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  1. When I attempt to download the attachment I receive the same message: "This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location." I notice that the thumbnail for the attachment also says "Unavailable".
  2. Just to be clear, my remarks were not aimed at you in any way. I think it's great that you're spreading the news. I hope you didn't take offense. My remarks were directed solely at the game itself.
  3. It's moderately interesting news, I suppose, but far too vague for me to get excited about. We know nothing about how they plan to remake the game, which is information I need to know before I buy. At any rate, a release probably won't be for another two years or more (the 20th anniversary would make marketing sense). Until then, I'll confine my excitement to games I can actually play right now.
  4. In my opinion a roleplayer should always strive to use character knowledge, not player knowledge, when playing a roleplaying game. Employing player knowledge when playing a roleplaying game is not rolelaying. Restricting oneself to using character knowledge is what roleplaying is all about. I believe that "playing as ourselves", taking actions that I, the player, want to take is not roleplaying. Roleplaying is primarily about the character, not the player. This applies whether we are talking about tabletop or computer roleplaying games. When I roleplay I am telling myself a story. Instead of using a typewriter or word processor, I am using the assets provided by Bethesda to "write" my stories. Each time I start a new game I am beginning a whole new story. I cobble together bits and pieces of Bethesda's side and faction quests (as well as modded quests) to form a unique, do-it-yourself "main quest" for each character. Sometimes I avoid Bethesda's quests altogether, if that is what is needed to tell a character's story. A writer often knows how his story is going to end before he begins writing. But that usually doesn't ruin the enjoyment ohe gets from writing the story. The enjoyment, for me, is in the telling. But in recent years I have begun to incorporate accidents and mistakes into my storytelling. These sometimes take my stories in wildly different directions than I had planned. This can be really exciting and satisfying as well. To me, and I have said this before many times, Bethesda's games are vast canvasses upon which I can paint my own pictures. Each picture tels a different story. I could not imagine telling just one story and moving on to another game. But, as was said above, to each his own. The goal is to have fun. We should each do what is most fun for us.
  5. Yes, exactly. Me too. In fact I can'r really start to roleplay seriously until I have discovered nearly everything in a game. I'm probably odd that way, I don't know. I can't roleplay during my first time through a game. I have to know a lot about the landscape, NPCs, stories, quests, ect, before I can fit a roleplaying character into that world and make my characters and their personal stories feel believable to me. The better I know a game, the more effectively I roleplay.
  6. It took me awhile to get into ESO at first. The game is massive. And I'd say it is more complex than the single-player games as well. Oblivion and Skyrim are more casual, newbie-friendly games when compared to present-day ESO, in my opinion. There are still many things about the game I haven't experienced and don't fully understand. I have decided to see my time in ESO as an ongoing, gradual journey towards greater knowledge, rather than as a game I "master" or "beat". Some folks are going to be less comfortable with this learning process than others. I am one who relishes the idea that I have a lot to learn. Learning more about the game is almost like a kind of main quest for me. But I understand that it can feel frustrating to others who don't share my attitude. The UESP has some valuable info about ESO, if you get stuck on something. I consult it pretty frequently. I also watch videos by people like Lucky Ghost, Brah We Got This, Tamrielle and others. Watching Let's Plays, build videos, and videos about patch updates helps new information sink into my aging brain almost by osmosis.
  7. After doing a bit of research of my own I can't find any explicit references to other real-life religions either. The closest thing I was able to find is Hubology, which can be considered a parody. But the adherents of non-Christian religions are so numerous and present in so many diverse places across the globe that it seems inconceivable to me that these religions would have perished completely. So my conclusion is that it is simply a matter of omission.
  8. Nice! A member of Bethesda's forums, Shelly Mars, is a long-time friend. Here are two photographs she took of Harry in the mid-70's.
  9. I believe you are thinking of Betty Grable. Twentieth Century Fox insured her legs for one million dollars as a publicity stunt. Betty Davis did insure her waist, however.
  10. That must be a label that is automatically applied to the author of a release thread. I don't see it on Arthmoor's posts in other threads.
  11. If we're talking Led Zeppelin now, here are Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart (along with John Bonham's son Jason on drums) performing a wonderful version of Stairway To Heaven for Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones at the December 2012 Kennedy Center Honors:
  12. In honor of the passing of Charlie Watts:
  13. He's not on the beach. He's in Eagles's Strand, the first settlement you encounter. It's the settlement with all the NPC's next to the beach. I'm guessing you got there by doing the original Coldharbour tutorial quest that deposits you in Khenarthi's Roost? If so, he's standing right in front of you when you exit the building, after being transported back to Tamriel.
  14. Heh, this reminds me so much of all the folks back in the early Morrowind days who felt lost in the beginning. Same problem, different game. Aldmeru Dominion is my favorite of the three main faction questlines. Once in Khenarthi's Roost, speak to Razum-dar. He will guide you through the quest line. This picture of him on his UESP page will help you identify him: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Razum-dar Good luck!
  15. Comparing a free gaming site to the Taliban and China is not helpful at all.
  16. According to what Cartogriffi has communicated to me, it is literally the same game, repackaged and renamed. As far as mods go it should be no different than using a mod meant for the original version of Oblivion with the GOTY version of Oblivion. It is my understanding that any mod that works with Skyrim SE will work with Skyrim AE.
  17. As mentioned earlier, Special Edition mods will work with the Anniversary Edition. This is what Cartogriffi has written: "...mods won't need to be re-released. Think of Anniversary Edition as an SE upgrade." This isn't an engine upgrade that requires mod porting, as was the case with Special Edition, which transitioned from 32-bit to 64 bit. This is more of a re-packaging of the existing game, much like GOTY versions of past games.
  18. That's a better-looking Wood Elf than I've been able to make. Very nice!
  19. It may not be necessary. Mods that work with Special Edition will also work with the Anniversay Edition. No porting will be necessary this time So I would think that questions about one edition should be equally applicable to the other.
  20. I have several thousand Crowns and have not spent them yet. The only thing that interests me in the Crown Store are new hairstyles and I haven't felt a need to buy any of them yet. So, basically, I guess my advice is to not spend your money on Crowns. I think the game is perfectly enjoyable without buying a single thing from the Crown Store. But it's up to you.
  21. That is actually pretty close to the truth. In 2016 console modding had never been tried on the scale Bethesda envisioned. They had to figure things out as they went along. They are still fine-tuning the process.
  22. The first two companions were added with the Blackwood expansion this past June. I think most folks see this as a "proof-of-concept" addition, a framework that will be greatly improved and extended upon in the future. At this time they cannot be married (but then neither can most of Star Wars: The Old Republic's companions). Here is the UESP page on ESO companions for more detailed info on companion quests, perks, rapport and more: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Companions
  23. Congratulations on 500 videos! You are a serious, dedicated YouTuber and a legend among Skyrimers.
  24. Speaking of Orcs, there was an interesting thread on this subject in the lore forum awhile back. It started out as a discussion about citizenship and ended up as a debate about whether Orcs are related to Elves. Should orcs be in Morrowind during 3E 427?
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