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    Reliving my life with what I've learned from making mistakes. Ultimate game, but no replays? Oh well, something alive in infinity can't actually end, so I guess the game of life will go on in another way.

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  1. You're not alone there, the uptight always want me to get upset about something. I'm not into it. Emotions are for physical stuff witch matters, not for wasting on figments and constructs. Benefactors helped pay bills in prior centuries, so I guess they got what they would pay for. I'm likewise a former muso and self-learned my way around game audio from that. Saw the radio station mods a few months back, but attempt to play without radio. Still to try Skyrim. I spent the morning evaluating new games which also play offline, and Skyrim was one that I short-listed. Will probably buy that and 5 other titles tomorrow. Spoiled for choice by top games today. Have a great day.
  2. Extremo-feminists really aren't that bad phat, more bark than bite. Mods are sidelines, part of the game fun, can't take them too seriously. Well you could, but it solves nothing when the original point was the enjoyment of playing an enhanced game. We're not promised more from buying a game. I made mods for years on PCs, mostly audio mods, but did it for my own enjoyment, then shared them. This unintentionally made a lot of people happy and chomping for more, apparently I did good. But really just did it for my own enjoyment. Didn't let it be a burden, if it was I stopped doing it, did something else. I mostly don't do audio mods now as game sound has improved so much. The exaggerated sense of self-importance and obsession = a sh|t way to be. I've noticed sound mods for FO4 but haven't bothered installing any so far, the game sounds pretty good. Making sound mods is a time consuming noisy process, so unless I find a game with bad sound, I don't. Those are now quite rare, the game audio standards and creativity are much higher now. I mostly did racing sims, flight sims and a few shooters. The need to do stuff with sound sort of evaporated over time as the games got better, which I'm happy about, now I get to play more without the bad audio. Maybe others find the same thing, that it's getting harder to make desirable improvements to games. There's always room for art and creativity of course, but it's not often noticed and respected in a game that's already very good, created by pros. A lot of mods get a 'meh' response because their impact on the game is barely noticeable. But if people are attached to getting better feedback as gratification (nothing wrong with appreciation) this may be the source of frustration or a sense of not being appreciated. But that's art. Personally I'm not a fan of Vincent van Gogh, looks like the work of a guy who can't really paint too well. I would not pay for a mod for a game, if you're that good get a game studio to pay you to make games, then everyone benefits.
  3. Nice one Phat, that should do the trick ... some music for the wait.
  4. Welcome friend, who knows where providence leads us ... could be fun.

  5. Hi beth refs. Great to see familiar handles here.
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