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  1. I have one space game in my steam library. It is called Astroneer. It is a sandbox game where you land on a planet and can build a base. But you have to watch your oxygen levels and walk with 'a tether' pipe to an oxygen supply. You can terraform the planet and mine for different things. There are giant caves that can be explored and easily get lost in. (I purchased it a few years ago and forget it is there. But it is an ok game if anyone is interested.) I think Wing commander 2 back in the 90s turned me off space games. All that combat and flying through asteroid fields - looked goo
  2. My character actually did die for the first time in Dustman's cairn. There is a difficulty spike between Dragur and Restless Dragur. Maybe there needs to be a dead is dead channel on the Beth discord. (I am finding it hard to like the Beth discord.)
  3. Fenrir the Nord warriors very brief time in Skrim - Part 2. Fenrir has his 'arm tested'. Passes. Then gets a quest to have a fist fight with Hulda. Not very honorable, but he does it. Next it is off to Dustman's Cairn with Farkus to find a piece of Wuuthrad. Inside Farkus asks to help a way to continue. So Fenrir finds a lever. The lever brings down a gate which traps him inside. Farkus turns into a werewolf and wipes out the Silver hand. Farkus lets Fenrir out and speaks to him about the circle and werewolves. Fenrir dies by being killed by a dragur , Or did he die by
  4. I played Elite on the C64 in the 80s. Also played Starflight 2 on a PC in the early 90s. Completed SF2s main quest a few times. It is still my favorite space game. (In the later 90s I moved away from space games. ) I hope Starfield has some similarities to Starflight.
  5. I hope Starfield has modding and base building. These kept Fallout 4 going for me. I still remember the Oblivion E3 demos.
  6. I think Starfield might me a game that I wished came out 20 years ago. (When I was younger and more interested.) Better character choices were probably a major request. (No more Shaun and Spouse.) Maybe it has some choices like in 'Alternate start mods'? I much prefer to make my own character without anything forced on them. Years ago I played Elite and Starflight 2 - both open world space games. But that was in the 80s and early 90s.
  7. I think it happens around midnight.
  8. Thanks - I don't think the news was that bad. :-) I think having a story/gameplay channel + extra CC channels would be good. The support channels are hidden at the bottom of the channel list, so I think people use the 'Fallout-4' chat to ask for help sometimes. (Fallout support appears to be currently 'Fallout 76' support.)
  9. (I don't do dead is dead. But lets for a moment pretend I did.) This is the story (very brief) story of Fenrir the Nord warrior. His difficulty setting was default/adept (which I always select.) Fenrir's goal was to make it to Whiterun to join the Companions. He got off the cart, survived being beheaded and roasted by Alduin. Made it to Riverwood with Hadvar. Earlier he had selected warrior from the standing stones. Hadvar was pleased. Alvor wanted Fenrir to warn the Jarl about the dragon. So Fenrir leaves Riverwood, ignores the general store conversation about the sto
  10. USEP mentions this : "A workaround for this problem is to go outside the cave, open the console and type prid 0001B08D and moveto player and then talk to him, this will finish the quest." Try those two console commands - It should move Derkeethus to the player.
  11. Maybe (for both Fallout 4-chat and skyrim-chat) divide them into. General discussion. Game play/story discussion. Mod recommendations (different from making,releasing mods channel). Help and support (I think this one is the most needed). Thanks.
  12. I find my self jumping from here to Helga's discord server. Plus the Bethesda discord sometimes. (Discord isn't so bad - Beth just needs some more channels for Fallout 4 and Skyrim.) --- Bugs Bunny, Looney Tunes were always on TV here in Australia growing up (70s,80s). Probably my most watched cartoon.
  13. I am the same. My screenshots are all saved using IrfanView. Or I use my 1999 copy of Paint Shop Pro, which has a large manual. (I do use paint.net for saving textures only.)
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