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  1. I won't be much help either as I'm in the camp that hdt/smp is much more work than I'm looking for in a video game. For me cbp was enough of a pain but since I was already using half the needed mods I thought why not. I do think hdt/smp looks awesome in screenshots and video showcases but for play I just don't think so. And yes I'm ocd enough that I pick up on any stutter and try to get my games running smooth. Even if that means turning some settings down a touch. And hello Phat, long time no see, lol.
  2. I'm not a "serious" rp'er so most of my runs are about the same. I do in some runs enforce some rules/limitaions on that character. I use Cheat Room to get to lvl 11 and then another mod to stop all XP. Then back to Cheat Room to get all the perks I need/want for that run and most times don't add any more. I use modern weapon mods and don't touch the laser and plasma guns or pipe guns in any way(I RP that Nate had a hoard of great weapons stashed). I do use melee some for very close combat and that is where VATS gets used the most. I don't normally use VATS for shooting guns(pistols, sniper rifle, AR style rifles, shotguns, oh and the BFG 9000,lol) unless an enemy is being particularly irritating. Then use VATS on them and then back to normal gun play. I even play on "easy" with OP guns and have even modified mod clothes to accept ballistic weave. Personally I'm not looking for a challenge, just want to have some fun building settlements and cleaning up the Commonwealth. I do sneak around quite often but it's not the main way of gunplay.
  3. At least in my Skyrim I can't drop quest items other than store weapons on weapon racks. But I do know that when the cultist's arrive for Dragonborn dlc if I don't pick up the note from the dead body the bodies remain until I do.
  4. I'm going to have to try this out, could be funny to watch skeletons run away in fear.
  5. Handy6373


    Oh wow that looks like it's from lord of the Rings, that's awesome.
  6. I think this was something Beth missed, happens every time for me.
  7. That chicken is an officer on patrol, they are more serious than the holds guards, lol.
  8. For me each game has things I really like and things that drive me to insanity. What I do think 3/NV does better is the dialog options depending on science, charisma and child at heart perk(examples). Where did all that go when writing 4? In Skyrim SE and Fallout 3/NV it doesn't bother me in any way your character doesn't talk neither does it bother me that they talk in 4. I can see where it's easier for mod authors to add dialog without the main character having spoken words. But there have been many very creative authors that made it work(fallout 4). Story wise for me I'm not sure that one game beats the other, they each have story parts that leave me thinking "um what where you thinking when you wrote this(shaking my hands in the air)". But I'm not a writer so I will not judge it just say all of them were "meh". I love the open worlds and that's what keeps me playing.
  9. I completely agree with you on this. What I don't understand are the people that still argue to this day that 3 or NV are better than 4 in every way and rip others down for liking 4. Ok, so they think 3/NV is better, ok go play but don't put down others for playing 4(not pointing fingers at anyone specific). I still haven't finished a single run on NV(no seriously). I played 3 back on the 360 many many times and I am enjoying my current run on pc(yay mods!). I have fun playing NV, I just get bored and then play something else. I need to find a large quest mod to keep me busy longer. We are all different we all like different games, I'm ok with that, lol.
  10. Ok just had to add to this(you may laugh at me on this it's ok), I work in construction so I walk under ladders a dozen or more times a day lately framing wall for a new home. My daughters cat lives with me and guess what color he is, yup black, we cross paths multiple times a day. He is a bu&&head for sure but he likes me and we get along, he's my buddy. And for some dry humor, if it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all, lol. I don't really get too deep into this stuff, there's too much more important "life" stuff that takes priority.
  11. I have been playing Fallout 3 for the last 3 weeks now(for ol times sake) and just because I wanted to compare I loaded up New Vegas(haven't played in nearly 2 years) and played for a bit. So as I was playing I started to realize just how much I like Fallout 4 so much more. So many things, smoother camera/aiming, building settlements(yes I do like that part even more so with mods), better looking weapons/armor, I crash much less(in fact very rarely) in 4 than the other Fallouts. It's just to much to actually list but I like 4 that much more, yes I have my gripes but I love it much more than I hate it(at times, lol). I am really wanting to finish up my FO3 run as I want to go back to 4 as I haven't played it in nearly 5 1/2 months. There are some things I think need some improvement but at least to me I think the games are as a whole getting better.
  12. I may need a cold shower after that one map pic, hoowee. Ha ha ha ha ha
  13. With the heat I have had I can only game for maybe 2 hours at best. I'm the one overheating not the pc, although it's warm it's within specs for temps. So I end up just watching tv/youtube as holding a controller during these temps is frustrating also. I live in a house built around 1918 and there is a ac unit downstairs there is not one upstairs so icky heat for me to game or watch tv, whew, I'm warm just typing this.
  14. I don't consider Fenrus's mod a cheat per se but magic that actually works, lol. Might I recommend Flames 5000 for a start, mmmm toasty. You might really like the enchant on the necklace too.
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