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  1. I also posted a couple of pics in my gallery here where this sign can be found in the game. (North of the Vault-Tec building. Close to the river.)
  2. It is the logo for the Boston Bugle. A faded version of that sign is also found above the door of the Boston Bugle building.
  3. Nick Valentine is stuck in Vault 114 - Meanwhile, back in Goodneighbor.
  4. Most of my characters start out with rifleman and sneak perks - and are sneaky snipers. My starting special points go into agility and charisma. (I like to start with 6 charisma to help pass speech checks and build settlement supply lines.) I also start with int 1 and the savant perk. (I just assume my character spent too much time in the cryo chamber. Later on his intelligence returns.) Most of my characters gain early experience points building some of the settlements like Sanctuary, Red rocket, Abernathy farm. Plus make adhesive and build many water purifiers at Sanctuary. When I get tired of that it is off to vault 81 to get the Overseer's guardian. I like to be leveled up a lot before finding Nick and starting the main quest. Later on I choose perks like grim reapers sprint and critical banker.
  5. Hi Sah. Just now I visited V111 and got the Cyroweapon. (My character is level 99 and forgot to get it. :-) ). I encountered no problems. So I am uncertain. Maybe it is a mod or cc that is causing the problem. (My main mods are the Unofficial patch, Home Maker and Settlement objects expanded. Plus my mods and some of Skk's mods.)
  6. A list of my main characters. (Characters that used my real name - I have renamed Nate.) 2015-1 : Angela. My only female for a few years. Sided with the Institute. Was a bit rushed. Focused on completing the main quest for the first time. 2015-2: Nate. BOS character. Made to see Liberty Prime in action. 2016-1: Nate. A much longer playthrough. Spent many hours only building up Sanctuary, Red Rocket, Abernathy Farm and Sunshine tidings. Early experience points came from farming, building and making adhesive. Lots of traveling between settlements harvesting corn/tatos/mutfruit to make adhesive. Built many water purifiers in Sanctuary. Each day collected excess water and put it into a chest. Very useful for later trading and buying building materials. Did all possible Railroad quests before rescuing Nick Valentine (There were quite a few quests, including the Tinker Tom ones. Plus the Ballistic weave. Did the Institute's main quest. Then did as many Minutemen quests as possible and built up all the settlements. Romanced Piper. 2017-1: Nate. Same as 2016-1 except romanced Curie. Around this time - Nate. A special character that ignored Sanctuary, Concord and Red-Rocket. Didn't rescue Preston until the main quest was completed. Came to Concord with X6 and Institute powerarmor. There was lots of unique dialog in this playthrough. Went to the memory den before finding Nick. Also met dogmeat for the first time when Nick called him. Didn't meet Codsworth until the main quest was over. 2018-1: Nate Same as 2016-1 except romanced Cait. 2018-2: Nate - Used the Nora lives mod. Otherwise same as the 2016-1 character. Romanced Nora. Late Nora became 'Nora Liz' using a mod that allowed Nora to become Elizabeth from Bioshock. :-) 2019 : Nate - Loaded an old save and sided with the Railroad. Mostly just to see their ending. 2019 : Nate, Similar to 2016-1 except no MM. Started with an old save. Version 1 of my synth setter mod. (I think this is correct. Don't quite remember.) 2020-1: Loaded an old save where Nate confronted Kellogg. Sided with the Institute. Version 2 of my synth settlers mod. Curie became a custom character - a scientist eager to explore the surface. 2020-2: Loaded an old save. The did the Minutemen quest line for the first time. 2020-3: Nora the synth. Using Skk's alternate start at as a synth mod. 2021-1: My current character. Loaded an old save. Sided with the Institute. Made the current version of my synth settler mod. (Some minor character not included. I may have forgot some that I didn't get far with.)
  7. Gives Kasumi a new Institute terminal - "Kasumi loves that". Gives Kasumi her own gen 1 synth to repair/rebuild - "Kasumi loves that". Wouldn't be too hard to have max rep with her. Afterall one of my Institute characters romanced Piper after opening lots of safes.
  8. I did the Railroad ending once. I reloaded an old Institute character save that used the RR to reach the Institute. The quest to blow up the Prydwen was good. But overall the RR ending is the worst. (There used to be 'why I hate the RR' topics on the older beth forums. I could see their point after doing the RR ending.) Sometimes I wonder why they were even a faction. To please a certain demographic maybe. The Railroad never made sense in a world where most people would be concerned where there next meal was coming from.
  9. I wish Kasumi was the companion instead of Longfellow. Or Isabel also. Especially if one of them was 'pro Institute.' -- It has been years since I played New Vegas, I think it did the settlements and skill checks better than Fallout 4. But I do remember being more focused on the quests in NV. In Fallout 4, my character is a lot more free roaming, spending many hours not doing any quests. Mostly just exploring and settlement building. (As well as testing my mods.)
  10. I liked New Vegas. But I have far more hours in Fallout 4.
  11. I like this pic because of the lighting. I used the darker nights mod, plus there is a rad storm going on.
  12. I am the same. I would have liked Sanctuary to have been a major settlement that you encounter after coming out of the vault. From there you are sent to other built up settlements where you piece together clues about what happened to Shaun. (But this would mean hiring better writers. Most of Beth's quests involve exploring and fighting through a 'dungeon' to reach some point. They aren't so good with 'town' based quests.)
  13. I was just checking out a video (linked below) which said they weren't sure if settlement building was to be in the game. So I guess they rushed the MM quests. (It is funny how they say the teleporter is the only way into the Institute - except for the entrance Beth had to make for the Minutemen :-) ) Youtube: History of Bethesda studios. - Jump to 1 hour and 19 minutes. He says that settlement building was on 'the cutting block for so long.'
  14. I hope Bethesda never have a voiced PC again. (Nate's voice isn't so bad. I have only played Nora once.) The worst thing is when the game forces my character to say something completely out of character. (Actually Skyrim did that in a couple of places also, In the Thieves guild I think.) Settlement building magic: I like settlement building a lot, but when it comes to doing the main quest I consider it cheating. When the game was newer I only did the Institute or BOS quest lines because of this. (It took a few years before I did the RR and MM quests. Never saw either of them as capable of taking down the Institute by themselves.)
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