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  1. I wasn’t convinced on the last thread… and I won’t be convinced here… I’m watching you my a lady…
  2. R4msden-Nord21

    Traveler 2.jpg

    He has that battle-hardened... traveller look about him I like it
  3. My current character is a Breton knight Roderic Townway... currently running rough-shod though out the Reach and dealing with the Forsworn savages that dare to share his lineage!
  4. Yeah this definitely sounds like something to expand on...
  5. Sah! My friend and dear it’s good to have you here 🙂
  6. Hi all, my first proper post in this new home. Just to get a nice discussion going... what are peoples current characters at the moment? Mine is a very proud and chivalrous knight of the Order of the Dragon, Roderic Townway. Would love for you all to share...
  7. Just need Sah to make an appearance now...
  8. Hi everyone... nice to see some familiar faces. Or, well... you know... usernames
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