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  1. USEP mentions this : "A workaround for this problem is to go outside the cave, open the console and type prid 0001B08D and moveto player and then talk to him, this will finish the quest." Try those two console commands - It should move Derkeethus to the player.
  2. Maybe (for both Fallout 4-chat and skyrim-chat) divide them into. General discussion. Game play/story discussion. Mod recommendations (different from making,releasing mods channel). Help and support (I think this one is the most needed). Thanks.
  3. I find my self jumping from here to Helga's discord server. Plus the Bethesda discord sometimes. (Discord isn't so bad - Beth just needs some more channels for Fallout 4 and Skyrim.) --- Bugs Bunny, Looney Tunes were always on TV here in Australia growing up (70s,80s). Probably my most watched cartoon.
  4. I am the same. My screenshots are all saved using IrfanView. Or I use my 1999 copy of Paint Shop Pro, which has a large manual. (I do use paint.net for saving textures only.)
  5. Looking at the 'groups area' It looks like you, Cartogriffi and Narathi (19000 posts) who did all the work. I think Beth just added their employees to the moderator list.
  6. Bethnet has 97 global moderators. 52 Moderators, and 26 community managers. The place is a fortress.
  7. For @Handy6373 How to make NPCs essential using xEdit/SSeedit.
  8. In SSedit it is found under Non-Player-Character (actor) on the left. On the right scroll down to ACBS-Configuration, under that is flags (sorted), which contains if an NPC is essential. (Right click on flags (sorted) - on the right, at the top should be the name of the mod you want to edit. Then an option list comes up to choose essential, protected.) etc.. (I have added a screenshot to my album - clearer than what I wrote above :-) )
  9. Fenrus


    I miss Morrowind's levitation. I used to make some overpowered potions to levitate across the map really quickly.
  10. Unfortunately it is for PC only. (A quick google search. This bug appears to have been around for years, with no known cause.) update: Cheatroom for Xbox 1 appears to have an option to also make NPCs essential and bring them back to life. Skyrim cheatroom mod on bethesda,net
  11. I have been using this mod for years. No More Redshirts. It is a console command batch file that makes all the NPCs essential. I started using it when Riverwood's population got wiped out by dragon attacks. (It works with both Skyrim and Skyrim SE.)
  12. Fenrus


    Actually, my character took no damage during these flights. :-)
  13. Did they all side with the Minutemen? My first character was Angela from 2015 - Rushed through the game and sided with the Institute. Then a string of characters called by my real name - Or just "Nate" on the forums. Eventually "Nate" sided with every faction at least once. The saves from each retired character get backed up to another harddisk until I get around to deleting them.
  14. Sturges had different dialog and I didn't have to get the old armor. There were a few things different during this playthrough: Codsworth had some small dialog changes. Could tell him that Shaun had all grown up. (But couldn't tell Codsworth much about the Institute. Nick Valentine had an explanation on how he summoned Dogmeat. Irma allowed my character to use a memory lounger (Before finding Nick and passing a speech check.) X6 had different dialog with Preston depending if I joined the Minutemen or not. (Reminded my character that he had an Institute to run.)
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