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  1. Skyrim: Rhiego, a Breton (with the Bandit -Alternate Start) whose story was mainly about finally figuring out which college his Pa meant. His bandit-background makes for a good Battlemage, I think. I'm not planning on doing the main quest, Dawnguard is uncertain and he couldn't care less about the civil war. In hindsight, I should have picked a more Frenchy name. Fallout 4: Rosa. I planned on playing the DLC and siding with the Brotherhood of Steel in the MQ with her but before I got to Nuka-World, FO4 began to cause my computer to reboot after a few seconds of
  2. Are you sure they're not bots? 'Cos they sound like bots. ... "Greetings! This thread does not - ERROR" Your attempt to deflect suspicion fools no one, LeBurns.
  3. Hiya! This place seems fairly easy for the eyes. Parthia! I guess that's actually more purple though...
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