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  1. Thanks from me also, would never have found it myself, now i have i don't know what to do with it, sigh.......
  2. Also cannot stop thinking all this tinkering over the years has probably cost TES6 a couple of years delay already, if it isn't cancelled and they just don't want to admit it.
  3. Well if you really want to take up fishing in Skyrim......personally i would rather watch paint dry but hey some may want it, interested to see the bit about 500 pieces of CC stuff, did they really do that many, i would have been surprised if they had done 100 but i am usually wrong, o do they mean there is new stuff we haven't been party to (other than said fishing)
  4. Thats me now! its one reason i started gaming on console 20 years ago, mods being made available for them a few years ago for me was huge and very welcome. I used to work in IT, maybe that was the negative influence but I fully accept all the reasons people prefer a PC, just not for me now i am too old to be bothered but i suppose i digress. I think it all amounts to personal choice and thats fine.
  5. Yes i get that but its also a lot easier to ignore noise on Discord given its nature and pretend its all just hot air as opposed to a more "considered" platform but it is what it is, a cynic might say Bethesda has previous. Does not fill me with any confidence concerning their future games, should they eventually bother to release any this side of the century.
  6. To just go back to the Discord/forums issue (mainly because i don't know enough about mods to feel qualified to comment on CC etc) Don't want to sound semantics pedantic but discord seems more like an old style anything goes chat room to this old timer here, not a forum ok perhaps some of the younger generation feel so too but why is there not room for both. That's my beef with Bethesda, they have happily written off a whole generation of long standing contributors. It may come back to bite them, i agree with Adella its a retrograde move probably more to do with wanting to avoid criticism than anything else. So basically they would rather risk more widespread criticism through the gaming net world when a game flops than through often useful constructive points made via an in house forum. How very strange.
  7. Wonder if Bethesda (sorry i mean Microsoft) will rethink their choice of forum if/when they eventually release Starfield or (heres hoping) TES6. I mean surely they would want to hear the views of their purchasers and I can just imagine the racket from the discord mobs. Perhaps they realise the error of their ways, i am such an optimist..........
  8. I am almost exactly the same as LeBurns, sniper, stealth slow and steady even the same gear by the looks of it, neve use VATS or the power armour stuff and techie weapons. maybe because i am challenged by difficult gameplay and I find this the easiest way to get by! Oh and I am old so that probably explains it. Also like similar style in TES
  9. For clarity, i am of course referring to Bethesda.
  10. Man the walls and pull up the drawbridge we don't want previous renegades (sorry Renee) they might pollute us and give the plebs inside ideas.
  11. Never had this problem on XB1 with or without mods but as adella says "s***" happens in Skyrim and can be very annoying to say the least, you could say it adds to the charm since these random events, bugs, glitches, call them what you will, add a never ending randomness/realism to things, life would be very borring etc etc i suppose its the price to pay for an exceedingly complex and deep game, which we still talk about many years after its release.
  12. i liked the general ambience of the game, it really gipped me with a feeling of loss, regret, melancholy, i don't know exactly how to describe it but i thought the developers caught the post apocalyptic mood well. In fact so much so that it almost had the reverse effect of making me reluctant to replay it as much as i should, or did with TES. Gameplay, weapons armour locations etc all interesting and good, questlines, factions much less so i did not feel the love for any of them and would have liked the ability to just free play without having to join them or take part. Far Harbour yes terrific as with some other Beth games though it all felt a bit "rushed" . Disliked the settlement system in the way that far too many and the upkeep also, seemed a little unrealistic ( ok i know its a fantasy game) Overall: 8/10, could have been better-the opportunity was there but have played some which are an awful lot worse!
  13. Personally I see Starfield as a massive opportunity for the developers, don't care who they are, hints given so far really do not lead me to be able to speculate much, what I hope for is a game that combines the best of what Beth has previously had to offer with a new focus, in the absence of ES6. It could be an indicator as to how that may go too. Only thing I took from what has been seen so far is that for some reason much of the infrastructure and interiors reminded me of Vault Tec! Of course with great opportunity, as in new "franchise" comes great risk that it could all go t***s up; for me I don't see playing safe with Starfield is an option, they have to go for it.
  14. Most useless response here. I had this problem years ago when running vanilla game on XB1 prior to installing any mods at all including Unofficial Patch. So long ago i cannot remember the precise details and nothing positive to contribute which is why i didn't respond before. I seem to remember that i managed to clear the quest eventually but only after tremendous difficulty and frustrations so although nothing i have helps anyone in any way it does seem that its not a unique problem.
  15. Agreed i have managed to keep my nose clean for a few years on there ahem but surely everyone knows ( that includes me) what you risk if you venture into politics, it is after all a gaming site and although i don't know, i assume there are thousands of politics" sites out there if thats what you want to vent about. I did a risky one though but hey its closing..... this one seems fine so fa.
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