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  1. This was almost the end of my game. The opening animation didn't trigger and i was stuck in front of that door. I had to use two mods to somehow get in the vault and open the door. On the other hand i was also prepared to start a new game. Now that the freeze and crash fear is gone i was thinking about to try some quest mods or something like Sim Settlements/SS2. But i got in so this game can run a little longer. Athough i think the savegame got a little compromised from my break-in in the vault. Small issues but still running.

  2. There is no way on console as far as i know. Not sure if there would be a way with AFT but i don't use that. I use "More Realistic Cats" to give all Cat's a bigger survival chance. Bethesda has obviously no clue how superiour  Cat's are :P, they gave them ZERO Perception and Agility. :facepalm:

    There is a mod on bethnet, "Peace between the 4 Factions", maybe i try that one to let all live.

  3. I can run Downtown. I can shoot Downtown. I can look at my Pipboy Downtown. I can run from Boston Common to Goodneighbour, to the Old Corner Bookstore, fight the Raiders at Haymarket Mall and run up the stairs to Faneuil Hall without fear. I almost cried. :lmao:

    Explanation: It was almost impossible for the last 2 years on xbox to move in Downtown modded without freezing or crashing on every corner. (From what i have read even vanilla was no fun) On the Series X now the game runs so smooth. :unworthy:

  4. 32 minutes ago, phatbassanchor said:

    Humble apologies miss...  Ahem...  um...  It's just that you give literal meaning to the words stunning and captivating beauty...  Wait... what was I saying?  Just want to hold you in my arms and kiss you...  Wait... Did I actually say that out loud?  Aaaaah!  Don't kill me!  Please! 


    So, dear Rotzi... does she kiss the mumbling, fumbling, foolish pervert, kill him, maybe both kiss then kill, just slap him a good one or just shake her head and saunter off in a huff?  Haha :lmao:  Maybe makes him wear a leash and pose as her footstool...  Hahahaha :rofl:

    Regardless of your answer there, I must say it takes a rare beauty to look that *issed off and still be hot and sexy!  Hahaha :redface:

    Adventure ever on dear friend, Phat:blackhand:

    The picture was just luck in that moment. The stern face and stance of her and the drooling look of him happened the moment i took the shot. So for the participation in the picture he was allowed to live on. :lmao:

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