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  1. I've tried some modded homes, but in the end I've always used the Hearthfire-homes with Jaxonz Positioner for removing things and placing items I've collected. Hearthfire seems like a proof-of-concept and FO4's settlements a beta-version of home building. Me years ago, while playing Morrowind: "Oh man, I wish fishing was a thing" Me now, when fishing is a thing: *completely ignores it*
  2. I'd like more idle animations like that in RPGs. Like, if your character was idle for ten seconds without enemies around, he/she would enter a context-sensitive* idle animation like leaning against a wall or something. * "Context sensitive... It's sensitive to context!" /random reference
  3. I don't remember that particular one, but I have encountered bugs exactly like that.
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  5. I don't smoke, but I would post-apocalypse.
  6. Yeah, you've always got to have something bigger and badder which eats the previous big-bad-thing as a breakfast until the whole world becomes a very silly place.
  7. I swear, I'll scream if TES6 doesn't have dragons because they've been killed offscreen.
  8. Where's the Fire-option?
  9. I'm not a big fan of remakes, but I'll keep an eye out for this one as it sounds like it's not just a graphical upgrade. I'm especially interested in seeing how they'll handle the combat, as it was a deal breaker for some/many people. Like, they'll probably make it depend more on player-skill, but will they go too far and make it a button smasher? One way or the other, there will be complaints.
  10. I'm kinda boring in the sense that I like almost every playstyle. That's probably why my characters end up being fairly similar to each other as I just can't stick with one playstyle... But if I had to choose just one, I'd pick 'getting close with SMG and throwing grenades everywhere".
  11. Skyrim: Rhiego, a Breton (with the Bandit -Alternate Start) whose story was mainly about finally figuring out which college his Pa meant. His bandit-background makes for a good Battlemage, I think. I'm not planning on doing the main quest, Dawnguard is uncertain and he couldn't care less about the civil war. In hindsight, I should have picked a more Frenchy name. Fallout 4: Rosa. I planned on playing the DLC and siding with the Brotherhood of Steel in the MQ with her but before I got to Nuka-World, FO4 began to cause my computer to reboot after a few seconds of playing. Probably had something to do with me replacing the PSU with a new one. I later fixed that by just turning off windowed mode, but at that time I wasn't in the mood to play FO4. I'm still not (it's summer! Season of liiifeee, not post-apocalypse. I also try to be on the computer less during the summer). She'll probably enter Nuka-World in the fall. Also, BoS doesn't really seem to suit her anymore, so I'll probably ignore the MQ with her too.
  12. Are you sure they're not bots? 'Cos they sound like bots. ... "Greetings! This thread does not - ERROR" Your attempt to deflect suspicion fools no one, LeBurns.
  13. Hiya! This place seems fairly easy for the eyes. Parthia! I guess that's actually more purple though...
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