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  1. Yes smr take all your points I suppose I am similar, I neve feel I have a base just use them as sleeping and storage without any particular affinity with them but that could be down to the fact Ii haven't found one that feels like a home, or not, hard to say.
  2. I have built all of the Hearthfire homes simply to overcome one of the problems you raise, that of lack of choice, or perhaps flexibility is the word but even doing that doesn't really solve the problem. A good idea by Bethesda but not really developed properly or fully, I mean from the outset you get a choice of 3 geographical locations, come on! in the whole of Skyrim! Then you basically get a flat pack with little variety which also pretty much determines what is inside, I realise of course that follows the pattern of what happens in the base game with player homes and outfitting. Probably Beth decided that there were other more poplar options to develop and improve (did they really do that though) perhaps along the lines of it not intended to be a house building game at heart. Someone mentioned Fallout and perhaps (hopefully) Beth will see that as the way forward in some form, though its to be hoped they also the learn the lesson of what did not work so well either.
  3. Have to say Arthmoor you have the patience of a saint and so do some of the other respondents, by now I would probably have got banned for "opening my mouth and putting my foot in it" I am completely non technical and even I can see the logic employed.
  4. XRAT

    Wind Path.jpg

    Its is claimed by medics to be the best position for breaking wind................
  5. XRAT


    Just jesting though in that sty I probably would throw up the ale
  6. XRAT


    Chucks up in a basket...........
  7. XRAT

    10 - New Look

    Have to agree, whoever created this absolutely nailed it
  8. XRAT

    09 - Hooded Robe

    Love these sorts of outfit, more is more, ahem I mean to look at I don't actually own one.......honestly
  9. XRAT

    Moon over the Reach .png

    Brilliant, might se as a screensaver
  10. If i get chance tomorrow i will try it but it may be Saturday.
  11. Aha I had this blackscreen today on loading last save (and several previous as it turned out) also on XB1, strangely though the audio was present as though the save had loaded but with no visible screen or reaction to the controller.
  12. XRAT

    Good Night....

    Marvellous view, can't say I remember one like it but I am usually either asleep then or avoiding something and too busy to notice! Well captured!
  13. XRAT

    The Rift.

    Such outright beauty in this game
  14. Also looks like loss of control at the rear end
  15. This place has mystified me for some time, i have often thought that the groundwork for another questline or story was placed there by Bethesda and then never implemented. Try as I might I cannot unearth anything despite having talked exhaustively to all npc's etc. It seems like magic, daedra as you say or who knows what is at work here.
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