles stay on screen long enough to be read.
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