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  1. I just finished watching the gamplay video. It looks like it will be quite a good game. (I hope Beth puts the same effort into the Elderscrolls 6.)
  2. Fenrus


    Science: Mix Irfanview with Paint Shop pro from 1999 plus add some Nifscope, BAE and Outfit Studio. A bit of Paint.net to save the DDS files = Curie in a new Tshirt holding a Wabbajack. :-)
  3. My two favorite things about Oblivion were wandering the beautiful landscape. Also the side quests. I think Oblivion had better 'hand made' quests than Skyrim. (As apposed to 'radiant' quests.)
  4. My "Anti-Canon ending." Knowing Bethesda, if they were to choose which faction won. They would probably choose the BOS or the MM. This story goes against that idea and instead has the Institute winning. They also take over the Commonwealth by building settlements populated with Gen 3 synths. (The Railroad no longer operates at this point.)
  5. I use a couple of cat mods in my games. One makes cats immortal (can't be killed or use vats on them.) The other moves Emmett to Sanctuary.
  6. In my games, the impending doom is always for the Prydwen.
  7. I guess it is a copy of the fishing mini games in Terraria and Stardew Valley.
  8. The two homes I use the most in Skyrim are vanilla Breeze home and Lakeview manor. I have found after years of Bethesda games that all I want from a home is a bed, alchemy and enchanting stations + lots of different chests/storage to store my loot. My favorite room in Lakeview is the cellar. Because it has so many different storage chests/safes. Each one holds something different. Soul gems are always stored in the first safe. Gems in the second.etc.. It hasn't changed much since Hearth fire released. (Before Hearthfire, all my loot was divided up in the different chests/cabinets in breezehome.) The only time I built a custom home was in a Dwemer ruin in Morrowind near the Telvanni stronghold.
  9. The Voices of Skyrim - Celebrating Skyrim's 10th Anniversary: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1195850531
  10. The real treasure is all the fiber optics you can get from disarming the laser traps. :-)
  11. 1st person survival and settlement building game.
  12. I also posted a couple of pics in my gallery here where this sign can be found in the game. (North of the Vault-Tec building. Close to the river.)
  13. It is the logo for the Boston Bugle. A faded version of that sign is also found above the door of the Boston Bugle building.
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