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  1. Hope you get things sorted out easily
  2. With help from Fenrus I made my mod added npc's that were dying in Solitude "protected" in xedit soooo this shouldn't happen again. I also found some from that same mod dead in the Riften Ratways with 0 reason to have been dead. All npc's in that mod are either essential(that way from the mod author) or protected by my change. Time will tell.
  3. That command could be done anywhere, possible that's where LeBurns saved and entered the game to see if those commands worked. But even after 4 years on pc I still don't speak/understand the language well.
  4. Did you try leaving the cave and re enter? Not sure if you spawn him with console will work or not but you could try reset quest in console but I would try that outside of the cave. Base id for Derkeethus is 0001403E, I didn't find any quest id's in my quick search so maybe spawn him and see what happens??
  5. And if you DO need to vent you know where to sent that pm, lol. I too am trying not to talk about "that subject" as to just be here and among friends. I do check in here more often than it seems, just don't have much to post.
  6. Oooo I really like the hair on him, and those eyes.
  7. No, your ladies are too pretty, lol. I like short(er) hair too. For some odd reason I like to see the neck and ears somewhat on my characters. In FO4 it's easy to change follower hair too, not so easy in Skyrim. Frequently I want to change follower hair, makeup, ect like in FO4. Only in Creation Kit and I'm not there yet(sad face, lol).
  8. Yes yes come to the dark side, we have cake and cookies,, I'm just teasing. Everyone has their reason for what they play on. But this is 1 of many reasons why I moved over, but the main 1 was just so I could play FO4 without crashes on xbox. And that was before mods came out for consoles, it only got worse after I started using mods. At the rate I'm going I'm going to be playing FO4/NV, Skyrim for some time yet so it was a worthy investment for my entertainment.
  9. I did watch it some but it never stuck for me, but it was funny. My mom and I were talking the other day about what happened to the sitcoms that were just silly/funny. Big Bang was about the only modern show I had been watching and when that was done I hardly watch tv at all except for what I watch on the pc through the interwebs.
  10. Ok did some more digging around and found this info on a mod "Protect Your People", by iMACobra I know, for sure, a lot of people use NPC appearance overhaul mods because they think Skyrim NPCs look ugly but, guess what? Loading that mod after an NPC protection mod makes those NPCs unprotected again. Hm, interesting, not sure that explains all the quirkiness of Skyrim but it may explain some. I had 3 unexplained deaths in the Riften sewers on my way to find Ezbern. No idea "how" they died but I made them live again and set them to essential. They are from the same mod that ad
  11. If that's on xbox it might help Adella but my Solitude npc's that die are all from a mod. In the quick look I did I didn't see any mention of working on mod added npc's. I think I'm going to have to do some rooting around in xedit in the mod I have and set everyone to protected. Which I have no idea where to look for that but time to learn.
  12. This is happening to me too yet, still think it's dropping npc's like the mammoths. I walked in the front door and heard "ung" looked over and dead body. So my cheaty ways made him live again and set him to protected.
  13. I recognized this immediately! Loved that show. And yes had a fun time, love chatting with everyone.
  14. I'm always interested in honest reviews, if you are game I'm in. Although that probably doesn't surprise you that I'd be in, lol.
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