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  1. Most useless response here. I had this problem years ago when running vanilla game on XB1 prior to installing any mods at all including Unofficial Patch. So long ago i cannot remember the precise details and nothing positive to contribute which is why i didn't respond before. I seem to remember that i managed to clear the quest eventually but only after tremendous difficulty and frustrations so although nothing i have helps anyone in any way it does seem that its not a unique problem.
  2. Agreed i have managed to keep my nose clean for a few years on there ahem but surely everyone knows ( that includes me) what you risk if you venture into politics, it is after all a gaming site and although i don't know, i assume there are thousands of politics" sites out there if thats what you want to vent about. I did a risky one though but hey its closing..... this one seems fine so fa.
  3. Hello everyone, Finally arrived from Bethesda, tough trip and no fast travel either, some of you may know me, most not I suspect. I tend to keep my cards close to my chest but that doesn't stop me from regularly reading other posts! Guess you could call it nosy. I am from UK and regard myself as European and proud of it. I am also an old git who despite previously working in IT before retirement dislikes tech hahaha thats why i couldn't upload my favourite pic. I also use a knackered out keyboard which sticks on the R and U great eh. Take care all!
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