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  1. Greetings dear friends:run:

    I miss our more frequent conversations on bethnet.  Where's everybody gone?  I enjoy seeing the images that appear occasionally with some commentary here and there.  But, I miss you all fiercely.:hug:

    Been cleaning out the laptop in final preparations for the move to my new machine.  Yes, it's taking me a rather long time...  With my laundry list of disabilities it can be a challenge just getting to the loo on time.  So, bear with me, please.  It will happen...  It is happening...:poke:  

    Good news!  I was finally able to get SLE up and running again... with mods even!!!  Hahaha:lmao:  The trouble was coming from some old Steam Workshop mods that were still active and attempting to load when they had no where to load in game!  So, I was able to successfully unsubscribe and disable all those old, long unneeded mods and SLE sprang back to life anew!  Hahaha:lmao:  So, Phat is most pleased by that.  

    I brushed up on my clean install skills with Gamer Poets and refreshed my knowledge of FNIS.  I'll be going back to the drawing board yet again because I found I still had mistakes in my process.  So, I loaded up 90 mods into SLE pretty much as a test run because both SSE and SLE are currently uninstalled awaiting my latest tutorial session before reloading everything to the new machine.  I'll still be using the laptop for certain things, like internet research, email, web browsing and many of the games that do not require a more powerful system.  But, I am Jonesing to play SSE, HZD, Outer Worlds and several other newer and older titles on the Millennium Falcon.  I'm getting really close...  Once I get the new machine loaded it's on to learning how to make my own mods!  Huzzah!  That has been a long time coming!  

    But, first I need to ensure my LO is as secure and stable as I can make it.  So, I'm digging up tutorials on clean install, FNIS, Vortex, SKSE, Wrye Bash, Xedit, Bodyslide/Outfit Studio and several other things that I need to ensure I'm doing 100% correctly... not just 90% or even 99% correctly.  I'm also considering using the new BHUNP body, Hight Poly Head and the HDT physics.  So, we'll have to learn all that too.  

    Steam finally went buggy on me from having far too much stuff crammed in it.  So, I took the opportunity to wipe it and reinstall everything.  I won't lose any content or saves from my lightly modded or unmodded games.  The saves are in the cloud and the mod lists for W3 and Greedfall were really short.  However, I'm starting at ground zero again with SSE, SLE, F4 and New Vegas.  Just dumping all the Steam files gained me 400 GB of free space!  So, I went from choking on data with barely 100 GB free space remaining to around 500 GB free space!  Huzzah!  That was a breath of fresh air right there!  Before I reinstalled Steam the damned program wouldn't even display my games!  But, now they all show up again, ready to be reinstalled.  So again, I'm rather pleased with how that went.  It was kind of like a digital enema... for lack of a better term...  apologies:redface:  Hope that didn't sound too awfully rude...  

    Anyway... I'm rambling on as usual...  Just wanted to keep my dear friends in the loop.  Please feel free to drop me a line here or on Nexus any time.  I check in here at least once or twice each day and am on Nexus every couple of hours.  So, you won't have to wait long for me to reply.  Like I said... I dearly miss you all.  I'll put some recent images down at the bottom from my latest game play before the clean slate wipe for your viewing enjoyment.  Putting them here allows me to use links rather than take up the limited storage.  These images are already online in one place or other.  So, it's easier to share them here that way.  Peace, love, health, joy and happiness be yours in abundance.:wub:

    Adventure ever on dear friends, Phat:blackhand:


    1. Rotzi


      I really miss the bethnet forums and was never good with changes. But at the moment it is a lack of time which prevents me from logging in here more often. Work and other things keep me busy and i was sick for a while. I really don't want to join discord even if i might see more familiar faces there. Don't stop rambling Phat. :D I will read everything. :coffee:

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