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  1. I miss you over there - I have a nice group of people on discord. Even Sah came with a truck to move in a few says ago. You know where to find me - and you're still a member. You are welcome to hang out there any time. There are quiet times.... I find, reading the threads interesting. You get to know a bit more about people when they share stories. Have fun, Uncus. That's the most important thing!
  2. I don't think so, Sah. I'm happy to insert a picture or other media by using the provided buttons. How the system handles things like that - I don't care - as long as it works. Have some coffee: hot or cold - your choice. Enjoy! giphy.mp4
  3. Hi, Sah, I went and watched both on yt and commented. It was my 2nd visit to both of the videos. 1 of them must have been from a different computer - I was able to "like" it. (laptop before I moved to pc). Keep up the good work! Play the way you want to play - the main thing is that you enjoy what you do! Be as happy as you can be - as often as you can. Things move smoothly - and viewers will come. Just relax, my Friend!
  4. Sah is there a mistake in the notification about your next stream  June 12th?


  5. Thank you, Friend Sah! :hug:

    I guess I better go and take Michael out for some exercise - and to keep my followers happy! :D

    And you know how it goes: "Especially for you...." :teehee: :celebration:  imagine somebody singing.. (NOT ME) :innocent:

  6. I watched some parts of the BIGBANGTHEORY... I wouldn't have remembered this
  7. Helgatheangel


    Used up my quota of reactions... He doesn't have a parachute....
  8. I watched it for the first time 10 months ago, Phat! Good job!
  9. And refreshments are provided free of charge to all our honored guests....
  10. Hi, Sah, I watched both clips on yt. Well fought, my honored Friend! I enjoyed the movies and appreciate the effort that Team Sah put in! Nice way to start the day with 3 Sah Movies (the first one was the live production)
  11. Helgatheangel

    Uncus variant 3

    @LeBurns I'm with you on this.... He looks good in all pictures and I didn't spot the difference! I'm out of reactions and was unable to like your post
  12. You can find amazing things in the game. It's fun to watch the fish!
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