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  1. Something from the 90's. Only watch with sunglasses on. Background vocals: Donald Duck
  2. Rotzi

    Skyrim Adventures

    Pictures from Skyrim. At the moment the adventures from Raven. But knowing me it could also be not long before i start a new game with a new character. Edit: New Character: Amelia. Vanilla Start.
  3. Still in nostalgia mode. Not quite 80's but close enough.
  4. Someone, i'm not telling who, (Sah ) pushed my nostalgia button.
  5. This song deserves a single post.
  6. Rotzi


  7. I hope this next-gen update is only for the new consoles and not a forced download for all versions. I don't want any CC stuff in my game, not even for free. (Thinking about this i have to reconsider my intention to buy a Series X when available again) And this Anniversary edition, it will be the same game with the same bugs and a ton of stuff that will create new bugs. Who knows, maybe they remove the insects again?
  8. Don't worry. Glad you like them.
  9. Although the free mod implemention itself was ok. Far from perfect but when it was live the first time i think for many console players it was really exciting. I would say bethesda made a good impression to console players at that time. But CC is unfortunately the exact opposite to making a good impression.
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