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  1. Agree mostly with what everyone says, what did it for me was basically the point at which I was spending more time trying to avoid or deal with bugs and glitches than actually playing the game properly (pick whichever game you choose!) that killed the games in question for me and I spent quite a few years avoiding "games" altogether until persuaded by an early ES which I observed a friend play. That put me into consoles as I still didn.t want to risk busting my PC on a game! So for me those sort of game ruining bugs are a big no no and much as I have done my share of complaining about Bethesda (or maybe its now because I am old) I have come to realise perfection in a complex game is near impossible when profit is a driver.
  2. XRAT

    Lich King arrives to Tamriel.

    Ahh memories, I so disliked mixing it up with those things in Oblivion I think they were the one thing I dreaded.
  3. Do you mean its not the Legendary Bottomless mug of Inebriation once seen at The Bannered Mare!
  4. Me too and ditto but you just had to go mention the elephant in the room haha
  5. Lets hope something like this bleeds over into Starfield!
  6. XRAT

    Etienne's World

    When you think about it (and usually i don't) there is so much beauty in Skyrim almost everywhere you look, I am as impressed by whoever developed these scenes as I am with the many other great facets of this game. I realise I am not stating anything new here many others have probably also said this but for me it never fails to deliver a sense of awe
  7. Nor mine, useful for a time to get black soul gems but ultimately not worth it for me, I found it frustrating that so much was out of reach
  8. XRAT


    Dour but effective!
  9. XRAT

    Oblivion Sun Set

    Fantastic and evocative
  10. Sometimes the simple things are the best, must be because i am old.....
  11. XRAT

    Under the stars.jpg

    This wold make a great screensaver or background for me. Good stuff man.
  12. Yes smr take all your points I suppose I am similar, I neve feel I have a base just use them as sleeping and storage without any particular affinity with them but that could be down to the fact Ii haven't found one that feels like a home, or not, hard to say.
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